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Impact Wrestling (4.13.17) play-by-play



Introductions to this weeks episode include highlights of previous episodes and some of the more intense moments in the rich history of Impact Wrestling and they are absolutely explosive. There is something that has to be said about a product that kicks off its shows immediately with high energy matches; as it has the past several weeks, action is underway as soon as programming commences. Lets go to the ring so Rockstar Spud can announce the first entrants for the three-way tag match.

Reno Scum vs. Laredo Kidd/Garza Jr vs. Decay (Steve/Abyss)

Interest is very high in the main event of the evening, this being evident by the conversation at the announce table. While action is nonstop inside the ring with impressive lariat maneuvers turning each other inside out. Intensity picks up and stays at a steady pace. This new talent that Impact Wrestling has picked up really put in great efforts to play their role in this drama we witness here on Thursday nights. Garza Jr. and the Laredo Kidd really get the fans attention with their high-flying technique. Although all three teams were offensively strong, Reno Scum took advantage of distractions and weary participants as they get a clean pinfall victory. As the bell is sounding to conclude the match, Josh Mathews makes a couple of sly comments and walks to the locker room area. Winners: Reno Scum

Shane Helms interrupts Andrew Everett for the third consecutive week and it seems as it’s coming to a boiling point. Andrew Everett uses a witty play of words to get Shane Helms to agree to a match, it looks like this is fixing to happen. It’s been a long time in the making and we are sure to get an excellent match.

Bruce Prichard is coming to the ring as the camera fades in for programming. He announced to the crowd that the fan voting online has been counted, and the results show that “Cowboy” James Storm wins the polling and now he gets a shot at the Impact Heavyweight Championship.

This announcement has the fans going bonkers, as James Storm is beloved throughout the wrestling business. Though the fans in attendance are loving the news, the music of EC3 hits and he is obviously upset. He hits the ring determined and insists that Bruce Prichard read it again. This meeting has some great candid back and forth and regardless of the case EC3 makes, Prichard is a strong presence and his decision is final, as it is the fans that have spoken.

Along with his decision, it actually seems as if Bruce Prichard seems to be antagonizing EC3, but it could be more on the lines of constructive criticism. As the showdown in the ring ends with a handshake, it seems EC3 will take the advice of Prichard and basically repackage himself; this should be very interesting.

Karen Jarrett speaks on what Impact wrestling is. She holds her husband Jeff Jarrett to a very high regard and she insists that everyone should do the same. His positive character traits are described, and this is the reasoning behind the success of Impact Wrestling in the opinion of Karen and her associates. In its time Impact Wrestling has seen the highest of peaks and the lowest of lows, except for complete shut down. It is believed that these new changes we are seeing in this product are aligned to move in a positive direction. Let’s get back to the ring for more action.

KM/Sienna vs. Braxton Sutter/Allie

Animosity between these two couples are at a tipping point and it is evident by how this match starts off. With a lot of emotion and anger built up, these teams are ready to tear each other apart. There are some quick reversals between KM showing dominance with power moves. Then it was Allie’s turn to finally get a piece, and she even goes after KM which in reality couldn’t have been the greatest of ideas. Right when it looks as if KM is about to destroy Allie, Kongo Kong appears, apparently at the behest of Sienna.

Upon entering the ring, he is immediately attacked by Braxton Sutter who starts to use quick strikes, but none have any affect on this big man. After a vicious attack on Sutter, Sienna demands that Kongo Kong exit the ring to which he does.

By this time, Laurel Van Ness has appeared distracting Allie and this leads up to Sienna delivering a devastating AK47 move on Allie. The camera shows Braxton and Allie struggling to their feet in the ring as the villainous crew are all smiles as they make their way back to the locker room area.

Santana Garrett vs. Rosemary (c)

Another new face is introduced to the Impact Wrestling audience with Santana Garrett. This is an impressive, physical match up between some strong representatives of the knockouts division. Rosemary takes control of this match but there are quick flashes of offense from Santana Garrett. Though, she is extremely talented, Rosemary just seems to be on a level all by herself. After missing a high risk maneuver Rosemary takes advantage and finishes her opponent with the Red Wedding.

Along with several high impact moves we are entertained by a brutal argument between Josh Mathews and Jeremy Borash. As this has gone on for nearly a month now, it just seems to cross line after line of decency with how these two commentators talk to one another. There is some saving grace, and “middleground” with Pope trying to stay as bias as possible, considering Mathews is pretty outspoken these days.

As we get to see a little PDA between Davey Richards and Angelina Love they stop in between tonsil hockey matches to tell us that they feel absolutely no remorse for the viscous assault that occured last week even going as far as to say that they deserved it.

