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Evolve 84 results: Sabre Jr. vs. ‘All Ego’ & Riddle vs. KOR in Chicago



Thanks to @BonesawisReady for this Evolve 84 report for their show out of Chicago, Illinois on Saturday May 20, 2017

Donovan Dijak vs Keith Lee

In a rematch of WrestleMania weekend’s match of the week, this came in with high expectations. The match was a great back and forth match of two hosses going at it throwing everything in their arsenals at one another.

After reversing the Feast Your Eyes, Lee hit a spirit bomb from the second rope for the pinfall. This two put on a good mixture big man offense with high-flying spots that were high risk at high reward. These two guys are beyond skilled in comparison to other men their size. Overall, a great opener.

Winner: Keith Lee

Fred Yehi vs Jason Kincaid

What an explosive technical battle between these two. Both working the limbs of one another. Yehi is one of my favorite wrestlers to watch with the way he uses his high powered offense. After pushing one another to the limit, Yehi gets the victory via Koji Clutch.

Winner: Fred Yehi

Austin Theory vs Lio Rush

This high-flying match was all over the place. Theory kept the advantage until Rush hit a huge moonsault to the outside and gained a good amount of the control from there on out. Eventually, Theory missed on a moonsault and Rush took advantage and hit a huge frog splash for the win. Match was a big change of pace from the two matches that preceded it. Rush was impressive as always in these type of matches and Theory really seems to be coming into his own.

After the match, Priscilla Kelly came out to tell Theory that he belongs with her.

Winner: Lio Rush

Tracy Williams vs Jeff Cobb

Dear God, what a match. Great mixture of speed, strength, and agility. These two put on the caliber of matches that they always do. At one point, Cobb caught Williams mid-air and put him into a waistlock that was countered into an armbar by Williams. What a damn transition.

Cobb used his strength to break down Williams where it was only countered by the great speed and technical ability of Williams.

Williams countered a Tour of the Islands into a roll up for the victory.
These two are always so impressive and it was no different here. Would love to see these two go at it again soon.

Winner: Tracy Williams

Evolve Tag Team Championship Match
(c) Chris Dickinson & Jaka vs Matt Knicks and Isaias Velasquez

After a heel promo from Stokely Hathaway putting down Chicago, the crowd, and Freelance Wrestling out came the hometown boys, Matt Knicks and Isaias Velasquez to a huge pop.

Another great match. Knicks and Velasquez pushed Catch Point to the limit, but Catch Point retained after hitting the Death Trap.

Winner: Catch Point

Evolve Championship Match
(c) Zack Sabre Jr. vs Ethan Page

Incredible match between these two who were just trying to rip one another to pieces.

As always, Page drew the perfect amount of heat from the crowd. There needs to be more of this in Evolve and a lot of another indie promotions around the country.

They traded a huge series of strikes to start the match. After a knock down drag out, ZSJ came with his series of submissions with Page struggling to stay alive. Page hit a sick back breaker to the barricade and a powerbomb on the apron. ZSJ eventually retained the title after a dragon sleeper and 4 penalty kicks.

This was the perfect match to show Sabre Jr. is a credible champion. Page pushed him to his final limits and had to take a big series of finishes to finally go down.

In my opinion, Ethan Page should stay a main event talent in Evolve and hold the title. Unless they go with a series of matches between the two, I don’t know what they do with Page after this.

Winner: Zack Sabre Jr.

WWN Championship Match
(c) Matt Riddle vs Kyle O’Reilly

This main event had a big fight feel to it. An intense matchup of strikes , submissions, and kicks.

These two went the distance battling it out. After an onslaught of hits and kicks and beating the hell out of each other, Riddle finally went a sit out powerbomb that was beautifully countered by O’Reilly into a triangle choke. Riddle struggled to hold on by finally escaped.

O’Reilly went for a suplex, but Riddle countered into a tombstone and bromission combined with a series of punches for the victory.

After the match, Riddle thanked O’Reilly and the two shook hands to end the show. Amazing main event. Match of the show on a card that was filled with great wrestling.

Winner: Matt Riddle