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Exclusive Interview: Fun with Jade Bryce



rp_brycebellator-300x199.jpgSometimes in life the right kind of people are rewarded with success. Jade Bryce is an example of one of those people. The New Orleans born and Austin, Texas bred Bellator ring card engineer, model and actress is not only a unique breath of fresh air whose positive attitude is downright addictive; she also doesn’t seem to know how to do a boring interview. Recently Jade was kind enough to spend some time with hov-mma and answer a ton of our silly questions. Check out the full interview below. The only thing I can promise you is that you will be entertained.

The following interview was originally conducted for hov-mma:

Dave Reno: A lot has been made of your various charitable efforts. For example, recently you raised thousands of dollars for St. Jude by giving one lucky fan the opportunity to be your date at this past years World MMA Awards. Can you tell us a little about about that particular experience and also about any current charity work you may be doing right now and where we can help?

Jade Bryce: That was a fun event. He was a gentleman. I visited the children at St. Judes just last week and knowing that the money went there meant the world to me. I’m still fundraising for St. Judes through my calendars and t-shirts.  Check out my YouTube channel anytime to see current projects.

DR:  If I’m not mistaken you debuted as a Bellator ring girl sometime around Season 4. You and your partner in crime, Mercedes Terrell, have the best seats in the house for every Bellator event. What have been some of your favorite knockouts, and/or submissions that you’ve witnessed cageside?

JB: Probably Curran vs Warren for knockout. I was scared he was dead!

DR: Being one of your 54K plus followers on Twitter (@thejadebryce) it’s difficult not to notice your penchant for poetry. Who are some of your all-time favorite poets?

JB: I love Mary Oliver…and Rumi… and Bukowski… and Hemingway! Haha I could go on… 🙂

rp_jade-bryce-200x300.jpgDR: The Bellator traveling MMA show stops in a new town every week. What have been some of your favorite stops so far and what towns do you hope to see Bellator visit in the future?

JB: I love staying in So-Cal for fights, or anywhere in Texas. Louisiana is always fun too.

DR:  I’m one of many guys that finds the gap in between the front teeth extremely sexy. Don’t judge me! Actress Anna Paquin, Madonna, Bellator ring girl Jade Bryce (hey that’s you!) and one of the hottest girls of all-time, Brigitte Bardot, all rock the gap tooth smile with perfection. Is gap tooth insecurity something you ever went through growing up as a kid (kids can be brutal) and as an adult is it something you’d ever change through surgery?

JB: First off, i would NEVER change it. Growing up we were always on a tight budget, so braces were never an option. I had to learn to be ok with it. I did get made fun of a lot. But that taught me to be more compassionate, and embrace who I am as a whole. It doesn’t bother me one bit when men make fun of me these days, but for some reason it does when women do…. I think because I want to help empower women and be a positive voice to them. So when one is negative to me, it hurts my heart and I want to win her over with love. I like imperfect beauty, to answer the question though.

DR: What’s the last movie you saw that made you cry?

JB: Life according to Sam (i love documentaries!). I skyped with him after and ugh… melt my heart.

DR: Do you play any musical instruments? If you could learn one which one would it be?

JB: I played bass and back vocals in a girl punk band in high school, haha. But now… if I could figure out the harmonica that would be pretty rad. I love grimey blues.

DR: Will you have any part in the upcoming ‘Fight Master’ reality television show for Spike TV?

DR: Take out or dine in?

JB: I love both! I haven’t been on a date in a while, but i love going out for sushi, but ordering pizza and watching Dexter is just as great.


DR: Knockouts or submissions.

JB: Sweetly submit!

DR: What’s one thing that impressed you about yourself recently?

JB: Today a female fighter was being a real brat to me on twitter, and instead of pushing back I stayed positive. A few things came to mind to say, but I controlled my emotions and tried to show love only. Other than that, I balanced on top of an abandoned rail road track that was balancing between two mountains last week, haha.

DR: Slot machines or card table?

JB: Mexican train dominoes.

DR: Beard or no beard?

JB: I love moustaches. Beards, it just depends.

DR: Lyrics from a song that recently moved you?

JB: This isn’t recent, but the first that popped in mind were Mumford and Sons – “There will come a time, you’ll see, with no more fear, and love will not break your heart, but dismiss your fears.”

DR: First MMA event you ever attended live?

JB: My first Bellator one. I know Chandler, [Patricky] Pitbull, and Razor Rob were on the card. Before that I watched on T.V. all the time though.

DR: Superman or Batman

JB: Batman!

DR: John McLane or Jason Bourne?

JB: Bourne all the way, obsessed!

DR: Jimmy Smith or Sean Wheelock? (you don’t have to answer that )

JB: Haha…. Jimmy and I are really close. 🙂

DR: Your second favorite sport behind MMA?

JB: Basketball, I love love love Kevin Durant.

DR: Do you consider yourself more of a tomboy or a diva?

JB: I’m such a girly tomboy, I love anything outdoors and getting dirty. But I also love pink and heels.

DR: XBOX, PS3, Nintendo, or Mobile Phone Games?

JB: Nintendo!

DR: Dress and heels or hoodie and jammies?

JB: When I’m out a dress and heels. At home, hoodie and jammies.

DR: This is the part where I say thank you so much for your time and ask if you have any shout outs or links you’d like to drop. Thanks again Jade.

JB: Follow me on all accounts: @thejadebryce and checkout . XO!

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