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“Dude, Run!” Five Pro-Wrestlers I Would Hate to Encounter in a Dark Alley



Whether you see them as athletes in character or wrestlers clad in costumes meant to captivate your imagination, the fact remains that some wrestlers are simply scary as hell. As a child, it was my dream to compete between the ropes of the WWE, with my only request being that I would never have to face off against the likes of Papa Shango or the Undertaker, with fear that I may be placed into a casket or put under a spell that caused me to regurgitate in front of a stadium full of people. With that being said, some wrestlers are just so good at being scary that they can illicit real, genuine fear from the spectator, even those who are aware that the show is all for entertainment.

In celebration of those pro-wrestlers scaring the living daylights out of people all over the globe, here are six examples of pro-wrestlers I wouldn’t want to encounter in a dark alley.

1) Jax Dane

Jax Dayne looks so comfortable in character and I think that is what scares me the most. With a menacing look that says “I can kill you and find places for all of your various parts,” Dayne has become an instant favorite on the independent circuit, facing respectable opponents just about every time he steps into the ring. He is an absolute powerhouse, to the point of defining the word. Don’t believe me? Ask Jeff Cobb about taking that spear.

2) Mil Muertes

You can’t dub yourself “The Man of a Thousand Deaths” without good reason. Muertes is easily my favorite superstar in Lucha Underground and also manages to be the guy on the roster I would be the least likely to initiate eye contact with. With a great gimmick and LU’s high quality vignettes, Muertes is an amazing character and one I can say is more than believable.

3) Sage Sin

As if being the daughter of XPW legend Supreme wasn’t badass enough, Sage Sin has taken the term scary to whole new level. With her face caked in either paint or blood, Sage Sin captivates crowds any time she is on the bill. Sage Sin takes women’s wrestling to a completely different level, often into the realm of blood and violence that is mostly disassociated with women’s wrestling, but hey…who says she isn’t innovative? One thing is for sure; dear old Dad has to be extremely proud. Catch Sage Sin live if you get the chance! It’s definitely on my bucket list!

4) Funny Bone

I recently made a list of “5 Independent Wrestling personas you are guaranteed to remember” and received a message from Funny Bone on Twitter saying I forgot to include ‘The Demon King’. Being a jokester, I started to replay “Cool, do you know Finn Balor?” until I saw his thumbnail picture and quickly made myself familiar. Funny Bone gives off a menacing vibe, but in that “I love being scared” type of way. A great gimmick and the work the ring work to match go a long way in the sport of professional wrestling, guaranteeing that I will never forget to include the “Demon King” again.

5) Sinn Bodhi

Of everyone on the Freakshow Wrestling roster, Freakshow creator, Sinn Bodhi scares me the most. Seeing him now, it’s hard to think back and remember him as Smackdown’s “Kizarney” as “The Warlord of Weird” has completely reinvented himself and created a promotion that has dominated this list with its competitors. With all of these crazy characters, it makes me feel like challenging myself to sit through an entire Freakshow Wrestling show as I do not do well with clowns. Well played Sinn Bodhi, well played.

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