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Impact Wrestling play by play and results (5.18.17)



Highlights from previous episodes bring us all up to speed for all the action we are about to witness tonight, on Impact Wrestling! There are a lot of interesting storylines we have been trying to resolve for weeks, so let’s get right to it.

Laredo Kid/Garza Jr vs. LAX (Santana/Ortiz)

Both teams look determined and intensity is rising immediately as the bell sounds. Laredo Kid and Garza Jr. take the fight right to LAX with an old fashion Lucha style match where both teams shine in this display. Although, even after some tremendous double team moves, Santana and Ortiz are now in control, as the speed has picked up and more chances are being taken. One could talk about great tag team from all over the world, through many different promotions and styles of wrestling. This tag team match up is a dandy.

Skilled and determined these teams battle back and forth, and tell an amazing story in doing so. Several generations of wrestling can be seen in the offensive of all four these participants, regardless of who you are a fan of, you will appreciate the pride these athletes display. One thing that all different cultures have in common are villainous actions from the more nefarious, which comes in the form of an attack from the rest of LAX on the outside floor. With this flight advantage LAX finds victory with a pinfall over the team of Laredo Kid and Garza Jr.

Winners: LAX (Santana/Ortiz)

A preview for our next match shows a video package from the recent events regarding Laurel Van Ness. Things haven’t gone exactly like I had planned and it looks like the whole impact roster will have to suffer. After an exchange last week between Braxton Sutter and Kongo Kong, there is so much tension we now get to settle things in the ring.

Kongo Kong w/ Laurel Van Ness vs. Braxton Sutter w/ Allie

The fans are clearly behind the beloved Allie and Braxton, and they let it be known by cheering loudly for the duo. All of the fanfare is broken up as this match quickly gets underway. Braxton Sutter starts off with a quick offensive but nothing seems to be effective against Kongo Kong as just like with previous opponents, Kongo Kong makes short work of Sutter and gets a pinfall victory.

Chaos then ensues as Allie is now in the ring fighting with Laurel, KM along with Sienna have hit the ring and are squaring off with Sutter and Allie. With the help of Mahabali Shera, the villainous group are driven back to the locker room area. Before long Sutter had gotten a microphone and a match is in the making for next week.

Winner: Kongo Kong

Later in the evening we will be witnessing the X division in one of the most groundbreaking matches in the industry. Through The Eyes of the competitors we are introduced two more of the personal side of these athletes. In a world of giants, the man who is considered small has to work so much harder. It seems as if these X division Stars love having to work twice as hard.

Upon return from commercial break we are kicking off our next match which is redemption of sort for James Storm as his ongoing dispute with EC3 has been escalating to brutal heights as of late.

James Storm vs. EC3

It should be noted that Magnus is at ringside and is assisting with commentary duties. The intensity of the match picks up in an instant, even before the sound of the bell. Energy is unbelievable throughout the impact Zone and the crowd is eating it up. Action in the ring as moved from the strong hard-hitting action, to an actual solid technical wrestling match. Younger, and with an advantage in strength EC3 has the advantage when it slows down to submission holds. After a few reversals James Storm takes control and seemingly wants to deliver some punishment upon EC3.

Those new readers should note that last week, EC3 used a belt and beat on James Storm (and others) for several minutes until he was forced to the back. Now it seems like James storm will get his revenge, this until Magnus steps in and prevents him from using the foreign object. This allows EC3 to take the advantage and now action is back in the middle of the ring. Before long it looks like we are about to witness the same beating we saw last week. EC3 even begins whipping a ring official until James Storm makes a recovery and the save. Now finally, James Storm seems to be on the verge of finally settling the score with EC3. With another confusing turn of events Magnus interferes and starts beating up on James Storm and then enters the ring and confronts EC3.

There are so many people who deserve a shot and all three of these men should be listed as contenders for a Championship. Bruce Prichard appears and tries to settle these differences once and for all. For the troubles of setting up a three-way match between these three participants, Prichard is thrown down by EC3, who has officially gone way too far now.

This match is ruled as no contest

ODB vs. Sienna(c)

If I could use the term so loosely there seems to be new vigor with the resurgence of ODB. She goes directly at Sienna who is a pretty tough character. This match has some great back and forth and ODB shows off several impressive new maneuvers.

If you want to talk about going completely bananas, Josh Mathews has done just that. Jeremy Borash steps down to the announce table to introduce his attorney Joseph Park. Since we are talking about bananas, the crowd erupts when Park walks down to stand with Jeremy Borash. Now involved with a battle of words with Josh Mathews, who is receiving an enormous amount of heat. Joseph Park wants Josh Mathews to find a partner so they can fight at Slammiversary. Folks I am telling you, the heat that Josh Mathews receives is absolutely nuclear. He walks off disgusted, off to find a partner supposedly

Ultimate X
Trevor Lee w/ Shane Helms vs. Andrew Everett vs. Low Ki (c)

High wire mayhem is the only description this writer could possibly give. This match is so dangerous, as the Belt is hung from a wire in the center of the ring. As one would have to climb, and encounter treacherous activities in order to obtain victory. Between the tasks in order to retrieve the belt you also have to survive battle with warriors like Low Ki, who being an Impact Original could spoil any best laid plans. A fun fact, Low Ki was in the very first televised match for this promotion back in 2002. Immediately, a ruckus ensues and bodies are flying everywhere. With all of these participants eager to get the championship belt action spreads out all over the ring,and on the floor as well.

Devastating kicks are on display and the appearance an intergalactic shooting star press! Folks this writer assures you, this match is one for the history books. If it isn’t bodies falling or thrown from the wire that hangs over the ring, it is receiving a punch through a steel chair. Fans in attendance are in an upheaval as a Frankendriver is delivered to perfection on Trevor Lee. Even Gregory Shane Helms even gets involved with a Super Swinging Neckbreaker from the top turnbuckle. It is now a race to the center of the wire X, where the Title hangs. Andrew Everett and Trevor Lee battle upside down until both men fall, thus leaving an open opportunity for Low Ki to successfully retrieve the belt for himself to Remain X Division Champion.

Winner: Low Ki

This was a great installment in the episodic history if Impact Wrestling. From top to bottom, a solid effort and strong showing for everyone involved. Thanks for reading.

image credit – Impact Wrestling

Thanks to @JoeyGojira for this recap

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