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Flashback: Brock Lesnar suplexes John Cena to near extinction at SummerSlam 2014



“It was built up as the fight of the Summer. And it certainly delivered. It was one way traffic early on with Lesnar swinging the proverbial hammer. Cena would show signs of life from time to time only to endure even more of a thrashing as a punishment.

“Lesnar would hit three consecutive German suplexes and would follow them up by not so politely asking for Cena to “Die, Die.” Cena would then attempt a submission hold on Lesnar, but to no avail. The “Beast Incarnate” would continue his domination on the now former WWE World Heavyweight Champion by hitting his trademark F5. 1..2….3. Brock Lesnar is your new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.” – Dave Reno (8.17.14)

“This is what needed to happen and I’m glad that it did. A lot of folks were upset that Cena had no offense. This was the point. You cannot have the man who defeated the Undertaker just waltz into Attitude Adjustments and near falls. Brock Lesnar is a legitimate tough guy – a genuine threat. He really COULD snap someone’s head off and tear out their soul if he wanted to. At SummerSlam, he came close to doing just that and, for me, the shear dominance over the company’s Superman was absolutely brilliant. Having him now only show up periodically makes the WWE Championship that more valuable and rare. It’s now a true goal for Superstars. It’s now a true EVENT when the title is defended and Lesnar as champ has us all curious (and nervous) about who will unseat The Beast Incarnate.”Kyle Caruso (1.12.15)

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