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Floyd Mayweather on potential UFC signing – ‘I’m not doing it’



Remember that report on Floyd Mayweather hooking up with the UFC? Here’s the video that kills it.

Mayweather clarifies his comments in the video by stating that he “could” make a billion dollars if he chose to step into the Octagon. He’d go on to say that he’s “not doing it”. Here’s the direct quote from Mayweather via FightHype.

“That’s not what I said….exactly what I said is this. If I made over a billion dollars before, I could do it again. If I chose to get in the UFC and fight three fights or fight four fights and then fight Conor McGregor, I could make a billion dollars, which I can. We just don’t know what the future holds for Floyd Mayweather. I’m just saying I could; I’m not doing it, but I’m saying what I could do to make a billion dollars quick. I never said I was going to fight in the UFC…would and could do is different things…I’m not going to do it though.”

While Mayweather jumping to the sport of mixed martial arts would be a huge money maker for everyone involved, it wouldn’t be much of a fight. Another Mayweather-McGregor circus certainly would’ve been fun while it lasted, but hopefully now we can get that UFC lightweight title defended in 2018. Or will we. Here’s McGregor’s response to Mayweather publicly dismissing the a stint inside of the Octagon.


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