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Hall of Violence

Hall of Violence Class of ’14: Dan Henderson



shoman-hendoRenowned MMA artist, writer, and radio personality Evan Shoman is here to inform why Temecula, California’s Dan Henderson is worthy of joining the most violent, and exclusive Hall in all of sports: The Hall of Violence.

While my personal feelings have Fedor Emelianenko as the greatest fighter of all time, there is no denying that Dan Henderson is the most gangster. He is one of those guys whose accomplishments are overshadowed by the fact that he has never been a UFC belt holder. This is simply ludicrous, as winning a UFC title has nothing to do with an MMA legacy.

Hendo has fought more top 10 opponents than anyone in MMA. He has beaten more former champions (15) than anyone on Earth. Dan won the UFC 17 middleweight tournament, Pride welterweight Grand Prix Tournament, and the hardest tournament of them all; Rings (He beat heavyweights Big Nog, Babalu, and Gilbert Yvel). He was the Strikeforce light heavyweight champion. Hendo also holds the most prestigious distinction in all of MMA that no one has EVER done, besides him. Dan held titles in 2 different weight classes, concurrently. All of this, and he is still knocking people out in the UFC at age 43.

If Henderson is healthy he will fight anyone, at any time, at any weight. He KO’d Fedor, the greatest of all time, at heavyweight. He beat Shogun Rua, Vitor Belfort, and Wanderlei Silva at light heavyweight. He beat Palhares, Bustamante, and almost murdered Michael Bisping at middleweight.

Like I said… Gangster.

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