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‘Glory 15: Istanbul’ Spike TV Preview




Glory 15 goes down Saturday April 12 in Istanbul and will air in the US on Spike TV. It features a four-man light heavyweight tournament with some of the most exciting names in the sport today. With Tyrone Spong (pictured), Gokhan Saki, Nathan Corbett and Saulo Cavalari there will be fireworks for sure. There is also the headline fight between two of the top lightweights Robin Van Roosmalen and Marat Grigorian. The tournament reserve fight features Danyo Ilunga taking on Andrei Stoica. Expect lots of action for all of these fights.

This light heavyweight tournament is just ridiculous. Anyone of the six fighters can win this tournament.

For those unfamiliar with how these tournaments work it is real simple. Spong will take on Cavalari and Saki faces Corbett. The two winners meet in the finals. Also, Ilunga and Stoica will fight. The winner of this match will step in if one of the other two winners is injured during their win and cannot complete in the finals.

Right now the final everyone wants to see is Spong and Saki, who is making his light heavyweight debut. They both have tough fights to get past first and so far in Glory there have been a lot of upsets in these tournaments.

No one knows that better than Saki, who lost to Rico Verhoeven at Glory 11 in Chicago. That derailed a much-anticipated rematch with Daniel Ghita who would lose to Verhoeven in the finals. Saki and Spong both have tough first fights with opponents who are capable of knocking out anybody.

Right now Spong is at his peak and seems unstoppable. He also has a better complete skill set than Cavalari. However, Cavalari has that one strike knockout capability. Spong will be the favorite to win the tournament but he has to be careful in his opening fight.

The Saki and Corbett fight has a lot of intrigue to it. Corbett is coming off a loss to Spong at Glory 11 and would like a chance to avenge that loss in the finals. This will be Saki’s debut at light heavyweight and you never know how changing weight classes will work for a fighter.

In this case, will Saki’s speed be negated at the lower and faster weight class? Will he have more power or less power? ¬†These questions should be answered when they fight.

In the co-headline fight either fighter is capable of winning the tournament as well if needed. Ilunga and the Glory debuting Stoica are both aggressive attacking fighters that set a high pace. Expect a lot of action and expect it to end early.

The headlining fight between Van Roosmalen and Grigorian also brings together two highly skilled aggressive action fighters. In his last fight, Van Roosmalen’s aggression got him KO’d by Andy Ristie at Glory 12 in the finals of that light heavyweight tournament.

Even if Van Roosmalen tones down his aggression, Grigorian will be happy to bring the fight to him. Look for him to use his reach to keep Van Roosmalen at distance. On the inside Van Roosmalen will have the advantage with his devastating hooks. This is another fight that will likely end early.

This Saturday night tune in to Spike TV for some awesome kickboxing action. There will be plenty of fast paced fighting when some of the best in world meet in the ring in Istanbul. The light heavyweight tournament is set up for a legendary final between Saki and Spong. So far their tournaments have been filled with exciting upsets. Either way, it will be an epic night of fights.

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