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Enjoy Doo Ho Choi and his big right hand with a couple of GIF’s



There was a lot of anticipation for Doo Ho Choi’s UFC debut. It only took him 10 seconds to show everyone what all the fuss was about. He landed a big right hand and sent Juan Puig crashing to the canvas. From there he followed it up with a few more ground strikes to get the quick finish.

The short fight could not have gone any better for Choi. After the fight he talked about countering Puig’s jab with a right hand. In theory it would look like this.

Choi KO#1

It’s beautiful when a plan comes together and it certainly did for Choi. It was a quick look at the phenom but he showed some excellent timing on the counter and executed a flawless game plan. A perfect start to his UFC career. It will be fun to see who he gets for his next opponent. Here are two more looks just for fun.

Choi KO#2Choi #3

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