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Impact Wrestling (3.23.17) play-by-play and review



Tonight’s episode of Impact Wrestling  opens with clips from previous week leading up to this moment. Just as the news and changes keep rolling in, this week’s show is immediately started off with two of the most hungry athletes on the Impact roster.

Davey Richards w/ Angelina Love vs. Suicide

High energy starts off this bout as both men start out with quick move sets and reversals on both ends. It really is a back and fourth match, even spilling to the floor on a couple of occasions. Though the announce team seems to argue on most anything from the relationship between Richards and Love, all the way to Josh Mathews trying to unmask his opponents when the wrestled south of the border.

It is obvious that the Impact Zone fans are behind Suicide and with moves such as a high risk Suicide dives and fast paced style of fighting, the fans clearly get a show every time Suicide hits the ring. Again these two men square off in a comparison of reversals and high risk moves. This leads to a reversal and a pinfall win for Davey Richards , who now is breathing heavily, understanding that he could have easily lost this match. Angelina Love consoles her man in the corner while outside the ring at the announce table there is a complete division as Josh Mathews makes a few degrading remarks towards Jeremy Borash.

With an obvious smirk on his face Jeremy Borash mentions his “Hot news hotline” and how he is receiving word that the Impact Zone will be shocked to see who is making her return tonight. It is noted clearly that Josh Mathews will not be happy about this presence in the Impact Zone.

Laurel Van Ness is in an absolute dreadful state. A complete role reversal from her days before her big wedding. Her persona is complete that of a broken woman. Sienna appears just as Laurel is in the middle of a downward spiral and tries her best to comfort, and distract this train wreck. After a few reassuring words Laurel seems to be as calm as possible and we head back to the ring for more action.

Mahabali Shera, Garza Jr & Laredo Kid vs. Envious Abraham, Fallah Bahh & Bokara

Being billed as an international six man match and it marks the arrival of several new faces to the Impact Zone. These Abraham, and his comrades do seem like a force to be reckoned with as they are intimidating anyone who looks at them.

This match was a rush of excitement as these young stars gave it their all to out on a great performance. These new faces in Bahh, and Bokara are making an immediate presence showing strength and prowess that cannot be matched by many.

Winners: Garza Jr., Laredo Kid and Mahabali Shera

A limousine pulling up in the parking area of the Impact Zone Sparks the interest of everyone in the arena, as the mystery is overwhelming for Josh Mathews, whose voice cracks as he mentions how he either doesn’t care, or just refuses to believe who it really is.

This mystery behind the occupant inside the limo bleeds into our programming again, as Josh Mathews is questioning everything regarding news or any new faces to the company. All of this being the topic of discussion, as the teams of Decay and Reno Scum make their way to the ring for the next match.

Decay (Steve & Abyss) vs. Reno Scum

This match begins with some heavy fighting between all participants. Both sides are making quick tags, so the energy in the ring is absolutely nonstop. Most critics would challenge Reno Scum, as being heavy-handed and brutes If there was any question why they were hired on at Impact , the use of a fisherman suplex answers any questions. With an interference from Rose Mary, who is quickly thrown out of the ring, the team of Reno Scum delivers a few solid moves and come out victorious in this battle.

Winners: Reno Scum

Bruce Prichard is seen in an interview type situation with Bobby Lashley as we fade out for commercials.

If it hasn’t been noted already, it seems the executives at management have decided to add a lot more action to these weekly shows as we are fixing to start our fourth match of the night. Eli Drake has made his way into the six-sided ring and the broadcast is sent to the back, where Brandi and Cody Rhodes are seen beside the limousine that was previously under question and Cody makes his way toward the ring side area. Just as Cody is seen picking up a chair, he immediately starts using it against Moose, who was just about to make his way down to the ring for his match with Eli Drake.

Disappointed is obvious throughout the arena, as fans show their displeasure towards the recent actions of Cody Rhodes. After a vicious assault which involves the signature move from Cody onto the entrance ramp. This was enough to have the match thrown out as Moose was out on his feet. He showed great courage and determination trying to get focused enough to compete, but it was clear that this match needed to be canceled.

Even with the attack and drama circulating around the ring, Jeremy Borash mentions the important visitor again as we fade out for commercials.

L.A.X. comes out to deliver a promo sending threats to the “Impact Mafia” and putting everyone on notice that they are here to take what they deserve.

This leads us to our next match.

L.A.X.( Santana/Ortiz) vs. DCC (Storm/Bram)

Just as the history and talent of James Storm and Bram is known to the Impact fans. Now getting to see the teamwork of Ortiz and Santana make a lot of people realize that there is a lot of potential here for the tag team division. With a mixed reaction from the fans in attendance, it seems that the new fire inside Konnan is burning brighter than ever. Young fans who didn’t get to witness L.A.X. before, now are treated to a new generation of this stable. As the political scene drives many entertainment outlets, in our world, pro wrestling is no different. Topical ideology can set aflame a wild-fire.

