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Impact Wrestling (3.9.17) play by play and review



Just as the new owners of Impact Wrestling want to get this new era started, let’s jump right into this week in the world of “TNA” Impact.

Fans in attendance were treated to a brawl around the arena between two former team mates. Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards were really going after each other and had to be separated on several different occasions. Fighting on into the commercial break.

Josh Mathews has been very vocal lately on his Twitter handle about how wonderful he is, much to the dismay of the fans in attendance and even the Pope can find a few choice words for Mathews. Jeremy Borash comes out to discuss his displeasure with the recent antics of Mathews, which draws a serious pop from everyone in attendance. Being one of, if the longest tenured employees for the TNA brand, Jeremy Borash mentioned some of the greatest voices in the business. Energy was high with this interaction, which had the fans extremely vocal the for action outside the ring.

Match 1 : Reno Scum vs. DCC
A quick match, starting out with heavy blows, and several turnbuckle spots. One notable aerial movie spelled an early ending for the DCC who lost with a questionable finish. Members James Storm and Kingston seemed to have a disagreement but with a bit of tension on the air, they reconciled. It seems like an end to this stable is drawing near.

Sienna is one of the newest faces on the Impact roster. Being a part of the Lady Squad, her presence was more muscle and less talking. It seems she has now got freedom to speak more. She takes advantage of this by punking out the interviewer, then mentioning Allie and the latest escapades in that drama. Without a doubt there is tremendous villainous talent in Sienna who if anyone doesn’t know had a strong presence in several big Indy promotions.

Match 2: Braxton Sutter vs. Marshe Rockett vs. DJZ vs. Caleb Konley
Braxton Sutter wins an action packed match. It had a fast paced rhythm with several well place and well delivered suplex moves. Allie got involved, even using a high risk cross body to Rocket outside on the floor. Preventing outside interference, Braxton Sutter delivered his signature move and got the 3 count for the win.

Josh Mathews is still livid about all of the recent changes, and the changes taking place tonight, disregarding the efforts of the winners, and showing sympathy for Laurel who is apparently in her wedding dress for the 14th consecutive day.

Match 3: Rachael Ellering vs. Sienna
Knockouts are in action in the ring, which in this particular case it is action between two very talented knockouts. Ellering comes from a rich background in the industry, against Sienna who is extremely talented in her own right. Several power moves, a lot of audience participation. Fans were really into this match, but as far as commentary it was a vocal duel of words between Borash, and Mathews. As the match progressed, the long-winded Mathews drops several Schitts Creek references and talks about his job performance which leads Borash into arguing further.

I am probably showing my unprofessionalism when I speak of the next segment. It involves Bruce Prichard He grew up mimicking the old-time southern preachers this making his timing impeccable. I was a big fan of his characters throughout my childhood, so anything he says, I will believe.

Those readers who follow spoilers already know how this segment ends. A new face appears in Alberto El Patron. After delivering a few words, EC3 appears and mentions his contendership, which is basically shut down by statistics. Arguments over who gets a title shot ends with Patron getting his shot. EC3 is left looking confused as everyone exits the ring.

As you would figure, Josh Mathews tries to get a few more dogs in towards Jeremy Borash. These two guys really seem to have a good chemistry regarding arguing with one another. It is kind of a throw back to the old days when Jesse Ventura would argue about something totally off subject with Monsoon. Younger audiences in my personal opinion did not see these segments “live” so the magic is lost somewhere, but as I look at Mathews vs Borash I see a sort of tribute which is a good thing

Eddie Edwards is seen backstage talking about his recent episodes with Davey. An interview with Angelina Love begins explain the opposing sides, and the camera comes back to the Impact Zone being invaded by Cody Rhodes. It It looks like he is going to sit in but is ran off by security.

Upon return from commercial, “Dirty Dutch” makes his return, describing to the fans about his love affair with the wrestling business. He presents a good case when he mentions the turmoil within the company and the business itself. I for one am a big fan of what he brings to the table and I am excited to see where this direction takes us in this wonderful world of professional wrestling. It may not be the largest crowd in the world, but a lot of people showed respect for participating and cooperating with Dutch.

Brother Nero vs. Smokin’ Joe Frazier

What can you really say to define what is the spectacle. It looks that kangaroo has already had numerous bouts, as there is actually confidence in its eyes after a few headlocks and delivering vicious strikes to the lower body.

The vignette ends and is followed by a quick, but personal promo from Decay. They seem to have “deleted” the Hardys for good and are now the new Impact Tag Team Champions?

As it was made about an hour earlier, it is now time for the main event.

Albert El Patron vs. (C) Lashley
Whether you like him or not Alberto El Patron in other promotions, is more than deserving of such accolades. These two big men out on a great match. Anyone who isn’t familiar with Patron, should really catch up. He has an old style story telling ability about him, as he seems to channel some of the old tribes in the Mexican folklore. There is something about a match that ends after referees begin getting knocked out and the ring announcers making statements about perhaps going over scheduled air time. This was a fantastic match.
Winner: Albert El Patron

Overall, this show was well worth the wait of 6 days. Even with the spoilers so easily obtained if you search anywhere online. I am a victim to reading , so the eventual outcome didn’t surprise me. Though I knew how it would turn out, it could not take away from the magic of watching it happen. I am personally pleased that I took the time to watch this installment of Impact Wrestling. I believe, as long as they keep fighting and wanting to succeed, and putting together shows like this there could really be some further interest to be had in this product.

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