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Impact Wrestling (4.20.17) episode review



It’s Thursday folks and you know what that means. It is time for another installment of Impact Wrestling. Tonight is a very special night for many reasons. First off, it marks the first live show for this brand under the new leadership. It also is a big night for James Storm. Tonight the “Cowboy” gets a long-awaited title shot against “Walking Armageddon,” Bobby Lashley.

A brand new day for Impact Wrestling begins. We are introduced to the broadcast team Jeremy Borash and the Pope. Fans are going nuts, as they welcome us to the broadcast, as well as welcoming the new viewers in the U.K.

Jake Holmes/Joe Coleman vs. LAX (Santana/Ortiz) (c)

This match starts out just as you would have expected. Explosive is the only word that could describe the move sets from LAX. As talented as they are, no matter how much heart they may have, LAX dominates this match – this their teamwork is impeccable. LAX scores a victory with a pinfall.

Konnan introduces himself and LAX giving a clear and direct message to the rest of the locker room. Just as these representatives from the inner city came and made the Impact Zone take notice, DECAY appears to show they will not be denied. Chaos ensues as these teams battle it out, with the broadcast fading out for a commercial break. It should be noted that Konnan actually got physically involved by helping with a double team against Crazzy Steve. With Impact Wrestling expanding, scooping up talent from all over the glove, it is welcomed to see LAX again, but this new stable has a great energy behind it. It should be interesting to see how long they can hold onto those tag team championship belts.

Winners: LAX (Ortiz/Santana)

Karen Jarrett steps from the back and makes her way into the ring. She quickly takes the floor to greet and thank the fans in attendance, and those fans that are watching at home on television. One of the biggest announcements that she mentions is the partnership or merging of Global Force Wrestling and Impact Wrestling. Both companies are a brainchild of none other than Jeff Jarrett. With the talent that makes up these rosters, we are surely to get nothing but excitement for the future of Impact Wrestling.

With a huge ovation from the crowd, a former face of the company, Sonjay Dutt, comes out and delivers a strong statement about how he helped build the X division. This leads us to a challenge for entry into an X Division match later in the night.

The music hits and another man who is deserving of a shot walks out. It is Andrew Everett who quickly declares his spot as the rightful contender for the X Division Title. In a shocking turn of events, Shane Helms comes out basically telling everyone they need to go through Helms if they want any shot at the title.

Another interruption, this time by Bruce Prichard. He shuts down Shane Helms quickly, and in fact makes the match official. Things are getting crazy folks, as Prichard decides to find three more participants so this newly made main event will be a 6-man X Division match.

Crimson is the subject in a quick vignette and he tells us a little about his past and his decisions on joining the military, then making his way into Impact Wrestling. As Crimson was a part of Impact Wrestling during the old regime, he was used as a mid to lower card personality. It was never really a focal point on what a struggle his life has been, as we just see him as a warrior for peace and the American way of life. This writer is happy to see Crimson again, and the new fans to Impact Wrestling should really pay attention to crimson as he has a lot of heart and is willing to put everything on the line. It can not be understated, he brings a lot of experience to Impact Wrestling.

ODB Vs Rosemary (c)

Just as her accolades in Women’s Pro Hockey as a goalie is presented, ODB shows off some dominating offense to begin this match. Shockingly the action spills to the outside and onto the entrance ramp. This is where Rosemary is at her best and she proves it by taken control of this match. Back in the ring they go, and Rosemary tries a his risk move from the top turnbuckle but this assault misses and ODB is now in control. This match spirals into a brawl, this suits Rosemary and her striking style of fighting. In an impressive turn of events, ODB is set up for the Red Wedding and Rosemary scores a clean pinfall victory. And still Knockouts Champion , Rosemary.

Winner: Rosemary

Sienna again comes face to face with Karen Jarrett again, and tries to intimidate her further. As her attempts have ended in failure lately, it appears by this stand down that the tension between these two ladies is about to explode.

Chris Silvio vs. Kongo Kong w/ Laurel, KM & Sienna

This doesn’t look good for young Silvio. Even Jeremy Borash notices the odds quickly stacked in the favor of Kongo Kong. With devastating offensive strikes and a monstrous frog splash Kongo Kong finishes his opponent. Folks you better get a spatula because that is about the only way you are gonna get poor Silvio up from the mat.

Winners: Kongo Kong w/ Laurel, KM, Sienna

Before commercials we hear from James Storm. His intensity is undeniable and it looks like he is ready for his match against Bobby Lashley.

If there was any question on as to how Alberto El Patron feels about the World Title match involving James Storm and Bobby Lashley, he makes it clear that he doesn’t care how the match turns out. He is concerned only with being the top dog of the promotion.

Another man with an opinion is Magnus, who delivers a strong argument as to why he is the next in line for the World Championship. He quickly walks away headed to the ring to watch the next match. This leads us to our World Championship Match.

