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Here’s what you need to know about the new IMPACT Grand Championship



On tonight’s episode of Impact Wrestling, President Billy Corgan announced that the King of the Mountain championship will be retired. Corgan then introduced a new title, the IMPACT Grand Championship, which will be fought for in an 8-man tournament. Here’s what you need to know.

• As we mentioned above, one of eight men will be crowned the inaugural IMPACT Grand Champion. That tournament begins with tonight’s episode. In the first match, Drew Galloway secured his spot in the semi-finals with a victory over Braxton Sutter. Galloway forced Sutter to top early in the 3rd round with his patented Iron Maiden finisher.

Aron Rex will make his IMPACT debut in this 8-man tourney.

• This is a single elimination tournament. Every match will be scheduled for 3 rounds. Each round is 3 minutes.

• The matches can only end inside the distance via pinfall or submission.

• If the match goes the distance, a 10-point must system (similar to what you see in professional mixed martial arts) will be put in place. 3 judges will decide the outcome of each match.

• The scoring criteria is as follows: aggressiveness, controlling the action and physicality.

• The 1st IMPACT Grand Champion will be crowned at Bound for Glory in Orlando, Florida on October 2nd.

• Every quarter-final and semi-final match has already been taped and the finals have been set. We will not spoil those results for you here but if you want to know who is competing for the right to become the inaugural IMPACT Grand Champion on October 2nd that information is readily available for you online.

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