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Frank Mir scores 2nd consecutive KO, faceplants Todd Duffee in San Diego



Frank Mir (18-9) may have been playing with fire when he decided to stand and trade with the man responsible for the fastest KO in UFC heavyweight history. Apparently that wasn’t the case. In hindsight it appears, Todd Duffee (9-3), was actually the one playing with fire when he called out the future UFC Hall of Famer.

After suffering the first four fight losing streak of his UFC career, one could argue that Mir should’ve been pushed out the door and sent on his merry way after a career filled with the peaks and valleys. Instead, the heavyweight legend would come out and KO ‘Bigfoot’ Silva in Brazil to kick off his 2015 campaign, earning himself his first victory (and performance bonus) since 2011. Last night, he’d make it two consecutive KO’s and performance of the night bonuses with his devastating KO of Todd Duffee (9-3).

Duffee came into the fight as a solid favorite over Mir last night in San Diego in their UFN 71 headliner, largely due to his perfect KO/TKO to win ratio of 100% in 9 career fights. From the get go, the two threw concrete blocks at one another until, just over a minute into the contest, Duffee missed wildly with a left that Mir would counter with a gigantic left hook of his own; Duffee then proceeded to faceplant and referee John McCarthy would be forced to jump in before an emotional Mir continued to unload on his unconscious opponent.

Take a look at just some of Mir’s UFC career numbers and rankings following last night’s impressive KO:

Most Wins at Heavyweight: 16 (tied 4th most in UFC history)

• Most Heavyweight Bouts: 25

• Most Finishes at Heavyweight: 13 (tied 2nd most in UFC history)

• Most Submissions at Heavyweight: 8 (2nd most in UFC history)

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