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The Hall of Fame Career of Gail Kim in TNA



Bound for Glory was a special night for many reasons. For one, you had the spectacular debut of Cody and Brandi Rhodes. There was a Great War and a staple in the Knockouts division earned her spot in the TNA Hall of Fame.

Gail Kim, who trained in Toronto, Canada alongside ex TNA knockout Traci Brooks, finally got the recognition that she deserved. Kim is the first female to be inducted into the Hall of Fame for the promotion. She was the first knockout to be crowned champion back in 2007.

During her public acceptance speech, upon receiving the Knockouts title for the first time, Gail talked about why that new title meant so much, how she would represent it well along with the first 10 women that made up the roster. Jim Cornette handed her the belt and since that day it has been in great hands.

At this time, Gail had already tested the waters in WWE and wanted more. She gave a new, hot, smaller promotion a chance and worked for years to create a women’s division. Jeff Jarrett and Dixie Carter promised the women when the time was right, that they would get their chance and boy did they.

The official launching of the division was in 2007 and with the face of the knockouts being Gail, she set the tone, by having one of the best feuds in wrestling history – Kim vs Kong.

Awesome Kong was a powerhouse of an athlete, coming from Japan, her strong style approach put all the women on alert. Kong was out for blood and to destroy the American women’s wrestling scene in TNA.

No one could’ve done a better job of selling Kong as a major threat to the Knockouts division than Gail. Their rivalry was a true David vs Goliath tale. Kong would always bring the toughest battles but Gail would always win the war. They even made history by main eventing an episode of Impact.

Gail Kim has had a laundry list of phenomenal feuds with women in TNA, including Jackie Moore, who brawled with Kim on several occasions. My favorite match between these two women was their battle at TNA Lockdown 2007.

Much praise is due to Gail’s feud with Taryn Terrell. Taryn really got a fresh start coming to TNA. She proved that she had the chops to be a great competitor. Their feud helped to display Gail’s darker side and give her an edge, her in ring presence was much more aggressive. Their last knockout standing and ladder match deserve a standing ovation.

To this day, Gail has not slowed down a bit. She recently has the role of the locker room leader and has made it clear that not anyone can walk through curtains and try to take her spot.

I love her encounters with the Dollhouse, Jade and Maria. I feel that Gail has a lot in the tank and she won’t stop anytime soon.

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Canadace Louise-Julie, a Jersey native, has been a wrestling fan for 20 years. Her first memories of wrestling were with her two brothers watching Monday Night Raw, hiding under the covers, out of the site of the demonic Undertaker. Her love for wrestling grew and she loves to share her passion for it with the world. With a love for Lucha, Grappling, Catch, Strong Style, Submission, Technical, Comedy and Sports Entertainment, I doubt that she will run out of topics to talk about! You can follow her on Twitter @canadacek

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