4-way X Division: Andrew Everett vs. Marshe Rockett vs. Suicide vs. Shane Helms

As Everett and Rockett are battling it out inside the ring the other two are feuding on the floor. It was only a matter of time before everyone was fighting each other. Helms actually using some sneaky and maybe “underhanded” trips to gain some control of this match. Although he has opportunity to gain an advantage he sneaks to the outside. While the other three participants are focused on each other they basically forget about Helms being an active participant, only making moves when opportunity presents itself by breaking up counts or interfering to attack Andrew Everett.

Action continues to deliver as participants display numerous high risk moves both in ring and perched high on the turnbuckle. A quick sequence events leads to a quick and clean win for Andrew Everett this showing he is more than deserving of a shot at the X division championship. As Everett is enjoying victory, and backing Shane Helms into a corner, he is attacked by the Helms Dynasty. Although it looks like Everett is about to recur another beating, he reversed a move beautifully and prices again that he is the #1 contender.

Davey Richards w/ Angelina Love vs. DJZ

With confidence at its highest for these two in the ring. Angelina Love and Davey Richards cannot seem to keep their hands off of each other. Even during this match there is unusual physical encounters between Richards and Love. These small distractions lead to the offensive from DJZ. It looks as if DJZ is taking control of this match but all of that momentum comes to an abrupt halt in the form of a power clothesline.

After several powerful moves, DJZ starts to show his resilience and begins another offensive. Just as the previous attacks were cut short, this encounter ended the same way. A brutal kick to the face and then an ankle lock leads DJZ to submission, and a victory for Davey Richards.

Celebrations are cut short for Richards as Eddie Edwards is shown fighting off security and nearly making it into the ring. Just as everyone is focused on these events, Angelina Love is attacked from behind by Alisha Edwards. Security has to separate everyone as all hell has broken loose in the six sided ring, and it’s not even the main event!

Josh Mathews is at it again with his witty banter about how great he is and how his team will be dominating to preserve his spot in the company. As it is time to get the main even underway, the back and forth reaches new personal lows for each individual but apparently Jeremy Borash has the popular vote in this decision. Let’s go down to Rockstar Spud for the introductions.

(Team G.O.A.T) Lashley/Bram/Eli Drake/Tyrus vs. (Team Borash) El Patron/Adonis/Morgan/Magnus

Just as you would have thought, this match starts off with tremendous energy. All of these men are impressive physical representatives for their respective teams. Team Borash is made up of athletes that have just recently signed with Impact Wrestling. Though they are new contracts, in the cases of Magnus and Adonis, they have gone to war in the six-sided ring. As commentary drifts off onto rants and opinions on other things the action in the ring picks up with impressive strength being on display. Quick tags are made between both teams, this keeping the energy level quite high and performance in the ring shows it.

Josh Mathews is obviously worried about his position as his team is starting to show weaknesses against team Borash. Although trying to play it cool, with several big moves he is visibly upset and getting more vocal on the headset. He believes it would be absolutely garbage if he wasn’t a part of the announce team for Impact Wrestling. Pope again tries to step in and be somewhat of a peacemaker but the obnoxious behavior of Mathews draws a couple of snark remarks from Pope as well. If there was any momentum in the favor of Team Borash it was quickly taken away by the big man Tyrus. Chris Adonis is usually looked upon as an impressive big man, but compared to Tyrus it looks as though he is just another mortal man.

Bram continues the assaults on Adonis and it continues on further as Adonis was dragged into the opposing corner. Now with the referee distracted, Team G.O.A.T has their way with Adonis who is taking a lot of punishment. Dodging a couple of big moves from Tyrus, Adonis is able to get to his corner.

With the tide finally turned now as Adonis made a tag and Mat Morgan cleans house with tremendous strength and now action is spiraling out of control, and after a beautiful elbow drop from the turn buckle from Magnus Team Borash wins. Not only did Team Borash score a victory, it looks like the Impact Locker room scored a victory too, as they all are celebrating the apparent departure of Josh Mathews. With the fans, and the friends of Jeremy Borash all going completely bananas, we even see Jeremy Borash go into what appears to be a happy dance. It reminded this writer of Leslie Nielsen so I was about to mark out but remembered I had a job to do.

With this episode of Impact in the record books, I say the times are looking positive for this company. This was a very strong episode giving us a little bit of everything we need in regards to entertainment. I am anxious to see how these stories and angles play out, and this is what is important to me as a fan of Impact Wrestling.

Joseph Hood

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