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The Hardy Boyz return to WWE at WrestleMania 33 (video)



After putting on one of the greatest tag team matches we’ve ever seen last night in the man event of ROH; Supercard of Honor, The Hardy Boyz made their triumphant return tonight at WrestleMania 33.

Your WrestleMania 33 hosts, The New Day, had every single fan inside of World Camping Stadium on the edge of their seat when they came out to announce  the addition of a 4th team to the RAW Tag Team Title Match between The Club, Enzo & Cass and Cesaro and Sheamus. With the entire crowd chanting “Delete,” praying for a Hardy Boyz return, The New Day left a hint of doubt in the minds of fans by coming out in their ring gear and shirtless to boot. 

Matt and Jeff returned to the ring in their full on ‘Broken’ gimmick to the biggest pop of night creating a WrestleMania moment that will be nearly impossible to top this year in Orlando. They’d go on to win the RAW Tag Team titles to continue their expedition of gold, becoming 6-time WWE tag team champions. Next stop Smackdown? Stay tuned.

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