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GIFS of Doom: Dillashaw merks Soto in Sactown



After all of the media backlash and drama, Dillashaw versus Soto proved to be a pay-per-view main event worthy of being, well, a pay-per-view main event. A title was on the line. The challenger only had 24 hours notice. The champion was coming off the greatest performance in MMA this year. And the list goes on.

When it came to the actual fight itself, Dillashaw knew that head kick was there all night. He continued to set it up and throw it with authority. Patience would eventually make perfect, and with less than three minutes left in the final round, instead of playing it safe he kept working towards the finish. The right head kick would land flush and zombify Soto, and Dillshaw would land a couple of left hands that would merely serve as nothing more than an exclamation point. Check the finish out for yourself below.