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Full Fight Alert: Time to revisit ‘Aldo vs Mendes 2’




With UFC 189 just 12 days away, it’s time to take another look at FightBooth’s 2014 Fight of the Year. It features one of the two men who will take on Conor McGregor for a belt at UFC 189 – we just don’t know which one quite yet for certain.

As stated by our resident Fight Wolff, sequels are tough. “You’re more likely to get Caddyshack 2 than you are Godfather II.” Come to think of it, his ‘A Look at the Beautiful Violence of Aldo and Mendes II’ piece is the perfect accompaniment to this video. If you have a good half hour to spare why don’t you do yourself a favor and take another read while you take another look at a fight that’s guaranteed to be inducted into the new UFC HOF ‘Fight Wing’ sometime down the line.

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