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Impact Wrestling (3.16.17) play by play and review



Impact wrestling started out with a bang tonight folks. From the new introductory footage, to the atmosphere in the Impact Zone, electricity is in the air for those in attendance and they make their presence known regarding Alberto El Patron and his arrival in Impact Wrestling. Patron declares his position as the “man” to beat in Impact Wrestling. EC3 comes out to challenge Patron, as he believes himself to be the man on top. Some quick-witted back and forth ensues as fans around the arena show a lot of energy and participation for both athletes.

A brawl breaks out in the ring, then spills on to the arena floor. Security comes out and breaks the fight up on several occasions. After declining challenges from EC3 a couple of times, the pride of El Patron gets the better of him and during the heat of the moment accepts the match with EC3 to determine the challenger to face Bobby Lashley. Energy is very high as the camera fades out to commercial – Patron standing firmly in the ring.

In the back, the directors of competition are discussing the tag titles and the team that currently holds the belts. Decay holds them, and to which confuses several of the representatives, it seems as though they want an official title change, without the mystery, as footage of Decay actually winning these titles is non-existent.

Back in the Impact Zone at the announcer’s table, Josh Mathews is obviously distracted by Jeremy Borash, who is focused on his telephone and for whom is on the other end delivering news.

Mathews and Borash continue their own back and forth as arguments over new and breaking news and who has the authority to deliver such news.

Laredo Kid/Garza Jr vs. Tyrus/Eli Drake

A lot of technical moves from these new comers Laredo Kid and Garza Jr , really get the traditional wrestling fans in attendance a show. Many moves that set the standard for Lucha Libre seem to spark the imagination of the fans, as they start chanting “Lucha” and folks – these chants seem to be getting louder and gaining momentum. Though there was a strength advantage for Tyrus and Eli Drake, the end result doesn’t reflect too much as Eli Drake received a roll up and was pinned for the 3 count. With this victory, this catapults these newcomers Garza Jr, and Laredo Kid into the conversation about contendership for tag team title gold. It really is an exciting time for new faces in Impact Wrestling.

Brandi Rhodes vs. K.C. Quinn

Disrupting this match, Cody Rhodes delivers scathing words towards how companies “pimp out” certain legendary names in the business. Even going as far as to offer cash to this newcomer Quinn, as to not fight Brandi tonight. Going further into his personal misunderstandings with Moose, Cody calls him out multiple times with it being obvious that Moose could not counter this verbal attack.

After basically tormenting Brandi to the point of anger and tears, she exits the ring in which he follows and this segment ends following the Rhodes couple to the back. This is not over by any stretch of the imagination, and I am sure big Moose will have something to say, as the fans even cheered “probably louder” even if this work horse is in Japan to support Impact Global agreement with NOAH.

Upon coming back to the air waves, we are in the middle of a beat down of Quinn, as Rosemary is basically dominating her on the outside, against the guard rails. This new knockout was quickly brought into the ring and laid out cold to which paramedics arrived quickly to help assist her.

A quick vignette features EC3 who looks confident and prepared. Leads us to our next match.

Alberto El Patron vs. EC3

If you keep up with the “latest” news and media focus of Impact Wrestling you may have been misled into believing that Alberto El Patron isn’t a very popular choice for heavyweight champion. His presence in the Impact Zone was immediate and fans are already on board with his character. As he showed some sportsmanship after vacating his recently won title, fans appreciated this feature and show him the proper respect.

This match starts off with heavy blows and a few strong kicks and throws are exchanged between these two competitors. Action spills to the floor and these men continue to brawl, this leading into traditional style submission style wrestling in which Alberto El Patron seems to have an advantage.

Reversals are traded and again the action spills onto the floor, this time Patron being on the receiving end of falling to the outside from over the ropes. Fighting seems to be getting personal as the announce table is now used as a tool of destruction. Action is intense and it heats up even further but is extinguished with an kick to the head of EC3, finding himself again laying on the outside floor. We’re witnessing an intense match with great back and forth action and with determination on both sides, both of these men seem to be deserving of a match against the “bulldozer that drives like a race car,” Bobby Lashley.

