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FightBooth Confessional – I like Total Divas, dammit




Ok, ever find yourself bored on a Sunday night? I know occasionally I have some spare time on Sunday’s. Lately, I find myself watching, gasp, Total Divas. It’s become a problem, and I’m not the least bit interested in fixing it. Let’s take a look at who’s on this show, and why I dig it.

Ok, first things first, nobody is going to confuse Total Divas with The Newsroom, Breaking Bad, Dexter or any of the other think-pieces that dot the Sunday night landscape on your television dial. It’s silly, and funny, sometimes on purpose, other times, quite accidentally. Let’s go Diva by Diva and let you know who’s who.

Brie Bella – The girlfriend of WWE superstar Daniel Bryan, Brie is the less curvy of the Bella Twins, and sometimes seems genuinely embarrassed by her sister, Nikki’s crude behavior and sense of humor. She’s an interesting person, who seems at times torn between her desire to live the lavish lifestyle her sister lives, and her love for all things simple, like her good natured bearded boyfriend Bryan. (Daniel’s real name.) Her falling down while in “Brie Mode” (drunk) was pure hilarity.

Nikki Bella – The other Bella Twin, the girlfriend of WWE superstar and leading man, John Cena. Nikki is immature, crude, and often thoughtless, and it pains me to see her in some cringe worthy moments with Cena. She loves John’s house, his lifestyle, and if he’s lucky, John himself. One of the biggest and pushiest Divas in the WWE.

Natalya – Goes by “Nattie” and has one of the most awkward and bizarre relationships I’ve ever seen with WWE undercard whiz kid TJ (Tyson Kidd). Kidd loves his mom more than anyone else on earth, and is the least romantic man on earth. That paired with Nattie’s need to be number one, and overall awkward personality and demeanor make them a couple you can’t help but watch. Also, Nattie simply put cannot dance, and just comes off as a 50-year-old on the show. Odd.

Eva Marie – Speaking of not being able to dance, the highlight of the season might have been Eva Marie seeking out Fandango, asking him to give her a chance to be his full time valet/dance partner, THEN having the gall to speak to WWE corporate about it, lying to them about her dance background. So, long story short, she gets the shot, in front of everyone, has two left feet and is left to look the fool in front of everyone. Fandango leaves in a huff, and Eva gets the dreaded one on one verbal lashing from Stephanie McMahon. Things pick up for her though as she gets a Maxim photo shoot and her career grows.

JoJo – Oh JoJo….so young, so silly. JoJo gets concussed in training and has to sit out a while. She lives with Eva Marie and the two get a long pretty well, until Eva gets her Maxim spread, then Jojo gets jealous. Other issues affect the youngster as well, as she is given an ultimatum by her boyfriend who wants her to quit the business, but in the end, she quits him instead. To add insult to injury, she gets toyed around and then dumped by Justin Gabriel, who comes off looking like a tool. Oh Jojo…so young, so silly.

Trinity – One half of the dance team that leads the Funkadactyls to the ring. Trinity has a ton of in ring ability that sadly, goes vastly unused and swept under the rug. The better wrestler of the two (with Ariane Andrew) she gets to shake her groove thing more than bust in ring moves which is ultimately kind of sad. She’s engaged to WWE star and Uso Tag team member, Jimmy Uso, (real name Johnny Fatu) and the two have some heated arguments as Johnny wants to move the relationship to the next step, and Trinity wants to continue the way things are. She’s my favorite of the Divas, and these two seem the most genuine couple on the show.

Ariane Andrews – The other half of the Funkadactyls and a fiery and fierce scrapper. She goes by Cameron in the WWE. She’s very game, but sometimes a wee bit (ok….a lot) immature. Her boyfriend? YIKES. Vincent is an odd bird, and ultimately, was given his walking papers after of all things, popping the question. It’s frankly not a match made in heaven.

That’s the cast of divas, but what is cool is the amount of behind the scenes you get to see. You see John Cena’s monster Florida mansion. You tour the house Daniel Bryan grew up in and still owns in Aberdeen, WA. You see the WWE stars backstage and at parties. It’s just a unique look at the cast of characters that make up the WWE.

It does suck you in, and you find yourself interested the goings on of complete strangers, and that’s a little weird. I wouldn’t want it any other way though. If you’re bored on Sunday night, check it out on E Network. If you have On-Demand as part of your cable system or Hulu Plus, you can check it out there as well.

via Dan Rose for Fight Booth

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