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Fight Capsule: Jones and Gustafsson create magic in Toronto at UFC 165



jonesgushovThe Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada played host to the greatest light heavyweight battle of all-time on the night leading into the 2013 Autumnal Equinox.

Being in and around Ontario on a regular basis since my youth I can tell you that Toronto was not looking forward to Jon Jones headlining for a third time in as many years inside of the ACC. Let’s be honest, the Air Canada Centre has played host to many a disappointing night (hello fellow Leafs fans) over the years, and all Toronto was really asking for was a change. This was the third PPV out of four that Jones had headlined in the city so far, and his stock wasn’t exactly rising.

15,504 MMA fans packed the ACC when UFC 165 graced Toronto with its presence. 50,000+ locals will attempt to brag and tell (lie to) you that they were there when Jones and Gustafsson made history.

On the night of September 21st, 2013, Jon Jones was the hero Toronto deserved. And Alexander Gustafsson remains his most worth adversary to date. It’s no secret, the ACC will host UFC 178 on September 27th. Tomorrow night in Baltimore, Jones will attempt his seventh consecutive title defense against what the UFC is trying to sell you as the  second coming of Chuck Liddell, Glover Teixeira.

I have a feeling that Toronto fans will be singing a different tune should Jones emerge victorious in B-More. They should be so lucky to welcome Jon Jones in for a fourth consecutive year. They should be so lucky to host the biggest light heavyweight rematch of all-time. If he keeps it up he’ll eventually find himself up in the ACC rafters with the likes of Borge Salming, Mats Sundin, Bon Jovi (puke), and so many more.

UFC Fight Flashback: Jones vs. Gustafsson is an enhanced replay of the one of the best title fights in UFC history, featuring never-before-seen footage from state-of-the-art, specialty cameras, and exclusive new sound captured from all corners. Beginning with their arrivals at the arena, inside the locker rooms, into the Octagon, through the epic fight, and the aftermath, experience the incredible sights and sounds of this light heavyweight bout from the perspective of the people who lived it. Watch Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson again, like you’ve never seen it before.

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