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The Geek with the Physique: An Interview with Seymour Snott



With an unparalleled positive attitude and an in ring career that is vastly approaching twenty years in length, Pro Wrestling’s favorite coffee fueled wrestling superstar Seymour Snott is still making waves on the independent circuit all these years later. Trained by Michael Modest, one of the focal points of the ultra popular 1999 wrestling documentary “Beyond the Mat,” Snott is regarded as an in ring ambassador to a younger generation of wrestlers and a welcomed ray of daily sunshine to his fans (aptly named “Nerd Herd” or “Coffee Corps”) on social media. Whether he is tweeting or throwing punches, Snott is a rare character; one who enjoys what he does and leads by example both in the ring and outside of it. Snott was nice enough to sit down and have a cup of “Joe” with us while talking about wrestling, geekdom and the secrets to career longevity.

1) Can you give us a little backstory on how you got started in the business?

I was a wrestling fan since age 11. It started with WWE, then, thanks to cable and magazines, I started to follow other promotions too. By the time I was in the Air Force, I really wanted to get in to wrestling, but didn’t know how to since it was the mid-1990’s and not everyone owned a school. I found an ad in the back of Pro Wrestling Illustrated and it was book advertising on how to break in and addresses of several schools. The book was co-written by Dennis Brent and Paul Bearer. I found a place up in Northern California, All Pro Wrestling, and after doing my overseas tour, came back and drove from Pennsylvania to California to start my training in the summer of 1998

2) Your gimmick is both fun and memorable; how did you invent Seymour Snott and what is the driving force beyond the character?

Thanks! Mike Modest saw me at the school one night and I was wearing a bike helmet and glasses, goofing around, and said that’s it. That’s my gimmick; A nerd. So, I took the ball and ran with it as far as being a little different than most.

3) You have been wrestling on the independent circuit for a long while; how has the landscape of professional wrestling changed over the course of your career?

I think there’s too much emphasis on moves people perform and not enough on the characters themselves. Also, with the internet and social media, I believe less actual wrestling fans are coming out to shows too.

4) You have quite the fan base and you seem to love interacting with them…what does it mean to you to have a bond where you constantly interact with them on social media where some wrestler’s wouldn’t even take the time?

I think they don’t see the typical wrestler when I have a match. It means a lot to have such supportive fans following you around and cheering you on for the win. I love my Nerd Herd!

5) Give us a rundown of some of your nicknames and how they came about? 

It took me awhile to develop ‘The Geek With The Physique’ and ‘World’s Strongest Mathlete’, which Zane Riley came up with. But, I think they both ‘fit’, pardon the pun, once the sleeves came-off and while yes, I’m a nerd, it’s like if The Incredible Hulk retained his scientist persona (laughs)

6) What is your most memorable match and why?

I’ll go with my first match, which was me and George C. Snott vs. Lil’ Dick Grimes and Sweetie Pie, 10/9/99. You spend so much time training and preparing for that one match and it’s awesome to finally live your dream.

7) What is the secret to longevity in the wrestling business?

Find a good school and a good trainer. Don’t worry so much about your character [at] first. Get the basics down first. Watch wrestling; good wrestling. Study people who connect with the crowd and why. Take care of yourself. You only have one body and it’s a rough business. Be smart.

8) Any parting words?

Thanks for interviewing me! The Geek shall inherit the Earth! I can be found on Facebook at Seymour Snott, Twitter @SeymourSnott, and IG @supersnott1.

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