Such a grueling match as it continues back in the ring. Now a demonstration of strong clotheslines and even a back stabber; one of Patrons versions of the code breaker. This battle continues to change hands but is slowed when EC3 hits not just one, but 2 TK3 moves on Patron, but in my opinion foolishly refuses to pin Patron. With an unusual act of violent intent, EC3 goes to the floor for a chair and acts like he is about to break a limb or two of Patron, this is met with a reversal, and the eventual submission arm bar, and EC3 was forced to tap out.

This match was a very competitive and action packed event. EC3, even in defeat, shows respect for the victory of El Patron for to whom also shows mutual respect for EC3. Traditional wrestling fans would appreciate the showing of respect by these two, especially after such a phenomenal match. In all tough battles, there can only be one winner. It’s Alberto El Patron.

In the back, Reno Scum delivers a heart pounding segment talking about how they destroyed the DCC and they are now ready to dominate the tag team division. The camera fades out to commotion, as EC3 is obviously angry over his loss, stopped by Prichard and now these two are having a heated discussion but it is muted, as curiosity and speculation is in the air folks. This coming just ahead of a huge announcement from Prichard.

Back to action in the Impact Zone but first a promo that reveals the return of Suicide. For any true wrestling fan, and all of the older TNA fans this is a sight for sore eyes. A small little fact, this character “Suicide” was originally slated for gaming purposes on the TNA wrestling games. It became popular and thus we welcomed “Suicide/Manik” into our lives.

X-Division Title: Andrew Everett vs. Suicide vs. Braxton Sutter vs. Trevor Lee (c)

Like most of all of the X-Division matches, this one started at 100 mph and remained on that level throughout the whole match. Just when you think the intensity is about to be turned down due to the excruciating pain these men must be going through, one of the other competitors appears from out of nowhere to take control of the match. Pardon the play on words but a highlight of this particular match was the “legit suicide dive” which can only be pulled off by none other than “Suicide” himself.

It is complete chaos, as bodies are strewn everywhere around the ring all struggling with their battles of both physical prowess and mental fortitude. During this match we get entertained by the heel we know as Josh Mathews, who just keeps getting smart remarks in about the compelling drama that is the life of Allie. Even trying to turn the attention on himself there is no denying that this match is one of the more entertaining for the fans in the audience.

Deafening chants for “Suicide” which leads to several high spots for nearly all of the individuals in the match. Trevor Lee retains his title. Laurel Van Ness is outside the ring looking ravishing as always in her wedding dress that she has now been wearing for over a month now. Interesting as that sounds, it looks as though she is eating some left over cake, which has to be toxic by now. Nevertheless, she motions to the back and out comes Sienna. Delivering a short but effective threat towards Allie and Braxton, even comparing their love story to that of Romeo and Juliet. Bringing these fans to an upheaval she makes a quick, but definitely presence.

Bruce Prichard walks to the ring intently as the camera fades into the arena after more promos from the variety of athletes on the roster for Impact Wrestling. He speaks about the recent controversial saga that is the tag team title representatives.

DECAY joins Prichard in the ring and Abyss introduces everyone and then the microphone is passed around for a few short moments until Reno Scum then appears followed shortly by winners earlier in the night Garza Jr and Laredo Kid enter. A brawl erupts and DECAY clears the ring of everyone.

Suddenly, with an eruption from the Impact Zone, L.A.X. appears and the fans go bananas. Konnan delivers a strong challenge to everyone else in Impact Wrestling and as L.A.X. exits the ring and heads back to the backstage area, it is obvious by the men laying in the ring that things are definitely changing in the world of Impact Wrestling. This episode leaves me eagerly waiting to see how this plays out.

This review comes to you via Joey “The Gojira”

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