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Fight Booth’s 2nd Annual SummerSlam PPV Staff Pick Em



Last August, we introduced what has become a staple here at The WWE PPV pick em segment.  Even though it’s only been a year, we’ve seen many folks come and go. And the way we see it, it has been our honor to include every single one of the men who have taken their time to chip in to what we truly believe has already become the best ongoing WWE pick em segment in the world. During the past 12 months there have been tons of great takes, incredible rants, shockingly accurate upset picks, and of course some mind numbingly awful predictions  – and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Trust us, there will be plenty more of the same, and so much more in the years to come. Thank you for indulging us.


• Rob Van Dam vs. Cesaro

Matt Addie: Pick: Cesaro. Although he’s cooled down a bit, I can’t see him losing a pre show match. This is a decent choice to kick things off; RVD jobs to the artist formerly known as Antonio.

Alex Reno: Zzzzzzzzz.

Stephen Gutteridge: No one would’ve thought Jack Swagger would be a more over babyface than Cesaro after WrestleMania, however the ‘King of Swing’s’ stock has fallen rapidly in recent months. Still expect him to get the win over Van Dam. I will opt for Cesaro but an RVD win wouldn’t shock me either.

Dave Reno: Fun little match to kick things off here between two former Paul Heyman guys. Rob Van Dam generally doesn’t win at PPV’s these days so I’ve got to assume we’re going to get a Cesaro victory.


• Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins (Lumberjack Match)

Matt Addie: Pick: Ambrose. I’m a little nervous about the lumberjack stipulation, as in “why are they doing a lumberjack match?” But, as several people have recently said, if any two performers can make it great, it’s Seth and Dean. I only pick Ambrose because most of my picks have been heels to this point. I’m pumped for this match, and it’s one feud I actually don’t want to end. Maybe these two can continue to fight with a briefcase on the line next time? Please?

Alex Reno: This has to be one of the most anticipated matches of the year. I haven’t seen so much hate between two competitors, and no one sells it better than these two guys. Ambrose’s face after Rollins lost to Heath Slater was priceless, and Rollins has nowhere to hide after the stipulations for a Lumberjack match was set. This match is going to steal the show (sorry Ziggler) and we finally get to see these two unleash their boiled up anger in an actual sanctioned bout, rather than attacking each other backstage. I have a feeling there will be a few members of the Authority posing as lumberjacks, and they may interfere with Ambrose, which leads me to believe that Seth Rollins wins this match and we’re only just beginning to see the craziness of Dean Ambrose.

Stephen Gutteridge: The Money in the Bank holder is usually booked weakly in the run up to their own title run so I would expect Ambrose to be victorious.

Dave Reno: Talk about the right way to build a pro wrestling feud. After spending over a year together as “brothers,” these two have been going at it for several months now without being put into one legitimate televised match. Save it for the big show. As far as who I’m picking for this one I have to go with Ambrose. Rollins has the briefcase so it’s Ambrose who needs the win more to keep the story going. Maybe we’ll see that briefcase on the line at Night of Champions. Expect a masterpiece when these two collide, they know each other so very well.


• Intercontinental Championship: The Miz (C) vs. Dolph Ziggler

Matt Addie: Pick: The Miz. I want Ziggler to hold a title as much as the next person, but I actually think The Miz has done a nice job with his new heel persona. Plus, Ziggler doesn’t need the IC title to use this match as a stepping stone in the right direction. Dolph and Miz have good in-ring chemistry, so they should get a great match out of each other. I expect Miz to be very heel-ish; running away and avoiding getting hit in the face (which is actually quite funny). The Show Off will probably get a good Fameasser on the “money-maker”, but in the end, I think Miz steals a win. Note – This pick was written with at least partial intent of a reverse jinx. Let’s Go Ziggler!

Alex Reno: Finally! Dolph Ziggler is actually competing for a title on a PPV again! I have been pretty vocal with my distaste for the Miz over the past few years. And I feel dirty for saying this, but I think he’s done a really good job lately as Hollywood Miz. Last PPV’s Battle Royale was extremely predictable and you just knew Miz was going to win the title after his clever plan to slide under the ropes after every hit he took. Ziggler is still one of the best in-ring performers in this business, and I think it’s time for him to hold a title once again, and I also think the WWE may realize this.

Stephen GutteridgeMiz Retains.

Dave Reno: I’m just going to go ahead and assume that we’re being put through this awful Miz run as IC champion for the payoff of Ziggler planting the back of his “Moneymaker” firmly onto the canvas with a Zig Zag. We’ve all dreamt about someone making the Intercontinental Title something worth writing home to mom about again. Ziggler could be that guy. He really could. Let’s hope it happens.


