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UFC 199: Watch what may be the last KO finish of Dan Henderson’s violent career




Dan Henderson is absolute savage. If for some reason you woke up and found yourself in a western and he told you to take five steps back – first off, good luck. Secondly, if you got lucky – you better check his pulse before you leave the scene. This is a man who has been left for dead in the octagon more than once to come back and finish the job.  And for all of the punishment he’s taken over his career nearly 20 year MMA career, he’s dished out so much more. If this was truly Hendo’s last ride – we take our hats off too him. He’s the one man in the sport that may actually be more American than apple pie.

At the ripe young age of 45, Hendo even added a couple of new wrinkles to his game last night at UFC 199. After surviving the best that his opponent, former Bellator champ Hector Lombard, had to offer on the night – Hendo was able to put away Lombard with a head kick, followed by a vicious reverse elbow. He even added in a couple more elbows on his already downed opponent to make sure the job was done. Check out what may be the last highlight added to one of MMA’s all-time most violent reels below.

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