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Evolve 87 ‘Riddle vs. Lee’ play-by-play & results



Here are your results from Evolve 87 out from the La Boom Night Club in Queens via Josh Allen

ACH vs. Tracy Williams

Both guys take a while to feel each other out, while ACH tries to get in the head of Hot Sauce. Tracy Williams attempts a crossface early, but ACH quickly gets to the ropes. Williams hits a high angle suplex where ACH came down hard on his head. He rolls to the outside and Williams takes advantage. After face planting ACH on the outside, Williams rolls him in and comes in with some hard forearms continuing to work on the back of the neck of ACH. Tracy stays on top for several minutes before ACH powers back and they trade chops and forearms. Finally, Tracy gets back on top and continues working the neck and head of ACH. ACH gets a break after he hits a big kick to the head of Williams. Both men make their way to their feet. ACH hits a dropkick to Williams and he falls to the outside.
ACH hits 2 topes in a row followed by a penalty kick on the apron. ACH hits a clothesline in the corner followed by a big German suplex into a bridging pin for a 2 count.

They work to the top rope and Williams counters a superplex and they trade chops. Finally ACH powers through and attempts another superplex but is countered and Williams hits a top rope ddt followed by a missile dropkick.

Williams hits a big brainbuster for a very close 2 count. Tracy attempts a piledriver, but ACH counters to catch his breath. He hits a big german and a lariat on Williams for a big 2 count. The crowd is all behind ACH, he attempts a brainbuster, but couldn’t follow through due to his neck damage from earlier in the match.

ACH attempts another brainbuster, but Williams counters into a cross face for the submission victory.

Really great opener. Loved seeing ACH work more of Williams’ style. Hard hitting and I think it went the perfect amount of time. This match was one of the best matches of the weekend so far in my opinion.

Winner: Tracy Williams

After the match, ACH takes a mic and says he’s definitely hurt, but he is much better than the first match of the card.

Jason Kincaid vs. Timothy Thatcher (w/ Stokely Hathaway)

Match starts out with some chain wrestling. Finally Thatcher gets the upper hand and starts to work the shoulder of Kincaid, but Kincaid counters into a Compassion and Release. Thatcher escapes and Kincaid begins to meditate in the ring, but Thatcher hits a big kick to the head followed by a gut wrench and a suplex. Thatcher locks in an armbar, but Kincaid comes back with a big double stomp then a big choke hold. Kincaid transitions in an armbar of his own, but can’t lock in. Thatcher deadlifts Kincaid off the match and tosses him behind his head. He attempts a pin, but only gets a 1 count.

Kincaid locks in a head scissors and hurricanranas Thatcher to the outside. Big springboard forearm and stomp from Kincaid as he then meditates in the ring.

Kincaid attempts to lock in a head lock, but Thatcher won’t let him sinch it in. After a series of kicks, they get back to some mat based locks again.

Thatcher gets in an ankle lock and kicks the back of Kincaid. Kincaid narrowly makes it to the ropes. Big belly to belly from Thatcher and back into an armbar. He gets on top of Kincaid and slaps him with hands and forearms repeatedly. Kincaid reverses and gets a double stomp in. Front face lock by Kincaid, but Thatcher hits an enziguri.

Kincaid hits a sunset flip powerbomb in the corner on Thatcher then a coast to coast drop kick followed by a double stomp. He then lock in Compassion and Release. Thatcher struggles, but finally escapes and slams Kincaid to the mat and locks in the armbar for the victory.

This match really over delivered for me. Yesterday’s match from Thatcher wasn’t anything special. But he worked very well with Jason Kincaid who put on a hell of a showing like he always does.

Winner: Timothy Thatcher

Fred Yehi vs. Chris Dickinson (w/ Jaka)

They square off face to face. Dickinson offers the Catch Point handshake, but Yehi comes after him. They both work back and forth to get the upper hand. Yehi gets a head lock in and starts a series of back and forth pin attempts from both men. Dickinson gets in a cross arm lock, but Yehi gets to the rope.

They come back with a knuckle lock and Dickinson outpowers Yehi down to his knees, but Yehi fights back, Dickinson counters and rolls Yehi into an attempted hammerlock.