• Randy Orton vs. Roman Reigns

Matt Addie: Pick: Roman Reigns. WWE is in desperate need of babyfaces, and Roman Reigns has a rocket attached to him. Orton already has a resume that rivals the all-time greats, so he certainly wouldn’t need a victory over Reigns in 2014 to prove anything. Reigns, on the other hand, hasn’t really won any prime singles matches on big stages. This could be the appetizer for Reigns vs. Triple H, or Reigns vs. Lesnar down the road. Up to this point, they’ve protected Reigns quite well, so it’ll be interesting to see how he does in the spotlight. Randy Orton, as usual, will make his opponent look great, so this should be a good one. Reigns wins. Believe that.

Alex Reno: Surprisingly, this may be the match I’m least excited for. As much as I liked Reigns with the Shield, he just doesn’t do anything for me as a singles competitor. To be fair though, he hasn’t been given many chances to work with any exciting superstars lately. Most of his matches consist of Kane, and his last bout had him taking down Rybaxel. Reigns’ promos have been good at times, but when you put emphasis on every other word it just makes you sound like Brie Bella. I predict this will be an entertaining match, but Reigns isn’t ready to get a huge push yet. Orton wins via RKO with the help of the Authority.

Stephen GutteridgeReigns, in what will hopefully be a strong match.

Dave Reno: It really seems like nobody is talking about this match. I’ll tell you why.

Begin Rant: One of the worst things WWE did was unifying the WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championship. It seemed desperate, and it hasn’t done them any favors since. This match between Reigns and Orton should have been for what was once the Heavyweight title. For a number of reasons. First off, Reigns needs a test run with a strap before we put the “whole world in his hands.” Secondly, Orton shouldn’t be fighting for anything but titles at this point in his career. I understand the point of this match is to put Reigns over against a top guy, but it should be for that belt. Third – belts make everything better. No one will remember this match. If it was for a title, it would become a moment. And the WWE is simply missing out. End Rant.

Reigns via spear/superman punch /same stale stuff we’ve seen on TV every week over and over and over.


• Divas Championship: AJ Lee (C) vs. Paige

Matt Addie: Pick: Paige. From AJ to Paige to AJ to Paige? Yes. It would be a throwback to have a feud that exchanged the title so much, and I think the Divas division could use a rivalry like that. Paige has been great as a heel, and AJ has stepped up her game in the feud as well. If only she could find a way to stop those CM Punk chants. I think Paige and Mrs. Phil Brooks are going to have a great match, but Paige pulls out a heel-ish win. This feud won’t be over with either, so strap in.

Alex Reno: I’ll be honest, Paige is one of the main reasons I still tune into every Monday Night RAW. The “frenemies” angle seemed silly at first, but AJ and Paige have sold it to perfection. The image of AJ Lee lying helplessly on the ground after Paige pushed her off the stage, while Paige told security guards to stay away from her friend was incredible. These two Divas have made the division relevant once again, and hopefully it stays that way. This match is tough to predict, but my best guess is AJ gets her revenge and retains the title via Black Widow.

Stephen Gutteridge: I’m going with my heart over my head here and picking my fellow Brit, Paige.

Dave Reno: Until Charlotte comes up from NXT there really isn’t a whole lot you can do when it comes to the Divas championship. That tells me that Paige will become a 2-time WWE Divas Champion tomorrow night inside of the Staples Center and AJ will likely reclaim sooner rather than later. These two haven’t reached their full potential when it comes to this rivalry. It has to continue.


• Flag Match: Jack Swagger (U.S.A) vs. Rusev (Russia)

Matt Addie: Pick: Rusev. What the hell is a flag match? I mean, I’ll root for the American flag if it’s involved in a match, but I’m still confused. Either way, Jack Swagger matters now, and that should be put on Rusev (or Lana’s) “career highlights” section of their bio. I actually think Swagger can stand to lose this match and still carry momentum with Zeb as a babyface going forward. Swagger/Wyatt? Swagger/Rollins? Both decent ideas. Rusev, the newer kid on the block, probably needs the win more.

Alex Reno: RUSEV PUTRIA, RUSEV PATCHKA. Flag matches are incredibly boring, but with all of the recent headlines going on in the United States and also surrounding Russia, maybe it’s something that the fans need right now. I love the combination of Lana and Rusev, but I just don’t see how America loses this one. This match ends with Zeb Colter gathering a sold-out Staples Center to put their hand over their hearts, and saying in a loud, clear voice, “We the People.”

Stephen Gutteridge: The flag match stipulation has given Swagger the opportunity to win and extend the feud without pinning Rusev or making him submit – therefore I’m going for a Swagger victory.

Dave Reno: Swagger continues to amaze me. Not only am I surprised that he still has a job, I’m shocked that he’s actually over with the fans. Hooking up with Zeb Colter really worked wonders for Swags. I have Swagger waving the flag at the end of this one and getting one of the biggest pops of the night.


• Brie Bella vs. Stephanie McMahon

Matt Addie: Pick – Steph. Stephanie is a badass. She kills it on the mic, and can dish out a mean pedigree. She’s legitimately one of the best heels in this generation. My pick for this one has little to do with the storyline, and everything to do with Stephanie as a character. Great heels find a way. I do see Brie getting a Yes Lock in, to a huge pop, but Steph finds a way. Unless Daniel Bryan gets involved somehow….

