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How To Give Us More Goldberg



Goldberg is back, and on his way to Survivor Series for a showdown with Brock Lesnar. His electric moment on Monday Night RAW will not be replicated, but it is likely we’ll see Goldberg on WWE programming before Survivor Series. He’ll confront Lesnar and potentially clash with Paul Heyman to hype the match, but is there more that WWE can do with Goldberg while they have him?

Goldberg has to make The List

The real-life feud between Chris Jericho and Bill Goldberg is well documented, but it’s been over a decade since they were ready to rumble. If the two are willing to put their past aside, the makings of a solid segment are there. The audience might need proof that an older Goldberg can still execute a spear and jack hammer; Chris Jericho might be the one to get “it.”

Goldberg confronts Braun Strowman backstage

Strowman could be complaining to Mick Foley about his streak, when Goldberg approaches. This works better if Goldberg stays silent, and conveys his message without many words. It would be a ten second segment, but it could work.

Goldberg laughs at an old Ryback poster

This will not happen, but it would be hilarious.

A Goldberg podcast on the WWE Network

He was already a guest on Stone Cold’s podcast recently, but a sequel for purposes of the WWE Network might endear fans to Goldberg even more. WWE has to make sure the adoration for their returning star doesn’t fade, and pulling back the curtain might help the cause. In the same way a documentary made us all fall in deeper love with Seth Rollins, a podcast geared to unpack Bill Goldberg could keep the WWE Universe’s interest hooked through Survivor Series.

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