There is a lot of miscommunication between Bram and James Storm and it is obvious as they fall victim several times to L.A.X. James Storm receives a beating for several minutes before Bram can finally get tagged in. In a surprising move James Storm tags himself in and cleans house. These teams are taking each other to the limit folks, in what could go down as the match of the night. With a distraction outside, and a quick double team that turned James Storm inside out, LAX comes out the Victor’s of this match with a clean 1, 2, 3.

Winners: L.A.X. ( Santana/Ortiz)

After the match, the dissolution of the D.C.C. continues and this time it breaks down into a near brawl between all three members of this faction. James Storm appeals to the crowd who began chanting for Storm.

Again, Bruce Prichard is seen talking with Bobby Lashley. Accolades are being discussed, as Lashley is open and candid about his history in sports and being an All American. Even if you do not want to believe it, Lashley is legitimate in whatever he tries to accomplish. Opponents of Lashley focus on where he is weak, burning all honest there doesn’t seem to be any weakness in this “bulldozer that moves like a race car”.

A couple of vignettes are shown regarding the recent changes in Impact Wrestling. Zema Ion is this week’s segment, and his story is Believable. Anyone who puts 100 percent effort into following their dreams should know it is possible.

Upon returning to the Impact Zone, it is announced that Moose will be putting up his title against Cody Rhodes. This leads into our next match.

Rebel vs. ODB

This match may have not been the most technical, but by far perhaps one of the most entertaining. Earl Hebner was officiating and ended up being physically involved on separate occasions. During the match, Rebel was getting restless and aggregated with the officiating. Putting her hands on Earl led to one of the most memorable events of the night. After a reversal and the stealing of her cow girl hat, Earl laid a kiss on Rebel that shook the area all the way to the rafters.  As the crowd was just starting to recover from this tremendous act, ODB who was obviously entertained by Earl, decided to shove his face into her cleavage. Everyone in the building goes completely bananas and Earl stumbles around in utter joy, and falls face first to the mat. During all of the confusion, Rebel gets rolled up and pinned. ODB is victorious upon her arrival back in the Impact Zone.

Winner: ODB

After the match, ODB gave Earl a pat on the backside in the sportsman like “good game” to finish the segment.

Back to more information into the personal life of Lashley. It seems as though he made a lot of strides from a very hard life to get to where he is today, and that being the heavyweight champion of Impact Wrestling. With an interview of a “Destroyer” it is only right to follow it up with a match from said “Destroyer”. Leading us to our next match.

Bobby Lashley vs. Jake Holmes

The outcome of this match was undeniable. There was sparks of offense by Holmes, but in a matter of minutes, Lashley hit the spear and got the pin. In fashion, Lashley continues to add to his dominating presence. As this was basically routine for all parties involved, Josh Mathews took this time to try to dive deeper into this new ownership, and changes in the Impact Zone.

Winner : Bobby Lashley

Upon returning to the Impact Zone, Jeremy Borash is centered in the ring and is ready to make his big announcement. He introduces, Karen Jarrett. This place is reaching a high level of energy already. Loud chants of welcome back and heavy support for Karen erupt time after time.

Even chants stating “Thank you Jarrett” start forming throughout the arena. She begins trying to take the high road regarding changes  for some reason this awakens the beast inside the hearts and minds of the fans.  They start chanting righteously for changes and for their happiness.  Josh Mathews is horrified as the fans start chanting “Fire Josh,” which seems to be a sensitive subject on many levels. 

Ethan Carter (EC3) comes out and gets some of the high energy and he takes it to a new level as he talks about his achievements in Impact Wrestling. EC3 makes a comment regarding wanting success for Impact Wrestling. Stipulations being that he wants to do it for the Carter name. This has the potential to be an important part in 2017.

Josh Mathews enters coming into the ring and delivering a scathing shoot.  Name dropping many names and making a complete mockery of “changes” being made. Like him or not, Josh Mathews makes several good points but he has completely gone crazy. He’s slapped across the face and the camera fades out with Mathews sitting in the corner pondering his next move.

This episode was jammed packed full of action and great storytelling in all aspects. This episode has many important elements as far as the history of the company. A lot of new talent was on display and the crowd in attendance I believe were really treated to a brilliant show. With a lot of talent making their way out of Impact Wrestling, this new talent makes up for any lost presence.  Well done Impact Wrestling, bravo!

This review comes to you via Joey “The Gojira”

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