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Gallows & Anderson Bring Intrigue to Payback




Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson are getting involved in WWE Payback’s main event. It is a forgone conclusion. Their debut was an attack on Roman Reigns’ cousins, The Usos; a hint that their sights were set on the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion. On Monday, Gallows and Anderson put this plan into action, and attacked the biggest dog in WWE’s yard. They hopped the ropes and directly attacked Reigns, who just happens to have a championship match with their old Bullet Club buddy, AJ Styles. Within the story, Styles is backing off their involvement (actually a smart bit of writing). It creates suspense for Payback’s main event; a match with odds stacked against the Phenomenal One (both in kayfabe and in real-life). With it highly unlikely that WWE is ready to put the belt around Styles, suspense is welcome into this story. The possibilities are not necessarily endless, but Gallows and Anderson bring few options to a main event that many considered to be predetermined.

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson join AJ Styles, forming the Bullet Club as we know it.

WWE has enough of these guys on the roster; some of them have even been teasing it on Instagram. Gallows and Anderson could help Styles, perhaps even causing a DQ. The next night on RAW, they come out and continue their assault on Reigns, “the guy” in today’s WWE. You know the routine. The problems with this are obvious: the crowd will love this, and it would be hard to do this as a babyface angle. There is 0% chance that Reigns will be the preferred choice in a feud against the Bullet Club in 2016.

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson work for themselves, help AJ anyway.

This would be an extension of what happened on RAW, basically, and thus an extension of the storyline as a whole. We would forge ahead wondering who will eventually wind up with the Club.

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson work for themselves, help Reigns anyway.

An AJ Styles versus The Bullet Club feud is born? After all, AJ left them behind, and there is a guy in NXT that could get himself involved.

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson join Roman Reigns, forming the new Bullet Club.

This is intriguing, whether you like it as a story or not. On the surface, it’s the Reigns heel turn that several people are asking for. AJ might be the most over face in the company, and cheaply costing him his title shot would get that heat. Below the surface, in today’s pro-heel world, is this a roundabout way to get Reigns over? Throw him in a bad ass heel group, and restart his journey that way; it’s possible.

Payback might not be WWE’s most prestigious PPV, but it’s an intriguing card. AJ Styles, Enzo & Cass, Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, The Bullet Club and Bret Hart will be there – that’s something. Below that, many things are the same. Roman Reigns and The Miz are champions, and Shane McMahon is somehow still in charge, despite losing a match that stipulated otherwise. WWE is not perfect heading into Payback, but it’s also not completely predictable.

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