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Invicta FC 26 ‘Maia vs. Niedzweidz’ live event results



It’s time for Invicta FC’s 26th event and just like the 25 that have come before, we’re expecting another great show. This is one of those mixed martial arts promotions that I simply cannot remember putting on a bad show. Check out the live results from Kansas City’s Scottish Rite Temple below. 

Flyweight Bout
Kay Hansen (1-0) defeats Emilee Price (0-1) via submission (armbar) – Round 1,  1:23

A couple of fighters making their pro mixed martial arts debut in the Invicta cage to kick off the show. Hansen was very aggressive early scoring the take down before gaining mount and getting the armbar finish. 18 years old with just one amateur fight before making her pro debut — keep an eye out for this gal. 

“I wanted to work on calming down and working on my  striking a little more but a fight is a fight and shit happens I guess,” Hansen post-fight. She is wise beyond her years. 

Flyweight Bout
Karina Rodriguez (6-2) defeats Christine Ferea (1-2) via UD (30-27, 29-28 x 2)

Rodriguez looks really good here against Ferea, who is known for her explosive Muay Thai stylings. Some cage work early here with Rodriguez landing a clean elbow off the break. The final minute plus sees both girls feeling one another out in the center. Some really nice leg kicks from Rodrgiuez and a solid defense on a failed takedown by Ferea late in the opening stanza. Credit to Ferea for continuing to pressure throughout the round. Time for Round

Nice body kick from Rodriguez early on in the 2nd. More of a feeling out process in the center of the cage again here, lots of respect between these two fighters. Ferea seems to be waiting to pick her spot. She looks very confident even though she has to be down on the scorecards. Double jab is working from Rodriguez, Kedzie is quick to point it out on commentary. Ferea taking the center of the cage now. Leg kick from Rodriguez lands. Not a ton of action at the mid way point of the round. Ferea landing some nice legs kicks, you can clearly hear that smacking sound when they hit. Rodriguez times a front kick from Ferea nicely and tosses it back. The round ends with a short clinch and some sloppy, rushed striking. Rodriguez appears to be pitching a shutout thus far. There is some blood leaking from the nose of Ferea. Very solid fight thus far.

Ferea continues to throw out some teeps while Rodriguez moves forward and punishes her opponent with more strikes. Her combos are on point tonight. Rodriguez lands more kicks to the lead leg of her opponent and adds in a spin kick for good measure. Ferea answers back with a spinning back first. Both girls getting loose with their striking. Another body kick from Rodriguez. That one couldn’t have felt good. Ferea catches front kick and lands a body kick of her own. Some really intense exchanges against the cage to close this one out. Great fight. The girls embrace in a show of respect as we await the judges. Rodriguez scores the unanimous decision victory and moves to 2-0 as a Invicta FC fighter.

Catchweight Bout (106.3 lbs)
Amber Brown (7-4) defeats Tessa Simpson (5-3) via submission (armbar) – Round 1, 0:50

Tessa comes out to Metallica’s Master of Puppets. This reminds us of when Carla Esparza used to come out to Harvester of Sorrow; oh the good old days of Invicta. Brown, who missed weight by just a third of a pound, is out next. Kedzie points out that she will return to strawweight after this fight.

Quick scramble to open up the fight. Brown with an armbar attempt early after a nice sweep from Simpson. Simpson almost gets out with a step over but no dice. She’s forced to tap to what looks like a armbar/triangle combo. Joe Martinez clarifies that it was indeed an armbar. That was fast!

Amber states that she feels “fucking amazing” in her post-fight interview. She gives a heartfelt speech on her friend Mia who is currently battling liver cancer. Beautiful stuff. Kudos to Amber Brown.

Catchweight Bout (117.6 lbs)
Virna Jandiroba (12-0) defeats Amy Montenegro (9-3) via submission (armbar) – Round 1, 2:50

Lots of talk from the commentary team about the undefeated Brazilian being a professional coming all the way from Brazil to KC and making weight. Montenegro, however, did not.

