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Evan Shoman interviews Gerald Harris



Gerald Harris was one of the most brutal middleweights in the UFC.  Of his 3 knockout wins in the UFC, 2 of them won KO of the Night.  Then, he lost a decision and was immediately dropped from the promotion.  In the history of the UFC, no one has received this kind of treatment.  Going 3-1 with 3 finishes and getting his walking papers, still sits poorly with MMA fans 3 years later.  While Gerald has moved on, hardcore fans really have an issue with the shrewd UFC move.  Since that time, Harris has amassed a record of 4-2.  He will try and improve on his record as he faces top Blackzilian fighter, Jorge Santiago at World Series of Fighting.

Evan Shoman: We haven’t been hearing a lot about Gerald Harris the fighter lately, but we have been hearing about Gerald Harris the comedian.

Gerald Harris: People don’t understand that it’s hard being a fighter, sometimes.  You can’t live off of 1 paycheck a year.  Comedy is paying, so I stick with it.

ES:  Jorge Santiago is probably the best fighter with the worst luck in the UFC.  Outside of the UFC, he is a beast.

GH: Jorge Santiago hasn’t haven’t had the best of luck in the UFC.  I don’t judge him by his UFC fights.  I know what he can do.  We are both 185’ers fighting at 170.  185’ers are huge now!  I haven’t been 170 since high school.”

ES: Does it suck doing all of the dieting and weight cutting like you did back then for wrestling?  Because you are huge!

GH: When I was fighting at 185, I’d diet down and wake up fight day at 186.  But (getting to 170) this is not fun at all.  Still, I’ll take this job over any other job.  I don’t like being told what to do every day, ALL day.

ES: Again, this is a huge cut for you.  Do you think you will have the same strength that you had at 185?

GH: What made me go to 170 is when I fought Eric Davila.  He felt strong as Hell for a170 pounder, fighting me at 185.  I knew I had to go down, because I struggled fighting him.  So, I dropped to 170 and took the fight against Mike Bronzoulis on 6 days notice.  This was my first fight ever at 170 and I whooped his ass.  So, I felt good at 170.

ES: One of your former opponents has been getting into some trouble lately. Give us your thoughts on the recent video that surfaced of the Maiquel Falcão brawl.

GH: He’s a vigilante!  His life outside of the cage destroys his talent inside of the cage.  Everyone knew he did crazy shit, even before he signed with the UFC.  A lot of people don’t know this… but he didn’t pass his drug test before he fought me.  He submitted non human pee. You didn’t hear about it, because it was in Michigan and they don’t do drug testing.  I got beat, regardless.  I don’t want to compare him to Mike Tyson, because he is a legend.  I’ll just say that; until he has good people around him, he’s going to be reckless.

ES: What did you think when you saw the video?

GH: I knew what was going to happen.  It makes fighters look bad.  We’re special, in a way.  You really have to separate yourself from fans when it comes to those kinds of things.  I get challenged all the time.  *changes voice* Yo, my cousin will fight you for $500. Your fists are your paychecks, why would you risk that?

ES: Does the negativity that people throw at you, ever get to you on social media?

GH: I have fun with them, but they do go a little far.  They talk about my brother who died or my kids… I don’t give a damn!  Words are powerful, but at the same time they are hiding behind a computer screen.  The funniest one yet, was a guy who was talking a whole mess of stuff to me.  I went to his page and there was a picture of him playing the flute.  I TORE HIS ASS UP!  It was hilarious.

ES:  Are you excited to get back in there and fight? I know you guys get that itch to hit something when you are out too long.

GH:  The only time I get that itch is when I corner someone.  That kills me.  I want to get in there so badly.  I’m being patient, though.  I just have a LOT of things keeping me busy, but they do not interfere with my training.

You control your own destiny.  You either win or you lose in MMA.  Entertaining or not, if you win, no one can stop you.  Look at GSP; 99% of the time his fights are not the most entertaining, but he keeps winning.  He keeps getting endorsements.  No offense to guys like Leonard Garcia, because he is one of my favorite fighters to watch, but you have to win.  I am going to go out and try to win, the best way I know how.  I’m not going to go out and throw a spinning elbow, trying to get some more fans.

The reason people push ‘entertainment’ in mma is because we don’t have a fan base like an Olympic wrestler or Brock Lesnar.  You have to make your own name in the fight game and the only way to do that is by winning.