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Impact Wrestling (4.6.17) results and play-by-play



Explosive is the match that kicks off  tonight’s episode and it does in fact kick off the show right off the bat.
It is a good contest of athleticism between Eli Drake and Caleb Konley. Drake takes control several times but Konley uses several reversals and Judo type strikes but there is a certain tenacity that Eli Drake possesses and his ring abilities better Konley. With his Kryptonite punch, he gets the pinfall.

Winner: Eli Drake

Josh Mathews goes off on another rant after a few choice words between him and Jeremy Borash. To much of the audience’s pleasure, this feud between Mathews and Borash is heated to the point of screaming and bickering. Finally, upper management steps in as Bruce Prichard comes to the ring and tells the men all of this nonsense needs to stop. This results into the announcement for a match which is Team Borash versus Team Mathews. May the better man win is the attitude, and this energy is seen in the actions of both men, who are now showing a lot of charisma and personality. It is believed by Borash, and many in attendance dance that Mathews could not even find four men to represent Team Mathews.

Knockouts Gauntlet Match: Madison Rayne vs. Ava vs. Rebel vs. Rodriguez vs. Jenkins vs. Diamonte vs. Brandi Rhodes

As this is a battle royal style contest, eliminations are decided by over the top removal from.the ring. These rules apply until two knockouts are remaining and then regular style match rules apply.

This match starts to FF with a lot of action, and action picks up as each knockout enters the ring. Rodriguez is eliminated as by rebel which gets the crowd excited. Then ODB walks down and the place erupts. Fans sure do love ODB. Several quick eliminations with Ava, Diamonte, Rodriguez, all being eliminated in quick fashion. Brandi Rhodes is then eliminate, this now is the signal to the referee to enter the ring and get the participants under control.

With two knockouts remaining things settle down in the ring. ODB and Madison Rayne are left to determine who gets the contendership for the Knockouts Championship. ODB makes relatively quick work of Madison Rayne and gets the victory with a pinfall victory.

Winner: ODB

Upon return from commercial, James Storm’s music hits and the crowd goes banana’s. With stories about his son wearing his old cowboy hat, James Storm delivers an emotional shoot style promo and the place is electric folks. While Storm is telling us about his dreams of becoming champion once again.

DCC comes out and interior James Storm actually calling him a liar and going as far as to using expletives to describe the son of James Storm. Bram stands firm, not moving a muscle, ass with this argument ensuing to a boiling point, it finally erupts as Storm lays out Kingston, and then has a stare down with Bram until Bram tries to hit Storm with a chair which kisses and sets up opportunity for Storm to deliver the “Last Call” super kick. Folks the fans really get behind James Storm even going as far to finish his motto, so members of the DCC. “Sorry about your damn luck”.

Backstage we hear from Andrew Everett who is quickly interrupted by Shane Helms and Trevor Lee. This followed by highlights from these two and their recent feuding. If you are a traditional wrestling fan, these guys are a breath of fresh air and will a guarantee fans a quality match.

Andrew Everett vs. Marshe Rockett vs. Suicide

High impact and quick strong moves make up the action in this match up. All of these participants have tremendous abilities in both mat technique and brawler styles of fighting. With the high risk maneuvers coming out of nowhere, the fans really seem to be enthralled by the action in the ring. Spilling out onto the floor and quickly back inside, these moves are a nonstop thrill ride. Once you think one participant is in control, out of nowhere the ride changes.
In between an amazing March and the commentary there of, we are blessed with continuous argument between Jeremy Borash and Josh Mathews.
Andrew Everett delivers a beautiful Shooting Star finishing move and gets the clean three count on Marshe Rockett  for victory.

Winner : Andrew Everett

Eddie Edwards vs. Davey Richards w/ Angelina Love (Battle of the Wolves)

Last Man Standing rules apply and this match is under way as soon we return from commercial break. Battling back and forth, these two men fade into the crowd exchanging punches. Their being thrown over rails and jumping off balconies onto trash cans which gets the fans chanting for their favorite participant. Angelina Love gets involved sliding two chairs into the ring to Davey Richards to set up. In return, Eddie Edwards powerbombs Richards into the chairs, which is devastating. At one time before, these two men were close enough to be brothers, now violence and hatred are the only things felt between these two now. After an incredible superplex from the top turnbuckle onto a pile of chairs, Davey Richards takes control once again.

These two men have had a heated rivalry for going on three months, and it seems the longer it drags on, the more violent and demoralizing this becomes.

Making matters even more dramatic are the women who are involved with these men. Both who are present at ringside, and as stated before ,Angelina Love is actually participating in her man’s behalf. Taunting the wife of Eddie Edwards while Richards remainder in control she’s now delivering heavy shots wrapping his hand with a chain. With regards to the stipulations of the match, anything goes. Davey Richards takes advantage and goes as far as to choking Edwards with this chain. Just as the crowd was thinking Edwards was defeated, his fans began chanting again, this time louder as it seems a battered Edwards could use a little encouragement . With a second wind, Eddie Edwards in fact takes control of the match again and take to putting a vicious bearing on Richards. Between a couple of maneuvers that seem to spell the end of Davey Richards.

Angelina Love interferes again, long enough to distract Eddie and allow Richards to recover and take control. It seems as if this double team is too much for Eddie Edwards. With a tremendous kick to the head, with a foot wrapped in chain, the last man standing “The Lone Wolf” Davey Richards.

Winner: Davey Richards

Personality Package

Jeremy Borash has been with Impact Wrestling since its early days and he seems very proud to wear that honor. With footage about all of the great talent within Impact Wrestling , it seems the future is extremely bright for the company under this new regime.  Along with this new regime, there is also new representatives for the tag team championship. LAX delivers quality content every time they cut a promo. I’d they are involved in a match, the match is usually a great one, if they are representing themselves they are usually spot on. Now, endeavors and talents of James Storm are highlighted and all of these stories just add intrigue to the actual lives of our favorite personalities on the Impact Roster

Alberto El Patron scores a quick victory over local talent and delivers a powerful promo. Of course he is calling out Bobby Lashley.

Allie and Braxton Sutter are distracted by Sienna and KM. Things quickly escalate and Karen Jarrett shows up to break it up, actually getting more physical the more and more we see her. Quickly putting these four in a match for next week. So it looks like we have Allie/Sutter vs Sienna/KM next Thursday.

Now it’s time to determine who will make up the rosters for Team Mathews vs Team Borash. BRUCE Prichard makes his way to the ring and gets this show on the road.We even get to see the introduction of the goat shirt from Josh Mathews , which he presents his the members of his team. In a shocking turn of events some old races make their return to the Impact Zone. Josh Mathews won a coin toss to determine first choice and they take turns picking representatives.

This segment ends with Tyrus making his spot known to Prichard, and Josh Mathews basically sucks his team on the two representatives of Team Borash. Explosive brawling erupts and cameras show the arrival of someone, who Pope questions the intent. Is this the fourth and final member of Team Borash

Team Mathews (Bobby Lashley, Bram, Eli Drake & Tyrus) vs. Team Borash (Alberto El Patron, Chris Adonis, Matt Morgan & TBA)

This has been a very entertaining and energetic episode of Impact Wrestling. These fans were treated to some of the best matches in wrestling. By far some of the most determined personalities in the business giving it their very best, week in and week out. This writer highly recommends giving these matches a few moments of your time. Things are really starting to heat up in all aspects of the Impact Wrestling promotion.

via Joseph ‘Gojira’ Hood

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