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GIFS of Doom: Makwan Amirkhani makes a mess of Andy Ogle



For my money, Joe Rogan is the best color guy in the game today. Unfortunately for Makwan Amirkhani, Rogan didn’t necessarily agree with referee Kevin Sataki’s stoppage after he saved Andy Ogle from being delivered any further damage by “Mr. Finland” on this night.

A finish that should’ve been celebrated on FOX Sports 1 was marred by Rogan’s face to face questioning of Amirkhani during their post-fight interview. Let’s be honest, any time a fighter wrestles someone wearing pants after being legitimately KO’d, well, we have a problem. Hopefully Rogan takes the time to apologize to Sataki and Amirkhani on his podcast next week. Both men should be applauded for their respective performances. Also of note, the official stoppage was 8-seconds; judging by the .gif below it appears to have been a 6-second beatdown.