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Dixie Carter scheduled to appear on WWE programming for the first time



Yes, you read that right. Former TNA President Dixie Carter will be appearing on WWE programming for the first time in history this coming Monday night following RAW.

Carter is scheduled to be a part of a WWE 24 special that will focus on Kurt Angle and his recent return to WWE after just over a decade away from the promotion. As Angle’s former boss during his tenure with TNA as a 6 time World Champion and Hall of Famer, Carter will be one of the personalities that will be interviewed during the WWE Network exclusive special.

Whether this opens the doors to WWE working with Dixie more in the future remains to be seen. Judging by the following exchange with Stephanie McMahon on social media, I certainly wouldn’t rule it out. Carter stepped down from her role as Chairman of Impact Wrestling earlier this year.

The special is titled Kurt Angle: Homecoming and it will air on the Network immediately following RAW on Monday.