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Fan petitions WWE to fire Braun Strowman



A fan is petitioning WWE to have Braun Strowman fired following his heartless beatdown of Roman Reigns this past Monday night on the USA Network. Here is an excerpt from the petition:

“Me and a lot of the WWE Universe Want Strowman Fired effective immediately he crossed the line tonight following the attack on Roman and now Roman is in the hospital with injuries. If this is what you call Entertainment YOU Failed Miserably. I don’t care if he goes to SD Live We want him OFF of Raw or Fired from the WWE.”

Apparently someone isn’t a Smackdown Live fan. As of this writing, 1,678 signatures have been collected of the 2,500 needed for the petition to go through. Here’s what Strowman had to say about the matter on social media:

I’d like to take this time out to applaud both Braun and the lady who started this petition. This reminds me of the time that a very upset 8-year-old me wrote a letter to WWF Magazine after watching a match between The Hart Foundation and Demolition that ended with some mischief. This petition essentially becoming a part of the storyline thanks to Braun’s tweet is pretty rad in this era of wrestling. Who says kayfabe is dead?

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