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Fans who attempted to ruin Cena-Bella proposal were disgraceful



To the surprise of no one, Sunday night at WrestleMania 33, John Cena proposed to long-time girlfriend Nikki Bella following their mixed tag match with The Miz and Maryse. There were heavy rumours for a while suggesting that John Cena would propose; Brie even shooting down speculation on their YouTube channel with Nikki being quoted as saying she ‘would not be getting her hopes up’.

So when the moment finally came, it was a disappointment that we already knew it was coming. Even still, it was a beautiful moment, until one thing happened to ruin it. The fan’s disrespectful booing and shouting. Now I understand that they had paid for their tickets and WrestleMania doesn’t come cheap for sure – especially for those who had to fly in from all around the world. But to try to ruin this moment for a couple in front of their family, it’s quite honestly disgusting.

A lot of fans don’t particularly like John Cena or Nikki Bella. They’ve often been called out for their outside WWE ventures, even going as far as accusing them of using WWE as a platform into Hollywood. This is a bizarre statement, because why would Nikki Bella undergo life threatening neck surgery just to stay on a low rated E! reality series? Why would John Cena carry on with the WWE when it’s clear he has no issues whatsoever in getting projects booked?

Nevertheless, it’s the plain ignorance of the fans that bugs me. WWE Superstars put their bodies on the line every night for your entertainment. Whether it’s Kevin Owens, AJ Styles, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Primo, El Torito, whoever. The same goes for the happy couple, especially with the tenure they each have. In fact, both Cena and Bella have had multiple surgeries and health issues because of wrestling. It doesn’t stop there. They fly and drive to different cities each night, keep in shape with rigorous training, lose their free time to take up fan appearances – it’s a lot, and many can’t do it for two years, let alone 17 years and 11 years (Cena and Bella respectively).

So why do the fans think they can ruin what is supposed to be one of their most memorable moments in their lives? Special shout out to the guys chanting ‘no’ in the front row, because we know those two have never touched a woman in their lives.

What I don’t understand is that they get their five-minute moment, because in the next 10 minutes, something different will be on that might cater to your interest more. WWE fits multiple demographics, whether it is the ‘Sports Entertainment’ fans or the hardcore wrestling fans.

Let us know what you think. Am I being too harsh on fans who try to ruin a happy moment for two strangers they don’t even know?

image credit – WWE

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