Montenegro gets very low to start in anticipation of an early takedown from Virna. She’s feeling her opponent out by pawing out that left jab as Virna looks to penetrate her guard with some strikes of her own. Very defensive fight from Montenegro early. And there it is, a lovely shot from Virna to secure a takedown around the three-minute marker. She gains side control and continues to work patiently. And now we are in full mount. Quick transition to an armbar and that’s all she wrote. This looked like the early days of the UFC when one person knew how to grapple and one did not. Third armbar finish of the show after just four fights.

Virna introduces herself to the American fans after the fight and tells us that she is a finisher and a Demian Maia woman. That last bit would make for a nice t-shirt.

Catchweight Bout (127.6 lbs)
Vanessa Porto (19-8) defeats Milana Dudieva (11-7) via TKO (body shot) Round 3, 3:02

Porto scoring early with some nice leg kicks, inside and out. Dudieva with a great throw. She’s pounding away with her left hand as Porto begins to cage walk. Porto has Dudieva for a quick second but she escapes. Dudieva grabs the fence and has Porto in a prone position once again. She’s boxing in the ears of her opponent now. Porto gets off her belly but still has her back to Dudieva. Porto is able to turn into Dudieva and escape a RNC. Head and arm choke attempt from Porto against the cage to no avail. Non stop action in the opening round. Great stuff.

More vicious leg kicks for Porto to open up the middle round. Porto is jacked for flyweight. Those leg kicks are starting to slow Dudieva now, it can’t help that she expended a lot of energy on the ground in the first. Porto looking to set up a spinning attack. Dudieva throws one of her own but misses the mark by a mile. An eye poke from Porto stops the fight temporarily. The replay shows that Porto clearly poked her Dudieva in the right eye and it definitely appears accidental as Porto was looking to find her range. Back to live action. Dudieva lands clean with a right hook but Porto nails her with another leg kick. These are really starting to add up now as she changes her stance now to avoid it, lots of redness on the left leg. Some work against the cage to close out the round and a lovely elbow off the break to close out the round after a failed standing RNC attempt from Dudieva.

Porto quickly moves her opponent to the back of the fence to open the final round. A nasty front kick has Dudieva wincing. She’s working over her left leg and her body with kicks now and adding in some punches to the face for good measure. These inside leg kicks are doing damage. Awkward back elbow from Dudieva with her back against the cage, something isn’t right here. And there it is, a deadly jab to the body crumbles Dudieva. Some more punches are thrown to finish the job but Dudieva is not coming back from that jab to the body. This one is over. Porto did an incredible job of mixing up her attack to the body and the leg of Dudieva. An absolute masterful performance from the vet. This is why she continues to stay relevant.

Catchweight Bout (121.8 lbs)
Janaisa Morandin (10-1) defeats Kinberly Novaes (9-4) via UD (30-27 x 3)

This all Brazilian war starts with some clinch work against the cage early as both girls exchange knees. Morandin is landing more strikes even with her back against the cage. Morandin landing clean as they separate and we move back into the clinch. Huge elbow from Morandin on the break. Novaes now has her opponent against the cage. Clinch, cage, knees, rinse, wash, repeat; these girls are very evenly matched. Fiery exchange after they separate to close out the round with Novaes landing an elbow of her own.

Morandin quickly goes to work early, landing more knees to the body of Novaes. Noaves is leaking from the nose now as she eats another elbow. Novaes is all busted up. This is a repeat of the first round with both girls just annihilating each other against the fence in the clinch. Morandin is just digging into the body of Novaes now with her strikes. Lots of blood on both girls and it’s all from Novaes. Novaes is mangled. Hematomas and a broken nose for her efforts.

The third is contested in the middle early as both girls have to be exhausted from the cage work. Liver kick from Morandin lands. Damn. Novaes has a ton of heart. This was just a brutal fight but it was ‘The Evil Princess’ Janaisa Morandin who clearly dominated the ultra tough Novaes.

Strawweight Co-Main Event
Mackenzie Dern (5-0) defeats Kaline Medeiros (8-6) via submission (armbar) – Round 3, 4:45

All eyes are on the undefeated Dern here who is making her Invicta debut. She’s one of the most exciting jiu-jitsu practitioners in the sport but as Medeiros points out in the pre-fight package, this is MMA. If Dern can put together a nice run here in Kansas City she has all the makings to be a UFC superstar. The Invicta matchmakers are not giving her a cupcake here with Medeiros. Let’s get to the action.

