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‘Fight Me:’ Conan O’Brien calls out Conor McGregor over UFC shares



It’s not every day that one of the United States’ biggest chat show hosts calls you out for a fight, but that’s exactly what Conan O’Brien has done to former UFC star Conor McGregor at a recent college signing. The 56-year-old TV personality has teased McGregor explaining that’s the only way he can acquire his UFC shares – something McGregor is reportedly keen to obtain.

In true McGregor fashion, the Irishman promptly accepted O’Brien’s offer and even called out actor Mark Wahlberg. The Departed star already owns shares in UFC, and was one of the first of a long list of celebrities to invest in the company but McGregor teased he would happily take on both of them.

Why does Conor want a slice of the corporate pie now?

It’s no secret that “Notorious” wants to own shares within UFC but his interest has certainly increased in recent times, but President Dana White has denied McGregor the opportunity to invest in the billion dollar company.

McGregor ‘shocked’ his fan base after announcing his retirement from UFC via social media in March, so it appears that he wants to focus upon new ventures away from the octagon. The 30-year-old star almost single handily boosted UFC’s profile during his heyday, but White’s refusal appears to leave a Hollywood showdown the only option!

All jokes aside, White has insisted that despite his refusal to allow McGregor a slice of the corporate pie, there are other alternatives to keep the Irishman happy.

“He’s stuck on this thing where he wants a piece of the ownership and that’s just (not going to happen),” White continued. “I think there’s other ways we can make him happy,” White told 8 News via Forbes.

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Who already invests in UFC?

It’s not just O’Brien and Wahlberg who have shares in UFC, there are another 21 celebrity figures who have also jumped on the bandwagon. In 2016, it was confirmed that a total of 23 A-listers were now investors with some huge names all taking a punt.

Sports stars such as the Williams sisters (Venus & Serena) and Maria Sharapova all own a percentage, alongside other stars such as NFL hero Tom Brady, Hollywood heartthrob Ben Affleck and hard man Sylvester Stallone to name but a few.

Other stars include Adam Levine, Rob Dyrdek, Calvin Harris and Trey Parker so it’s easy to see why McGregor wanted to be included. However, White’s refusal will potentially see McGregor return to the octagon with Cowboy Cerrone lined up as an opponent for the former featherweight and lightweight champion – but “Notorious” has reportedly refused a bout.

Perhaps McGregor and O’Brien should stay true to their words and go toe-to-toe for the Irishman to have any chance of owning shares. Throw Wahlberg into the mix and you’ve potentially got one of the biggest PPV events in history! As interesting as it would be to witness from a neutral perspective, it appears McGregor will have to forget about owning shares for the time being, but whatever he does next, it’s sure to be exciting.

Although McGregor might not be fighting any time soon, the boxing calendar is certainly jam-packed at the moment and the Anthony Joshua v Andy Ruiz Jr odds are now available ahead of their showdown at Madison Square Garden.

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