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Dog the Bounty Hunter to War Machine: ‘Turn yourself in or I am coming after you!’



Bounty Hunter and reality show star Duane “Dog” Chapman has issued a deadline for War Machine to turn himself into authorities. Machine is currently on the run, he has 7 warrants out for his arrest, following the brutal beating of his ex-girlfriend and porn star Christy Mack. Add in a $10,000 reward, and the flat out ugliness of this crime, and you have Chapman ready to get to doing what he does best.

If you thought this was just some sort of publicity stunt, or that “Dog” is looking to make a headline or two, think again. The clock is ticking, and Chapman is counting down the hours. has even reached out to Dog (both BJ and Dog are based in Hawaii) for an update on the situation.Here’s what Dog had to say:

“We’re very close to him right now, the bell has really rung now. It takes a lot after the bell rings to make the first step into that ring, doesn’t it? This is the bell of your life, it just rang, be a man and step in.”

We like Dog so we’ll even give his show a plug here. Check out Dog and Beth: On the Hunt every Saturday night on CMT. Re-runs and marathons air on the regular.