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Las Vegas Fashion Show Mall Rock Stars: UFC 175 ‘Embedded’ Episode 3




Since these Embedded’s are dropping every day now for events I don’t want to just post them and give you a cute little intro. You can find that anywhere else. Instead, I’m going to start bulletpointing with a handful of thoughts below the video. I really like what the UFC is doing with these, especially this week thus far. And as much as a I support Dana for the most part – it’s been rather refreshing not seeing him in the first three videos so far. These four fighters deserve all of the air time.

• Retirement and hot wings. It’s not the first, and won’t be the last time we hear these topics brought up by Ronda.

• The Fashion Show Mall on the Boulevard was the perfect setting for the fighters to do some showing off, and the fans were grateful. Rock star moments for everyone. Ronda and Lyoto know how to work the fans. Naturals.

• Weidman and Longo are New York MMA personified. Serra too of course.

• Does Alexis Davis’ jiu-jitsu coach reveal her gameplan? Or is this just to get inside Ronda’s head?

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