Dern is not afraid to exchange early. Mederios gets a nice takedown but does not go into the guard of the BJJ player. Solid veteran move. Dern lands a big overhand right that may have stunned Mederios. She’s kind of winging her shots but it’s working for this fight. Dern holds her opponent against the cage but she’s able to escape – we still haven’t hit the ground. Dern definitely takes the opening round and the fight never hit the ground. Wild.

Dern lulls Mederios with her left jab and throws a mean overhand right. Mederios catches a leg kick from Dern and puts her against the fence. Back to the center of the cage. Dern misses with a wild overhand but Mederios is able to dodge it and place her back against the fence. Dern finally gets it to the ground. She has a minute to work. She moves into mount with ease and begins to posture up and enforce some ground and pound. Mederios is trying to buck her way out of this position but ends up giving up her back to Dern. She’s saved by the bell. Dern is up two rounds to none.

Right hand and lethal kick early from Dern but Mederios trips her and puts her on her back. She refuses to follow Dern into her guard and waits for her to stand back up. Some knees now from Mederios to the midsection of Dern against the cage after a failed single leg attempt from Dern. Mederios continues to control but this isn’t going to win her the fight, she’s merely surviving. Dern attempts to muscle her way out of it but to no avail. Heavy damage from Mederios as they disengage. Mederios moves it back to the cage and Dern is able to hit a takedown. She has a little over 40 seconds to work. Dern in mount now with 30 seconds left. Mederios gives her back and Dern yanks her arm out. Mederios taps before Dern can do permanent damage. Holy s**t. Dern finishes her opponent with only 15 seconds left on the clock.

“I think it’s not perfect of course but as long as the next step is better than the last,” Dern on her striking. “I don’t know what’s next. Of course I want to fight again. I’m very happy with the performance.” It was a great performance from Dern but I think two or three more fights in Invicta would be essential before jumping to the UFC.

Flyweight Championship Bout
Jennifer Maia (c) (15-4-1) defeats Agnieszka Niedźwiedź (10-1) via UD (49-46 x 3)

It’s time to find out who’s the top female flyweight fighter in the world today. Let’s jump right into the action.

Maia with the high defensive guard early as Niedzwiedz establishes the center of the cage. Maia lands a big right on Niedzwiedz and eventually pushes her to the fence. Niedzwiedz is attempting to escape and she finally does. Takedown attempt from Niedzwiedz, it doesn’t work but she pops up with a nice uppercut, Some very nice striking exchanges. Niedzwiedz lands a nasty right that knocks Maia down. Niedzwiedz establishes top control on Maia and muscles her to the fence. The round comes to a close

Maia is rocked early! Niedzwiedz with a beautiful jab to open the round but Maia is able to push her against the fence to recover. Maia with some nice knees in the clinch against the cage. Heavy shots from Maia as they disengage. Maia looks like she’s recovered. She’s added some leg kicks to her repertoire here in the second round. Maia looks great after being on roller skates early. She continues to stand in between rounds.

Niedzwiedz scores a takedown at round the 3:30 marker of the round after some solid exchanges on the toes. The Polish fighter is in full guard. Nothing doing on the ground and we are back on the feet with just over a minute left in the 3rd. We close with Maia working against the cage.

Maia is in complete control once again with her opponent against the cage. Lots of grueling hand fighting here as Niedzwiedz attempts to disengage but just cannot match Maia’s power. Just as I type that she’s able to reverse her opponent. And Maia reverses her to regain control. Niedzwiedz lands some elbows as she attempts to break away. She regains control. Maia reverses. Not a ton of action but the girls are working hard. Grueling fight, both fighters are grinding it out. We’re heading to the final round and Maia appears to be up three rounds to one.

Maia is clearly the fresher fighter here but Niedzwiedz is still game. As Kedzie points out, the double jab cross is paying dividends for the champ. Niedzwiedz needs a finish to take her belt. She’s able to land some good shots but Maia answers every one of them. I’d be very surprised if she doesn’t retain here. The judges have it 49-46 across the board for Maia.

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