Alex Reno: Stephanie McMahon has been phenomenal as of late. She may be the second-most terrifying person to be standing inside that ring behind Brock Lesnar. She even sold Brie’s Yes! lock to perfection, even though it was arguably the worst crossface submission ever attempted. The recent angle of Daniel Bryan and his physical therapist having an affair is a little silly and over-dramatic to me, but once Brie Bella wins this match it will all be unveiled as one big ruse. Stephanie hasn’t been in a real match since 2003 at No Mercy, and Brie has too much to lose for this to go the Authority’s way.

Stephen Gutteridge: I’m going with Stephanie to keep the feud going.

Dave Reno: Stephanie has done all the work heading into this one. Just imagine if she had an opponent who could work a microphone. *Cough – AJ Lee. I just can’t tell you how good Steph will be when it comes to wrestling (it’s been a decade) but I can tell you she’s done her part in selling this contest. As far as Brie goes, she’s doing just fine on reality television. Stephanie will win this one via tons of tomfoolery involving Brie’s twin sister Nikki and possibly even Megan Miller – the “physical therapist” who allegedly slept with Brie’s husband, former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan. It’s a god awful storyline, but it’s one that could come into play. Expect more drama than actual wrestling in this one. Which is fine, as long as it’s Vince’s only daughter doing the majority of the work.


• Chris Jericho vs. Bray Wyatt

Matt Addie: Pick: Bray Wyatt. Is anyone out there bold enough to pick Jericho? Anyone? The guy’s role in WWE is to come back, get a pop, and put over younger talent. He is here to do just that. The fact he beat Bray last month only cements this probability more. I know a lot of Bray marks out there are questioning the creative direction WWE has put behind him lately, and while I don’t necessarily agree, losing to Y2J again would be a disaster. I should also take a moment to put an APB out on Luke Harper and Erick Rowan. Has anyone seen these guys lately? Maybe they’ve been playing cards with The Usos for the last month in some tool shed in the forest. Regardless, I could see them getting involved, and fulfilling their monthly duty to get banned from ringside.

Alex Reno: Bray Wyatt beating John Cena would have been the perfect push for Wyatt. But of course John Cena would never let that happen, so the WWE had to settle with Jericho. I love this match, and I love both Jericho and Wyatt in the ring and on the microphone, as they’re two of the most talented bodies on the WWE roster right now. But as much as I respect Jericho, beating him in a match just doesn’t hold the same merit as it did years ago. Wyatt is going to win this match, but how much of a push does that really give him?

Stephen GutteridgeWyatt must win here.

Dave Reno: Jericho wasn’t interested in coming back unless he was given a wrestler who he could push over. As much as he tried, I don’t believe he did the job here with Wyatt. He’s only held him back. This will be looked back upon as merely a cute little rivalry that could’ve been so much more. Whether or not you want to put that on Jericho, Wyatt, or creative is up to you guys. Without his family to back him up here, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that this is the end. After defeating Jericho, Wyatt will realize he no longer needs Rowan and Harper. Now he becomes truly dangerous once again.


• WWE World Heavyweight Championship: John Cena (C) vs. Brock Lesnar

Matt Addie: Pick: Brock Lesnar. I would LOVE a Brock Lesnar title reign. Say what you want about being a part-timer, but I actually think his sporadic appearances would place more weight on the title. Plus, with Heyman advocating every week? Forget about it. Lesnar seems like a logical choice, but remember a couple of years ago against Cena, he did too. If you’re asking why Brock Lesnar would lose, the answer is because he’s battling John Cena. Anything is possible in a Cena match. I am picking Brock because I hope it’s Brock; I’m still cautious. I’d also love a double-flip, with Cena turning heel, but who are we kidding? Brock wins, defends next month, and then we all eagerly await updates on Daniel Bryan’s health after that.

Alex Reno: As much as I like to change the channel during a John Cena match and/or segment, it will be hard to avoid this match. There is too much history here in what will likely be a brutal main event, much like their match at Extreme Rules just two years ago. There has been rumors of Cena taking a hiatus post-Summer Slam, so my brain is telling me to pick Lesnar. However, my gut is always telling me to pick Cena, because nine times out of ten that is the correct answer. Cena wins and the WWE Network implodes.

Stephen Gutteridge: All signs on this one point to Lesnar to keep his win over the Undertaker at this years past WrestleMania relevant and meaningful. A really outside bet for a possible twist could be Lesnar beating Cena down so badly that he is disqualified only for Seth Rollins to cash in his Money in the Bank contract and win the title. Given that, all signs are pointing to Lesnar becoming champion and holding.

Dave Reno: All signs point to Lesnar becoming our new WWE champion and becoming the main attraction on the WWE network. Which by the way, can be all yours for the low price of $9.99.

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