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Impact Wrestling play by play and results (5.11.17)



After last weeks explosive addition to the Impact Wrestling, we have been left wondering and anxiously​ awaiting this next installment of our favorite program. Folks, participants are already on the ring – so let’s get this program started.

X Division 4-way
Andrew Everett vs. Desmond Xavier vs. Caleb Conley vs. Matt Sydal

This match defines the X Division perfectly. With smooth performances by all participants, it could only be described as silk. A lot of innovative and efficient manner maneuvers are put on display as all of these men are determined to reach the next level in the respective division. There is so much history regarding the X Division, as this used to be one of the most covered titles in this industry. Acrobatics, and high risk aerial assaults just keep happening, even when participants are battling outside on the floor; this provides the fans in attendance with some of the more impressive death defying moves we’ve seen on wrestling in a very long time.

Andrew Everett hits a Frankendriver to Desmond Xavier for a clean pinfall victory which these fans truly appreciate the match they just witnessed. With the announce team left speechless on several occasions, this match was a great way to start off the program.

Winner: Andrew Everett

Ethan Carter III is on a quest, and he says no one will be able to stop him. Walking around backstage, a camera catches up with him and he states that James Storm was lucky he wasn’t in attendance last week, and that Storm better keep away. This has been on going for a couple of weeks now, and these two men are eventually going to have to meet one on one and folks it’s going to be an instant classic. As far right now, EC3 is looking to destroy anything and everything in his path.

Another man who is on a path of destruction is KM. After an encounter with a local pizza delivery man, he now eats pizza for free. KM is a very intimidating fellow and he let’s everyone know. Now he refuses to pay for the pizza and of course he tells the delivery driver to make like a tree and get the heck out of here. Biff Tannen would be so proud.

Again, EC3 is shown. This time he comes out dressed like the traditional “cowboy” of professional wrestling. In a very entertaining segment which he disrespects James Storm. It doesn’t end there folks, not by any stretch. Not only is EC3 a wrestler, but now apparently he is a crooner. He begins singing a variation of an old Garth Brooks song. This is quickly halted though as James Storm appears and begins an assault on EC3 which makes the fans in the Impact Zone go absolutely crazy! It should be noted that some lucky fan now has possession of this cowboy hat that EC3 wore to the ring.

Unsuspecting, James Storms ends up getting handcuffed to the ring ropes and EC3 begins a vicious whipping of James Storm with his leather belt. Lashes can be heard, actually echoing throughout the building and pain is evident on the face of James Storm. From the “entertaining” singing to this violent and graphic whipping, fans and viewers alike are in absolute horror as this assault continues. Even when security tries to end this, no one wants to challenge EC3 in this fit of rage, cameras have to fade out to commercial to get this situation under control.

Back to the Impact Zone we are greeted by an irate Josh Mathews who now notices Jeremy Borash again in attendance coincidentally seated right behind the announce table. There will be a tournament that will determine the GFW Tag Team Champions a d this next match will kick things off.

Idris Abraham & Hakim Zane vs. Laredo Kid & Garza Jr

If anything can be said regarding talent and determination of the Impact Roster, no one defines this better than these newcomers to this promotion. There is a youth movement going on here in Impact Wrestling and fans should be very excited about these new rising stars for the industry. Quick offensive and intense action ensues and these participants are putting on a spectacle for the fans in the Impact Zone. As this match swings back and forth it seems these two teams are equally matched but an opportune moment lands a victory for Laredo Kid and Garza Jr. who score a pinfall victory

Winners: Garza Jr/ Laredo Kid

Our next match is knockouts competition and we get to see Laurel in her first match since being left at the altar by Braxton Sutter. Let’s get to it.

Ava Storie vs. Laurel Van Ness

Even in her wedding gown, which must be some of the best quality thread ever made. Laurel Van Ness makes short work of Ava Storie with a dominant offensive . Announcers and fans alike are all impressed at how Laurel Van Ness conducts her dominating style, which no one can really argue, unless they want to deal with Kongo Kong. Laurel scores a clean pinfall for the victory.

Winner: Laurel Van Ness

Upon returning from commercial break, it is now time for the LAX to mourn the demise of Decay. With painted faces as if it were the day of the dead, the fans in attendance are in awe of this presentation. It looks as if the painted faces resemble the face paint worn by Crazy Steve and Abyss. With a quick turn of aggression, LAX turns over the urns to spill ashes across the ring, this goes as a warning to all other teams and factions in Impact Wrestling. It seems as if the members of LAX want to double up on their championship belts as they want to be in the tag team tournament for the GFW Titles.

Konan delivers every time he gets on a microphone, now with this younger more enthusiastic LAX, it seems like new magic has been injected into Konan and Homicide alike.