Yehi comes back and gets a big knee stomp in on Dickinson. They trade chops in the corner, but Yehi gets Dickinson down stomps the right knee again followed by a big drop kick to the head. Yehi gets a lateral press in for a two count, but Dickinson rolls him over for a suplex, but Yehi counters. They trade big strikes again in the corner and Dickinson takes Yehi down and gets a big kick in on Yehi. Irish whip into the corner by Yehi followed by a leapfrog into a dropkick. Dickinson comes back angets a baseball slide on Yehi to the outside. Dickinson hits a big suplex on the outside floor followed by a series of kicks and clothesline. He rolls him back in and begins big strikes on Yehi.

He throws Yehi into the corner and they go hard at it with blows. Dickinson with a suplex for a 2 count. They go nose to nose again and Yehi gets a chop and combination bicycle kicks followed by a snap german.

A little later on, Yehi clips the knee of Dickinson followed by a drop kick to the knee. Yehi attempts a spinning lariat, but Dickinson counters into a Falcon Arrow. 2 count!

Yehi stomps the wrists of Dickinson and goes a for an arm drag, but a big suplex counter from Dickinson followed by a big kick for another two count.

Yehi locks in full nelson, but Dickinson rolls out. Yehi gets a dragon suplex that he transitions into the Koji Clutch for the victory.

Loved this match. Hard hitting strikes with a lot of technical submissions. Both men delivered in a big way. Yehi has a big future ahead of him with WWN.

Winner: Fred Yehi

After the match Jaka calls out Zack Sabre Jr. for their Evolve Championship match.

Zack Sabre Jr. © vs Jaka – Evolve Championship Match

Match starts out extremely high energy with big stikes and 0 to 60 automatically. They trade chops and kicks, Jaka sends ZSj into the ropes and takes him down. He begins working the neck and hits an elbow drop followed by a lateral press for a 2 count. Sabre comes back with a wrist lock, but Jaka kicks his way out followed by a headbutt.
Sabre Jr. puts in a big armbar, locks in back in with his feet and twists to wear away at Jaka’s left arm. Jaka comes back with a big chop and headbutt. ZSJ gets a leg sweep in and starts to work the left ankle of Jaka. He transitions it into a big knee bar, but Jaka grabs the ropes.

Jaka has a hard time way and Sabre takes advantages with a cross armbreaker. Jaka escapes to the ropes again and finally gets in a waist lock and hits a german suplex. Both men struggle to their feet. Jaka comes back with chops, forearms, and knees in the corner. Sabre counters back with a big knee lock again. Jaka struggles and finally gets to the ropes again.

Rolling kick into the corner from Jaka followed by an exploder suplex and a running knee strike for a 2 count.

A little later on, ZSJ hits a rolling suplex and attempts a cross armbreaker. Jaka dodges a penalty kick and hits a superkick for a close 2 count. Jaka attempts the choke slam, but is countered into a triangle choke by Sabre Jr. He transitions a big arm submission, but Jaka narrowly somehow gets his foot on the rope. The crowd is all behind both of these guys.

Sabre takes out the legs and hits a penalty kick for a 2 count. Both men struggle to their feet and trade blows.
ZSJ locks in a modified Figure Four in the center of the ring. They begin slapping each other mid submission. Jaka rolls out and they continue trading slaps. Headbutt by Jaka and a rolling kick. Jaka feels the victory coming as the crowd chants his name. He attempts a choke slam, but Sabre Jr. rolls out and gets a bridging roll up locked in for a 3 count.

Crowd is red-hot.

Incredible match from both men. High intensity all the way through. If you weren’t high on Jaka before this, I don’t see how you couldn’t be now.

Winner: Zack Sabre Jr.

After the match, Hathaway and Darby Allin both plead their case for an Evolve title match. Thatcher takes the mic says he wants ZSJ in a no holds barred match. He then headbutts Sabre and rips the cast off Darby Allin and attacks the arm. He then locks in a cross arm breaker and Hathaway screams for Thatcher to break it.

Thomas Sharpe vs. Ethan Page

Page shoves Sharp and throws him into the rope , but Sharpe hits a hurricanrana followed by a huge slam. He then hits a big boot on the apron. Page grabs Sharpe from the apron and hits a powerbomb to the floor.

Back inside, hits a big boot and attacks the ropes ,but Sharpe grabs him and hits a sidewalk slam.

Sharpe attempts a chokeslam, but Page slaps out. Sharp grabs him back and hits the chokeslam on the second attempt for a 2 count. Sharpe goes to the top rope and misses a frog splash. Page hits a RKEgo, but Sharp gets back up and hits a Boss Man Slam for a 2 count.

