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Impact Wrestling (4.27.17) play-by-play



Another long week has passed and folks, anticipation for the next chapter of Impact Wrestling was very high. During these times where technology is king and information is almost instantaneous, it is nearly impossible to disregard any breaking news for a wrestling promotion. Even when spoilers try to ruin this program, I am a believer that magic lies within the content provided by these athletes. Tonight is a huge episode of Impact Wrestling with some great matches scheduled. Let’s get this show started.

Immediately after opening credits, we are graced with the presence of Josh Mathews and his legal team. With harsh comments towards the crowd in attendance and berating Jeremy Borash, Josh Mathews announces the suspension of Jeremy Borash for actions detrimental in the eyes of public relations. Josh Mathews is loving this, as Jeremy Borash takes his time leaving, as he is in disbelief from this breaking news. Confusion surrounds the announce table as the first match is being introduced.

Trevor Lee w/ Shane Helms vs. Matt Sydal

This is the Impact Wrestling debut of Matt Sydal. Though his experience in the ring is well documented, not even the top tier athlete can compete against multiple opponents, this being said as Shane Helms interfered on a couple of occasions. These two X-Division representatives are showing us a great match with multiple reversals and many near fall two counts. Brilliance is depicted with fluent motion and breath-taking high risk maneuvers. With a Shooting Star Press from the top turnbuckle, Sydal scores a victory via pinfall. This match was fast paced, and detailed deep desire to be the best, though Trevor Lee was defeated, I am sure his voice hasn’t been completely silenced as far as his contendership for X Division gold

Winner: Matt Sydal

Back to the broadcast, Karen Jarrett is seen standing backstage and is confronted by Sienna. Karen by all accounts has shown so much charisma and bravery towards this impressive knockout Sienna. Folks, next week it looks like Sienna will finally face this mystery opponent Karen has scooped up.

Back in the Impact Zone, Ethan Carter III brings a chair to the ring as he will seemingly be here awhile speaking of how he has been nothing but a workhorse for Impact Wrestling. To be fair, he has put on multitudes of great matches this past year. This challenge he lays down, paints anyone and everyone who is in the locker room area. New talent coming into Impact Wrestling has been put on notice, and James Storm is a focal point when it comes to the “tradition” of this promotion. Calling out James Storm does exactly what the fans want, it provokes Storm to come down to the ring.

Fans erupt with chants towards EC3 as James Storm refers to him as “fugly” which makes these fans go nuts. Intensity reaches a boiling point and a brawl breaks out between these two. This battle continues to escalate with fighting ensues inside and outside the ring. With an underhanded tactic EC3 turns momentum in his direction and delivers a “One Percenter” to lay James Storm out cold. Grabbing a microphone EC3 states that he is a Carter and Impact Wrestling needs him, and makes his way to the locker room area.

Christina Von Eerie is the Global Force Wrestling and she discusses her past in the wrestling

GFW Women’s Championship: Ava Storie vs. Christina Von Eerie (c)

This match was highly entertaining as fans got behind both of these knockouts. Christina Von Eerie seems to be from the same street as Reno Scum and the fans love it. This is a new avenue for Impact Wrestling to take, allowing GFW stars to participate and even challenge for, or defend GFW championships. These knockouts brawl for several minutes showing toughness and determination to succeed. Though Ava Storie put up a good fight, there wasn’t much stopping Eerie from defending her championship.

Winner: Christina Von Eerie

Low Ki delivers a message to the X Division competition, as he is confident that no one in the division could match his skill and ability. He is more focused and determined to not only be the X Division champion, but to remain such for a long time.

Karen Jarrett continues to deliver as she interrupts Albert El Patron and Magnus as they are in an apparent dispute over who should be #1 contender to the Impact Heavyweight Championship. In two weeks folks we get this match! It will be for the GFW World Title This is an interesting development, and it is sure to be entertaining for the fans of Impact Wrestling.

Impact Grand Championship: Davey Richards w/ Angelina Love vs. Moose (c)

As the 3 minute clock begins, this match starts off with heavy strikes and a brawling style of fighting. With great reversals, Davey Richards keeps control of this match with submission tactics focusing on the knees of the big man Moose. As the first round comes to close, Richards is immediately celebrating with Angelina Love which of course is a disgusting kissing match.