James Storm vs. Bobby Lashley (c) w/ Josh Mathews

Fans are in utter disdain as Josh Mathews comes out with Bobby Lashley. Jeremy Borash is absolutely livid and is screaming inside the ring. Apparently we are going to be blessed by the presence of Josh Mathews at the announcer’s table. With disgust in his voice he tries desperately not to show his disdain. He is a trooper and introduces the competitors. Fans in the Impact Zone are going absolutely bonkers. Speaking of bonkers, Josh Mathews is wired tight and as soon as he has a headset he is talking. We should be thankful that he has finally arrived, right?

With a 15-2 record in MMA competition, Lashley is the epitome of intimidating. Though a force of a man, who would terrify any normal man, James Storm prepares himself and shows absolutely no fear. Both of these athletes go into battle head first. Heavy strikes from both men, and brawling leads these men to the outside. Josh Mathews takes this opportunity to get on television as now he is trying to assist Lashley with various foreign objects. Ethan Carter is at ringside and steps in at this act of unsportsmanlike conduct. Josh Mathews has apparently rubbed every single Impact Wrestling fan the wrong way. They would probably string him up if they thought they could get away with it. Reacting to this, Josh Mathews goes into a rant where he is comparing himself to the greatest voices in the business.
With his distractions on the microphone, basically hijacking the attention from this match. Though he tries, you cannot really take away this excitement. Bobby Lashley takes advantage after a bone breaking snap suplex onto the steps at ringside.

Things get technical as things settle down inside the six-sided ring and Lashley sets up several submission style maneuvers and even delivers a Dominator to James Storm. If anything can be taken from this match at the moment, it is the fact that James Storm has more heart, more fight in him than most men. Fans are erupting as James Storm delivers some offensive after a near fall two count. Looking for high risk? This match has it with a superplex from the top turnbuckle and even a beautiful elbow drop delivered by James Storm. Even furthering his offense, Storm gets Lashley in a near fall situation after a power bomb which surprised everyone in attendance, as it was rather impressive. Hebner is knocked out and James Storm hits the ‘Last Call’ superkick and gets not only a three count but a twelve count from the fans. Fans are in absolute disbelief and though it would be amazing, we are disappointed as is James Storm.

Showing a lot of emotion now James Storm steps to the announce table to pick up, and brings into the ring, his beer bottle. As he is about to introduce this beer bottle to Bobby Lashley,

EC3 with a heel turn, stops this and delivers his own beer bottle to the skull of James Storm. Now Storm is out on his feet, stumbling and vulnerable, he receives a wicked Spear which is enough to end his hopes at winning the World Championship, tonight.

Moose is attacked backstage as he talks about his adventures in other promotional fights. Angelina Love and Davey Richards are now enemies of the big man Moose, stating that he has a lot more to worry about than his personal feuds.

Sonjay Dutt vs. Suicide vs. Dezmond Xavier vs. Andrew Everett vs. Trevor Lee

This match has had a lot of build up as the entrants five and six were not delivered until later in the program. As the sixth entrant was a focal point during the last segments of the show, heavy anticipation is put upon who it is. With the latest in partnerships around the world, it could be just about anyone from several promotions. This writer wonders if decisions, or drama like this really affects ratings. With a huge ovation from the fans, and personally for this writer, Low-Ki makes his return! He is dressed in a fine suit and even delivers some splendid offensive while wearing a tie.

Pope said it best when he said “holy guacamole” in reference to a superb swinging DDT, with kicks delivered to the other participants. Yes, it was a five way dropkick, into a Tornado DDT Absolutely Fantastic action tonight on Impact Wrestling! High risk maneuvers are showcased by every participant in this match. Dezmond Xavier singles himself out with displays of tremendous acrobatics and the crowd chants for him in admiration for his abilities. This is absolutely deserved for his performance tonight! This action is so fast, and so furious with arch rivals, fighting on one side, with contenders battling on the other. Sonjay Dutt is seen with a swollen eye trying to recover on the outside as the battle rages on.

Andrew Everett and Trevor Lee are in the middle of a technical battle with submissions and throws being shown. Trevor Lee clears the ring as participants come and go as he sees fit. He really has a strong move set, and deserving to wear the X Division Title. Several amazing kicks are displayed by the different participants, even showing off a couple of beautiful Super Kicks from Sonjay Dutt. Momentum of this match is nonstop and it is always changing. With extraordinary moves, one following another During this match we are witnesses to some of the greatest wrestling on television. There is a move known as a Frankendriver that was on display a couple of times that was the climax of this match. Though it seemed as if Andrew Everett was fixing to achieve his glory, it was denied as Low-Ki caught Everett weary. A Stomp maneuver from the top turnbuckle was the move that locked up victory for Low-Ki, this scores a clean pinfall.

Winner: Low-Ki

As we are going off of the air, a confrontation occurs at the announce table. With Josh Mathews again on one of his tantrums, Pope walks off set, and this leaves Jeremy Borash looking face to face at Josh Mathews. In argument’s sake, Josh Mathews dares Jeremy Borash to punch him, and quicky Borash is to swing, knocking Mathews to a seated position in a chair looking totally befuddled. Folks, this is how we exit the program.

Writers note: Fantastic episode if I must day. Impact Wrestling should be commended for its efforts in providing a quality program for all who choose to watch this program. Thank you for reading folks, and please come back next week for more opinions and reviews from Gojira.

Joseph Hood

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