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Impact Wrestling (5.4.17) episode review



Impact Wrestling as we all know is currently in the midst of total reconstruction. Personalities have come and gone, shots have been fired from all over the wrestling world about the longevity of this promotion. Fans of Impact Wrestling could argue, as you can hear the Impact Zone going crazy as the introduction to the program depicts some of the hard-hitting action that makes Impact Wrestling great. Last week was jammed packed full of action and great storytelling. If the past couple of weeks is any indication of the future of Impact Wrestling, we are in for a lot of fun. Let’s get down to the ring for our first match.

Matt Sydal vs. Eddie Edwards w/Alisha

Quickly becoming a fast paced contest these two athletes show a mutual respect for one another. Fans are immediately focused and behind both athletes. Energy is very high and this match is nothing short of a spectacle. Displaying high risk maneuvers into traditional submission style wrestling these men are determined to not only win, but give the fans a memorable contest. With both of these men being equally talented, it is hard to imagine this match will stay contained inside the ring for very long. This opening match has turned into a spectacular event with quick move sets and reversals which come even faster. A shooting star press from the top turnbuckle is what Matt Sydal needed to get a clean pinfall victory over Eddie Edwards.

Though in defeat, Edwards shows respect to the victor Sydal, which turns it into a feel good moment for the participants and the fans in attendance. Unexpectedly, while Eddie Edwards is making his way to the back, he is Brutally assaulted by not only Davey Richards but Angelina Love as well. It quickly turns into chaos as Alisha gets involved with a cross body block upon both Davey and Angelina. We fade to commercial break with bodies strewn everywhere.

Winner: Matt Sydal

Magnus delivers an interview in the back about his match scheduled next week against Albert El Patron. It is determined by success I and nothing I is going to change the facts Stating himself, more than deserving of a title shot as he holds the Global Force Wrestling Championship. Referring to this as his ticket to the top.

Matt Morgan interrupts and it quickly turns into a shouting match. Morgan thinks Magnus is trying to be a comedian with his recent antics, and is rather insulting towards the GFW Champion.

Bruce Prichard steps in and quickly resolves this misunderstanding putting stipulations on this match, now this match will determine the GFW Champion. Intensity is starting to rise.

KM apparently is in the back, and seems to have a bad temper. Anything that is said to this man, is turned around into a reason to catch a beating. He is an intimidating athlete and he wants everyone to know.

GFW Women’s Title: Sienna w/ KM vs. Christina Von Eerie (c)

This match starts out with explosive offense from Sienna who uses her stature and power to her advantage. It is a hard fight for these ladies, and Christina Von Eerie really shows why she is the current Women’s Champion as she takes a lot of punishment from Sienna. Momentum swings back and forth, and it spills onto the floor but I’m the end, Sienna hits her Silencer finisher and it is over. Fans we have a “new” Global Force Wrestling women’s champion and it is Sienna!

Winner: Sienna (GFW Women’s Champion)

This is an exciting time for Impact Wrestling, even for the talent that makes up the roster. ODB is shown during a discussion about her recent return to the Impact Zone. She talks about how exciting the times are as new faces, and old faces that could make surprising returns. Just as she is excited about the future of this promotion, fans all around the globe should be just as (if not) more excited.

Prichard is again seen backstage but he is now being approached by Eli Drake who is still on a rant about who does, and who don’t deserve ta title shot. He has been looking for Alberto El Patron everywhere but Prichard mentions that Drake doesn’t have to look far as Patron is standing behind a now stunned Eli Drake. This standoff has been building for several weeks and now we quickly are notified that this becomes our main event for the evening. Folks you do not want to miss this match.

Karen Jarrett is conducting an interview about the momentum of Impact Wrestling but is interrupts by Sienna who flaunts her newly won title. Karen Jarrett congratulated Sienna but states that she is now wearing a target, as there are a lot of women in the back who want a shot at that championship. Sienna calmly walks away, as she considers herself unstoppable.

