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Greg Jackson, the sport killer



jacksoncowboyjacksoncowboyjacksoncowboyOne of the most frustrating fights I’ve ever watched was when Carlos Condit fought Nick Diaz. Condit was ultimately victorious, but only after a painful 25 minute performance that saw him stick to a game plan of avoiding a brawl with Diaz. Condit is being known for being one of the most ‘get down and dirty’ fighters in MMA today, so when he fought using a strategic gameplan, the proverbial shitstorm landed right on coach Greg Jackson’s head. As much as fans may want every fight to be barn burners, sometimes fighters do whatever they can just to solidify a win.

When Jon Jones chose not to fight Chael Sonnen on 8 days notice, it was a very smart decision on his part. When you are champion, the attitude of, ‘I’ll fight anyone, anywhere, anytime’ mantra becomes moot. Getting to the top of the mountain is a rare journey, so when you get there, a fighter should use their head and do what is best for their career. Under the guidance of Greg Jackson, Jon Jones decided not to fight Sonnen on short notice and the UFC pulled the plug on the entire event. Jones made a business decision and Greg Jackson got the ire of Dana White. The UFC chose to pull this card, not Jones or Jackson. Maybe if these cards weren’t so oversaturated with midlevel talent these days, there wouldn’t be this kind of problem. However, I digress.

Currently, whenever there is a Jackson fighter that puts on a less than impressive performance, Greg Jackson receives the brunt of the criticism. Usually on the MMA forums or other social media people will cry out “another boring Jackson fighter” or “Greg Jackson is killing MMA”.

If hurting the sport means creating champions and exciting fighters, then camps like Jackson/Wink and AKA are absolutely destroying MMA.

Here are some examples of how Jackson is corrupting his fighters and turning the Albuquerque based camp into a complete team of snoozers:

TUF 1 alum, Diego Sanchez, is a prime example of how Jackson has been hurting MMA. Sanchez fights like he is willing to die for the fans entertainment. Sanchez’s style really shows what a short leash Jackson has on his fighters. In his last 10 fights, Sanchez has picked up 6 ‘Fight of the Night’ bonuses and 2 ‘Fight of the Year’ awards. Once again proving that Jackson fighters don’t ‘go for it’ in fights. Thanks a lot Greg.

Don’t even get me started on the most boring Jackson fighter there is, Donald Cerrone. Jackson has made Cowboy’s fights almost unbearable to watch. He has amassed 9 ‘Fight of the Night’ bonuses in 3 years. Whatever. Cowboy is a proven ‘must not watch’ fighter. What will Cerrone do for the next 3 years under Jackson? Win 10 more?!? Boooooorinnnnng.

How about that Cub Swanson? Who ever figured ‘beautiful violence’ could be so drab? Cub and his gameplan of knocking guys out in the 145 division by using unpredictability and unorthodox striking and having 3 of his 5 UFC wins earn a ‘Fight of the Night’ bonus shows the negative effect that Jackson has over Swanson and his pointless ‘strategies’.

The UG started a petition to ban Clay Guida from fighting in the UFC. 9 ‘Fight of the Night’ bonuses and 2 ‘Fight of the Years’ SHOULD get a petition started for being so dull. It all starts with coaching and has a trickle down effect to the fighters. Greg Jackson, the sport killer.

Jon Jones, the Greg Jackson Golden Child. The UFC couldn’t wait to set up their Primetime package on Jon Jones, calling him the most dominant light heavyweight of all time. Let’s not forget the competition that Jones has faced was far superior to Anderson Silva’s, making Jones the UFC p4p best. Dana likes to argue that Silva’s opponents weren’t lesser opponents, rather he was just so good. You aren’t tricking me again Dana. I almost fell for it when you tried to convince me that Thales Leites had a chance. MMA fans are getting savvy to this propaganda, hence why PPV buys are down. Once again, I digress. Jones has defended his title 7 times and has DOMINATED the top light heavyweights in the world. He is ever evolving and has some of the most creative striking we have ever seen. Jackson is the one who takes those amazing skills and creates a gameplan which best suits Jones’ style. The results are undeniable… Jackson has to go.

Frank Mir, Andrei Arlovski, Julie Kedzie, Diego Brandao, Ike Vallie-Flagg, Travis Browne, John Dodson, Leonard Garcia, and a grip of others have trained under Coach Jackson. Those are hardly the names of fighters that usually come up when mentioning unexciting fighters.

All joking and HEAVY sarcasm aside, people who point fingers and blame others for the sports shortcomings are just misinformed. Reading something on an obscure MMA blog doesn’t make things true. Yes, there are bad fights from time to time and yes, some of the fights happen under Greg Jackson’s tutelage. When you have fighters who want to be the best in the world seeking your coaching, mathematically there is more of a chance to look human. That’s all it is with Jackson, a numbers game. The fact is, Greg Jackson is one of, if not the best coach in MMA. He is so knowledgeable about MMA and devises methods to winning that are tailored to a specific fighter’s skill set. You hear him in the corner during a ppv and it’s annoying? Maybe it’s because he is shouting instructions over 17,000 people cheering, so his athlete can hear him inside the cage.

Jackson has more of a Phil Jackson/Yoda approach to his coaching. I think many people feel motivators should be like Mickey Goldmill. Shouting about eating lightning and crapping thunder is for the movies folks, not real life. As far as just his coaching abilities go, Jackson is amazing and anyone who trains under him will tell you so. He deserves the utmost respect.