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Evolve 86 ‘Champion vs. Champion’ Results: Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Matt Riddle



Here are your results from Evolve 86 out of Melrose, MA via Josh Allen

Austin Theory vs. Timothy Thatcher (w/ Stokely Hathaway, Tracy Williams, Jaka, and Dickinson)

The match starts out all Thatcher with a lot of technical and ground attack. Theory comes back with a minimal amount of offense, but Thatcher quickly regains control with a series of submissions. After some outside work, Theory misses a standing moonsault and Thatcher capitalizes into a sleeper hold that he transitions into a single leg crab.

Later in the matches after a series of back and forth enziguris, Timothy Thatcher hit a Butterfly belly to belly suplex for a 2 count, he then locks in a rear naked choke for the victory.

Overall the match was decent, but not the top performance I’ve seen from either guy. My favorite part of the match was probably the sick ass Point Break shirts Jaka and Dickinson were wearing.

Winner: Timothy Thatcher by Submission

After the match, Hathaway takes the mic and says Thatcher is the greatest Evolve champion of all time. Dickinson takes the mic and calls out ACH and says he can’t wait, he wants their match now.

ACH vs Chris Dickinson

Dickinson tries to outpower ACH to start the match. After working into the ropes, the ref breaks it up. After working the arm, ACH finally takes down Dickinson. He celebrates a little too long and Dickinson hits him with a superkick and allows him to take control.  Dickinson works the arm and hits a belly to back for a 2 count. Later on, Dickinson rolls to the outside and ACH hits back to back suicide dives. ACH rolls him back in and hits a clothesline and a nice snap german suplex for a failing 2 count.

ACH slow to get back up, while Dickinson takes advantage and hits the snap slam for a 2. Dickinson throws ACH into the corner for a clothesline follow by punches. ACH finally fends him off. ACH takes it back to the mat and hit a German and a lariat for another 2 count. ACH hits another lariat then a Michinoku Driver for an extremely close 2 count. Dickinson back up, attempts a Pazzuzu Bomb, but ACH counters and hits a lariat followed by a brain buster. He climbs the top rope and hits the 450 for the pinfall.

This took a bit to get going, but followed through at the end. My only complaint would be that they should have cut about 5 minutes of this and I think it would have delivered a lot stronger.

Winner: ACH

Out comes Gatekeeper, Thomas Sharp. He takes a mic and says he’s tired of being called The Other Gatekeeper. He says all he’s done his break his back for Ethan Page, his tag partner broke his arm and was fired by Ethan Page. He says we all make mistakes, he only took the job from Page to be apart of Evolve wrestling. He says as of now, he’s no longer anyone’s bodyguard. He then calls out Ethan Page.

Out comes Page, he says he doesn’t care about Sharp or anyone else whose done his dirty work for him. The only thing he cares about is ruining whatever anyone loves about Evolve. He says Sharp isn’t worth his time because no one cares about him.  Out comes another Ethan Page henchmen who attacks Sharp.

Thomas Sharp vs The Dirty Gatekeeper
After a quick sequence of fighting on the outside, Sharp hits a big boot and Boss Man slam for the victory.

Winner: Thomas Sharp

Fred Yehi vs Jaka

Match starts with big strikes from each guy. High energy pace to start everything off. Yehi goes for a leapfrog in the corner but comes down hard on the back of the head of Jaka. Yehi hits a combination of bicycle kicks into a german suplex, but only gets the 2 count. Later in the match Jaka hits a superkick to knock Yehi to the outside, he then follows it up with a Pescado over the top rope. Jaka then hits multiple T-bone suplexes, but only gets a 2 count. Later in the match, Yehi hits a belly to back then clips the knee of Jaka then two front drop kicks to the head of Jaka. After trading chops, Yehi hits a big fisherman buster for the as close to a 3 count as humanly possible. They then trade big suplexes for near pinfalls.

Finally, Yehi counters a choke slam into a hurricanrana that he transitions into a Koji clutch for the submission win.

Hell of a match from these two, they work so well together. Would love to see these two go at it again soon.

Winner: Fred Yehi

Jason Kincaid vs Tracy Williams

The match starts out with a series of chain wrestling.  Later on Kincaid hits a springboard arm drag then a big kick on the outside. He then comes with a double stomp on the apron then a running 619 from the outside. Big pop from the crowd. Finally, Williams takes control of the match with a front dropkick from the second rope. He then continues the beatdown on Kincaid with a combination of kicks and punches.

Kincaid he’s a scoopslam into a cartwheel double stomp. He then hits a spring-board neck breaker for a 2 count. Williams comes back and hits a ddt on the turnbuckle from the top rope for a 2 count of his own.

Kincaid comes out the top rope and misses a double stomp and Williams grabs him and locks in the crossface for the victory.

Great match and showing fom both men. Kincaid has perfected his springboard offensive. Expecting Williams to go after Riddle for the title before very long.

Winner: Tracy Williams

Ethan Page vs Keith Lee

Page comes out and misses a bicycle kick. Lee comes with a leapfrog and doesn’t faulter from a clothesline and hits a huge pounce on Page. Later on, Page hits a superkick to Lee whose was positioned on the top rope then threw him to the mat for a 2 count. Lee comes back with multiple clotheslines then a Northern Lariat.  Page hits a hurricanrana from the top rope and a big elbow and goes for the pinfall, but only gets a 2 count. After several missed opportunities for finishers by page, Lee hits a Spirit Bomb, but comes up short with a 2 count. Page then takes Lee off the top rope and hits a powerbomb. He then hits a RKEgo, but Lee kicks out.

Ethan Page grabs Keith Lee and tells him that he’s worthless, but Lee picks him up for a big fall away slam for the 3 count.

These two worked well together for the amount of time they were given. If these two were given 20 minutes, I think they could put on something very special.

Winner: Keith Lee

After the match, Lee grabs a mic and says he has one request. He asked if he could please guest announce the main event.

Matt Riddle vs Zack Sabre Jr. (Non-title match)

In the main event, we see Evolve champion ZSJ vs the WWN Champion Matt Riddle.

They start out with a handshake then comes out each with takedown after take down, they square back off. These two continue going back and forth with technical lockups finally Riddle 3 gut wrenching side suplexes on Sabre Jr.

Riddle keeps control for a few minutes, but misses a senton and ZSJ counters into an armbar, Riddle counters back into his own armbar, but Sabre counters back into a bridging pin attempt for a close 2 count. ZSJ hits a penalty kick to the stomach then a big forearm in the corner, followed a dragon suplex. Riddle kicks out and comes back and hits 2 fisherman busters in a row and attempts the pinfall, but ZSJ kicks out at 2.

Riddle hits a Bro to Sleep followed by a german suplex into a bridging pin attempt.

After tremendous technical wrestling back and forth.  ZSJ hits another penalty kick and attempts an armbreaker, but Riddle picks him up and hits a powerbomb for a 1 count.

Riddle then hits a tombstone and goes the Bromission, but Sabre Jr. counters and taps out Matt Riddle.

Great technical matchup. Match of the night without a doubt, but this match was the shining star of a mostly lackluster show.

Winner: Zack Sabre Jr.

After the match, both Stokely Hathaway on behalf of Tim Thatcher and Darby Allin challenge Zack Sabre Jr. for the Evolve Championship. Sabre says they can figure it out amongst themselves and leaves.

Riddle tells Darby that he is a fighting champion and will fight him anytime. Meanwhile, Tracy Williams attacks Riddle from behind and beats him all around the outside, Allin hops on the top rope and hits a Coffin drop from the top rope on Hathaway and Williams.

Riddle raises Allin’s hand as the show ends.