After disparaging comments regarding the American flag, the Veterans Of War emerge from the back, and now it seems as if we have another great feud in the works. Intensity is beginning to boil over, and the patriotic fans in attendance are chomping at the bits for this exchange. As LAX exits the ring, the energy behind these heroes for America is very high. Folks this should be a memorable feud.

Impact Grand Championship
Marshe Rockett vs. Moose(c)

Let this writer say this. Impact Wrestling fans have welcomed and really gotten behind Moose. This place goes absolutely bananas for Moose. When his music hits, this place is electricity from top to bottom. He is a great addition to the talent makeup of Impact Wrestling.

Athleticism at its finest, as both men begin this match strong, and quick. Marshe Rockett gets an early offensive started with impressive strikes and kicks. He then climbs the turnbuckle for a high-flying maneuver, but with his patented his high dropkick, Moose sends Marshe to the floor. With Moose now in control the round ends with Moose looking confident. Along with this intense action in the ring, we get to hear Josh Mathews discuss his accolades in the business. Apparently, if he was still in action, we would see how dominating he is, but of course he is retired.

Round 2 begins just as round 1 ended with Moose in control. This round doesn’t last long at all, as Moose hits several big moves and his strong clothesline, scoring a pinfall victory to retain his Impact Grand Championship.

Winner: Moose(c)

After this match Tyrus appears from the back to distract Moose. Eli Drake appears and then Chris Adonis shows up to beat up Moose in a gang style beating. It an interesting turn of events, this animosity seems to be held over from a tour in Canada. Folks this is sure to be an explosive chapter in the annals of Impact Wrestling. We are all curious as to the formation of this group of Tyrus, Drake and Adonis, as it seems it is a formidable stable that Impact Wrestling will have to endure.

Dutch Mantell announces that the Ultimate X match returns next week which based on social media is probably the most renowned match in professional wrestling.

Angelina Love w/ Davey Richards vs. Alisha Edwards

This is personal ladies and gentlemen, and these ladies get right to it. Even before her name can be posted on the screen Alisha Edwards hits the ring and the match is underway. Though action is plentiful, it doesn’t last long as Angelina Love takes to her diabolical ways and brings a chain into play. After knocking Alisha out with this foreign object, the referee throws the match out. As you would expect, Angelina Love doesn’t care about the result and begins her assault on Alisha Edwards. This is stopped by Eddie Edwards who tries to end the violence, but now Eddie Edwards is the target of further violence, this delivered by Davey Richards. Using a crutch now, the beating of Exdie Edwards continues, as his wife Alisha is still laid out, not moving a muscle.

GFW Championship
Alberto El Patron Vs Magnus(c)

Just as you would expect these two athletes both have the electricity of the fans behind them. Alberto El Patron apparently is the pride of Mexico and he goes up against Magnus who was one of England’s most popular wrestlers today. This much starts off with strong punches from both men and it looks like they are equally matched. If the future of Impact Wrestling could be determined by decibel level, there would be no question about whether or not ratings are a success.

Alberto El Patron shows great ring awareness and is in control for a lot of this match slowing it down with technical submission style holds. Right when you think El Patron could possibly put Magnus away it seems Magnus has a way of reversing the situation. There is nothing more powerful than the silence of the Impact Zone as they await the product of these two athletes, both standing on the same top turnbuckle.

It seems this little both me and they’re desperate for victory as they are now going for their signature finishing maneuvers, with Magnus actually landing his elbow drop. Has this match his continued Magnus has the advantage but the fan favorite Alberto El Patron still seems to have a lot of fight left in him. Intensity picks again up as they spill out onto the floor for the third time and are battling on the entrance ramp. Alberto El Patron feels a brutal backdrop onto the steel ramp. Now gaining his composure Alberto El Patron enters the ring and quickly puts on a submission hold and it looks like Magnus is about to submit. Showing great aware in this Magnus breaks up the submission with his foot on the rope and he escapes to the outside floor.

Magnus now shows us why he is the GFW champion and ends up getting the Cloverleaf submission lock on Alberto El Patron with his English tenacity. Although this wrestling match seems more like a chess match with each participant battling back and forth comma Alberto El Patron finally scores a submission victory and faults you have a new Global Force wrestling champion. This result has definitive implications going into Slammiversary, ladies and gentlemen this should be exciting.

Winner: Alberto El Patron

This week’s episode of Impact Wrestling was nothing but spectacular. Every match was either a display of great athleticism or great storytelling. There is absolutely no questioning the desire of the new management to make Impact Wrestling great again. If this writer could take a moment to show unprofessional bias , one would say that Impact Wrestling has been great for over a year now.. If there was any way that Impact Wrestling could be even better, we are witnessing it now. Every athlete in the locker room area shows heart and determination of champions. If you do not follow Impact Wrestling and are a wrestling fan you are certainly missing out. Thank you for reading.

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