After they trade strikes back and forth. a Big Boot from Page and a Spinning Dwayne for the victory.

Nice quick match, Sharpe looks like he has plenty of potential.

Winner: Ethan Page

Austin Theory vs. Trent Baretta

They start out with a series of lock ups and base style wrestling. Finally, Theory hits a splash in corner followed by a double stomp and a snap suplex for a 2 count. Baretta comes back with some chops and a double stomp of his own.
Back drop from Baretta for a 2 count.

Somersault into a drop kick from Theory followed by a running clothesline. Theory attempts a standing moonsault, but Baretta gets his knees up.

Bareeta attempts a headscissors but Theory dodges and hits a Thunderbomb for a 2 count. Baretta rolls to the outside but Theory comes out with a series of strikes. He grabs a chair from the audience and sits Baretta in it. He makes his way around the ring for a drop kick, but Baretta hits him with a clothesline.

Baretta then hits a piledriver on the floor. He rolls Theory in and hits another piledriver. Theory somehow kicks out at 2. They work out to the apron and Trent attempts a third piledriver, but Theory counters and hits a release suplex onto the apron.

Back inside, Theory hits a Buckle Bomb and then modified Mischinoku Driver for a close 2 count.

Baretta hits a superplex and a big knee, but only gets a 2 count. Dudebuster by Baretta for the pinfall.

Always nice to see Trent Baretta in Evolve. This match was good for what it was. Nothing spectacular, but it was fine.

Winner: Trent Baretta

After the match Priscilla Kelly comes to the ring and touches the chest of Trent Baretta and Theory low blows him from behind and hits the TKO.

Matt Riddle © vs Keith Lee –WWN Championship Match

They bump fists as a sign of respect to start then trade punches back and forth. They work into the corner, but the ref breaks it up. Riddle comes out quick with a series of running knee strikes fast in the corner. Finally Keith Lee grabs him and hits a belly to back suplex into the corner.

Huge toss from one corner of the ring to the other from Lee to Riddle. Riddle tries to fight back, but Lee hits a headbutt and hard punches in the corner. Back to the center of the ring, powerslam from Lee for a 2 count.

Riddle finally locks in a series of chops, Lee attempts a belly to back but Riddle back flips out of it and hits a Superman punch. He locks in the gut wrench and this the gut wrench suplex! He attempts another one, but Lee hits a knockout punch for a close 2 count.

Back up, they trade headbutts and chops. Lee comes at Riddle, but Riddle hits a Bro to Sleep followed by a German for a 2 count!

Senton from Riddle and another 2 count.

Later on Lee hits a big one-armed slam followed by an insane Pounce for a 2 count. Crowd is split down the middle for these guys. Riddle locks in a Guillotine Choke, but Lee raises him up for a suplex, but Riddle gets back in the Guillotine Choke and transitions in a Fisherman Buster on Lee! 2 count!

3 Sentons in a row from Riddle and another 2 count. Riddle hits a huge kick to the chest and still cant get the 3 count. Riddle attempts another senton but Lee catches him mid-air for a Spirit Bomb! 1-2-and a kick out somehow from Matt Riddle. Holy sh*t!

Lee hits a series of forearms, but Riddle hits another Bro to Sleep. Lee doesn’t fall! They trade forearms. Riddle hits a high kick goes into the ropes, but Lee hits a rolling elbow. Riddle pops back to his feet. They trade punches and chops.

Knee from Riddle followed by a headbutt from Keith Lee as both men collapse. Riddle lands on Lee and gets the 3 count as both men lay unconscious to what’s happened.

Incredible main event. Both men laid it on the line here. Riddle pulled out some big strength offense and Lee entertained beyond comparison as always. Great match on a great show.

Winner: Matt Riddle

Ethan Page comes out after the match. He says he hates both Riddle and Lee and the fact that everyone loves him. He stomps both men.

Crowd chants “F—k You, Ethan” as Tracy Williams comes out. Page works over Lee as Williams grabs a mic. He congratulates Riddle and grabs his title. Williams says August 12th he is coming for the WWN Championship. He grabs Riddle and Stokely Hathaway slaps Riddle in the face.

Hathaway then stomps a defenseless Keith Lee. Hathaway and Williams exit as Riddle and Lee gets to their feet. Ethan Page narrowly escapes both men. Keith Lee and Matt Riddle square back off in the ring and fist bump to end the show.

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