Moose seems to be in trouble as round 2 begins, he is favoring his left knee seems. This is an ongoing problem throughout this round, but Moose puts on a clinic in perseverance and delivers a vicious powerbomb to take control of the round. Moose is showing his power with heavy attacks which continues long enough to win round 2.

Round 3 Explodes with action as Moose delivers another beautiful dropkick to Davey Richards who sits on the top turnbuckle. With distractions all around the ringside area, Richards turns the tide of momentum and it seems as if he is about to be the new Grand Champion of Impact Wrestling. Though fate would not allow, neither would Eddie Edwards, who attacks Davey Richards to end this match with a disqualification. An irate Davey Richards even goes as far as to try to push around Gary Barnidge and DeAngelo Williams who just happen to all pros in the NFL. This doesn’t go well for Davey Richards as he is laid out with a body slam, the camera fades out as DeAngelo Williams is apparently giving a knocked out Davey Richards the middle fingers. Things have really gotten out of control here!

Kongo Kong squashed a newcomer to Impact Wrestling quickly becoming victorious after his brutal splash from the turnbuckle. Poor fellow was defeated. Before this writer could hear his name. My apologies.

Fallah Bahh / Mario Bokara vs. Wilcox / Mayweather

This is a great match with some powerful men. Wilcox and Mayweather have represented the United States in the military and now they dazzle fans in attendance, and those of us fortunate enough to be watching at home with high impact moves to derail the efforts of their opponents. After a demonstration in double team action, Mayweather and Wilcox find a clean pinfall victory. They introduce themselves as the Veterans Of War recalling time spent abroad in Iraq and Afghanistan which makes the Impact Zone explode with patriotism. Wilcox thanks fans and the country for the freedoms in which the American people enjoy. It’s a mutual feeling for most anyone as we are all thankful for opportunities to watch our favorite stars on Impact Wrestling.

Winners : Veterans Of War (Mayweather / Wilcox )

There is still mystery behind the anonymity between Rockstar Spud and Swoggle, but it took a violent turn as Swoggle attacks Spud with a hammer. This is a vicious assault and the cameras have to fade away to the back to where Eli Drake is off on a rant about people who deserve shots and those people who don’t deserve anything. He storms off, eager to settle this once and for all as Tyrus wasn’t much help as he could only offer a witty comeback referring to Eli Drake as jealous.
Street Fight Rules Tag Team Match: Decay (Abyss/Steve) vs. LAX (Ortiz/Santana) (c)

These teams immediately begin the battle as the World Tag Team Titles are on the line. Street Fight rules apply, and each team is taking complete advantage of this as weapons are immediately introduced. Tables wrapped with barbed wire are just enough to make the viewers uneasy as everyone knows, nothing good comes from a line of barbed wire! You can feel the crowd in attendance cringe, as Abyss tosses this barbed wire wrapped table into the ring. Intensity is a great word to describe this match. Between the brawling these teams are conducting, and then placement of weapons and furniture around the ring. It has been made clear that both teams will do whatever it takes to be World Tag Team Champions.

Just when you would think one team has an advantage, the offensive would immediately change direction of momentum. Rosemary inserts herself into the match only to miss with her Myst this getting into the eyes of Abyss who finds further misfortune as he is driven into the table wrapped in barbed wire.

In a match of highlight reel moments, these teams are putting a beating on one another. Rosemary, despite her efforts becomes victim and is on the receiving end of a devastating German Suplex which takes her out of this equation.

Fans are going completely crazy, as this street fight rules are applied to perfection. Anything goes and these teams are giving it their very best. In this situation, taking the worst beating is a simple way of giving it your best. This match ends when Crazy Steve pulls out the thumbtacks and spills them onto a table. As he is distracted by his own darkness, all of his fantasies were turned into a nightmare as he found himself being pinned on those same thumbtacks for the three count .

Winners: LAX ( Ortiz/Santana)

This was a jammed packed episode of Impact Wrestling. It had a little bit of everything to satisfy the many different appetites of the casual fan. It should be noted that commentary for these matches was strong. Josh Mathews has carried himself differently as of late and is still on his pedestal but in a surprising turn of events, he actually paid attention, and help the television audience stay focused on the match. There are times when the action in the ring deserves mention, and these announcers appreciate those rules.

This was another strong entry into the episodic history of Impact Wrestling as it strides to be labeled “great” again. In one writers opinion, this week’s episode of impact Wrestling was just that – great. Thank you to everyone involved.

Joseph Hood

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