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Hey We Want Some Bayley



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The Electricity.

The Reaction.

At WWE Battleground on Sunday Night, the start of the show had all of that for one person and that person was Bayley. For the first time, Bayley appeared on the WWE main roster as the “One Night Only” partner for Sasha Banks taking on Charlotte and Dana Brooke and the crowd on Washington D.C. was involved with her the moment she walked out in to the arena that night. You heard the fans jump out of their seats for her debut and you couldn’t help but notice the huge smile on the face of her tag team partner Sasha Banks seeing her NXT rival come out and make her WWE main roster debut. You can also tell that this moment meant so much to Bayley, as this was her moment to shine, as well as appear with two of the other Four Horsewomen who were spotlighted last year.

The moment was one of pure joy and satisfaction and it kicked the entire show off with such an electric buzz. It also proved the one thing that a lot of people already knew, Bayley is ready. It is time for Bayley to move on from her stomping grounds in NXT and head up to the main roster and compete with the rest of the girls on the main brands. Even though she has unfinished business in NXT with Asuka, the time is right to make the move and have Bayley apart of the weekly show. The question is, where should she go?

The answer in my mind, is Smackdown. While putting Bayley on RAW you can have her be aligned with Sasha Banks and feud with Charlotte and Dana Brooke and from the storyline standpoint it makes sense, because you already have the built in rivals for Bayley. Moving Bayley to the Smackdown brand however makes the most sense because it keeps her away from both Charlotte and Sasha Banks, because those are both money matches for the future. The goal seems to be right now to position Sasha Banks as the number one face of the Women’s Division on Monday Night RAW with her challenging Charlotte for the Women’s Championship coming up here most likely at Summerslam. Putting Bayley on Smackdown allows her to work with Becky Lynch again who she had good moments with in NXT, along with putting her in the ring with Natalya and let the two of them have some kick-ass matches on Smackdown for a while before moving Bayley in to the title picture. Bayley mentioned on the Talk is Jericho Podcast this past week that she would rather work to get the championship before being thrown right in to the title picture, which is why having her focus in to a feud with Natalya would be smart business for all parties involved.

With all of that said, Bayley has left an imprint on many of us around the world who has followed her career in NXT, it is now time for WWE to capitalize on this moment and give the entire world what we have all been enjoying and that’s some Bayley.

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