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Lion Fight

Eddie Abasolo Versus Jonathon Wyderko: The Hidden Gem Of Lion Fight 14



On a night where Malaipet and Cris Cyborg both lost at Lion Fight 14, this was an easy fight to overlook. Eddie Abasolo versus Jonathon Wyderko was filled with action from two young fighters. Abasolo took a hard-fought SD over the tough Wyderko.

Abasolo was cornered by trainer/teammate Kevin Ross and CSA coach Kirian Fitzgibbons. They did the same for the debuting CSA fighter Gaston Bolanos who kicked off the AXS TV part of the card with a TKO win. Abasolo’s win made it a very nice night for CSA going 2-0 and they look to be a part of the bright future of Muay Thai in America.

Like his teammate Bolanos earlier, Abasolo showed a very high level of skills and a veteran’s mentality. In an interview after the fight with Chinggay Andrada he talked about having to change his game plan up during the fight. This is something many fighters struggle with and Abasolo made the adjustments in just his second pro fight to get the win.

First off, referee Junichiro Kamijo deserves some recognition for a great job allowing a Muay Thai fight to take place. It was in direct contrast to Steve Mazzagatti’s work in the Bolanos fight. Mazzagatti did not seem to understand the clinch at all and drove commentator Michael Schiavello crazy. He constantly broke the clinch up early and interfered with the fight.

In this fight, Kamijo did an excellent job of letting them fight in the clinch and breaking it up at the right moments. Both of these fighters had very active clinches landing strikes and scoring numerous dumps. It is one of the things that separates Muay Thai from Kickboxing and it is frustrating when the referee does not understand that. Fortunately Kamijo is one of the best Muay Thai referees working in this country today.

There was a lot of action in this fight as both fighters were comfortable working at a high pace. Wyderko relied more on his hands while Abasolo employed a more varied attack featuring his elbows. They both used kicks with a few more from Abasolo.

In the clinch they used their knees and dump techniques effectively. Abasolo also landed solid elbows in tight including several spinning ones. He was effective with step-in elbows and scored with them as they separated other times. They had Wyderko pretty cut up by the end of the fight.

Along with some high level skills they also showed a lot of heart and toughness. They were both aggressive, even in the clinch they were trying to do damage and not just rest and survive. All throughout the fight they both were throwing combinations and varying them up.

It was a back and forth fight that commentator Pat Miletich had even going into the fifth round. He scored the first and third for Abasolo and the second and fourth for Wyderko. Those scores seemed accurate in a tough fight to score.

They started the fifth round at an even higher pace. Neither fighter could feel like they had the fight won going into the final round.

Wyderko really took the first 40 seconds of the round. He was walking forward through everything Abasolo threw at him. Then Abasolo tied him up in the clinch and landed a nice elbow after they were separated. This slowed Wyderko down a little.

Abasolo then started to impose his will on the round. A sweet leg kick into a spinning back elbow lead to another clinch. After the referee broke them apart Wyderko seemed to be a little tired. Abasolo continued to land his elbows and push the pace.

After another clinch they were again separated by the referee. Earlier in the fight they both scored consistently in the clinch and often ended them with one of them scoring a dump. At this stage they were both exhausted and could do not get the other one-off of their feet.

With 50 seconds left in the fight Wyderko scored with several knees from the clinch. Abasolo respond with a teep to the face and a nice three punch combo.

A step-in elbow from Abasolo countered with an outside leg kick from Wyderko. Into a clinch with some knees from both of them.

With just under 10 seconds left, Abasolo caught a kick and landed a right hand-left hand-right hand combo that might have been enough to take the round. They spent the last seconds firing away at each other.

It was a close fight with a lot of action and the judges seemed to get this one right. Abasolo did more damage in this fight and the 48-47 made the most sense.

It was easy to lose this little gem of a fight on a night where Malaipet was upset and Cyborg lost. There was no highlight reel KO – just 15 minutes of non-stop Muay Thai action between two tough talented upcoming fighters.

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