EC3 vs. John Bolen

Ethan Carter is on a rampage as of late since his dastardly deeds costing James Storm his title shot. After making shirt work of the independent star Jon Bolen, EC3 delivers a loud and determined statement about how he will fight anyone, anywhere for his chance to become a three-time World Champion.

Josh Mathews seems to be in rare form this week going as far as to comparing himself to Vin Scully. Anyone that knows anything about broadcasting, knows that those are some of the biggest shoes to try to feel. It should be stated that those shoes will probably never be filled. It is revealed that Jeremy Borash has seemingly bought a front row ticket and is heckling Josh Mathews with humorous signs. Fans eat this up and are truly behind Team Borash.

Global Force World Championship: Matt Morgan Vs Magnus (c)

This is a classic match in the making as these men have battled before, even inside the six-sided ring of Impact Wrestling. This time, both men are stronger and even more determined to be victorious if that is even possible. With storied careers that span all across the world, these athletes are putting on a splendid performance. These heavy hitters are going back and forth and both men are trying to end this contest early. There were signature finishers delivered and it seemed as if Magnus was about to submit on a couple of occasions but his instincts show as he is able to make it to the ropes. This battle came to a close, as Magnus delivers a flying elbow drop from the turnbuckle. This puts Matt Morgan away who is pinned for a three count. Magnus remains your Global Force World Champion

Winner: Magnus

Whether it be for family pride, or pride in your culture we are all the same in our desire to achieve greatness. Vignettes with James Storm and LAX are delivered and they are believable. With LAX being the representatives for the Tag Team Championship, the desire to stay there is noted, which parallels to the desire to a man who has wrestled for nearly twenty years. Simply put, these athletes will never lose the dream of becoming Impact Wrestling greatness.

Kongo Kong w/ Laurel Van Ness vs. William Weeks

This match was basically the demise of poor William. Laurel Van Ness seems to be using Kongo Kong to do her dirty work and this poor newcomer to Impact Wrestling feels this wrath and is squashed in a match that could have ended on multiple occasions. Kongo Kong displays some great movement for bigger fellow. After Kongo Kong scores his victory Braxton Sutter appears and a brawl breaks out between the two. Even after a strong clothesline which sends Kongo over the top rope, who then shows great agility and lands on his feet not skipping a beat. This has been boiling over for a long time, and it keeps getting more interesting. It should be noted that Laurel is yet still in her wedding gown, and has recently shown some psychosis from her traumatic events revolving around Braxton Sutter and Allie.

Winner: Kongo Kong w/ Laurel Van Ness

It is now time for our main event as Eli Drake gets his chance at Alberto El Patron. Eli Drake has been trying for weeks to get noticed by the new management in charge of Impact Wrestling.and it seems someone was listening.

Eli Drake w/ Tyrus vs. Alberto El Patron

Hard hitting action is immediately underway as tensions are truly high between these two competitors. Offensive from both men really get the fans motivated to cheer louder and louder. Showing some extraordinary athleticism, this match is back and forth and it spills to the floor which leads to Tyrus, speaking of a fan favorite. Tyrus interferes on the behalf of Eli Drake which leads to his removal from ringside. Just as Josh Mathews reflects on some of his greatness, we as fans are presented with yet another great match on display. Several near falls between strong move sets make this one of the best Impact matches we’ve seen!

These men are not lightweights but they are putting on a show with aerial assaults and incredible moves that could make you think they are among the cruiser weight orientation. Counters and reversals continue to occur and this arena is now a complete mad house! Alberto El Patron comes out victorious as he catches Eli Drake with devastating stomp maneuver. Clean victory for Alberto El Patron who scored pinfall victory.

Winner: Alberto El Patron

This episode of Impact Wrestling was top shelf content. People usually are strong critics against squash matches, but even when Kongo Kong delivered his punishment to Poor William, there was substance to it, though this writer will digress. Thank you for reading.

Joseph Hood

image credit – @ImpactWrestling

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