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Invicta FC 9 Prospect Report: Jamie Moyle and Andrea Lee shine




Jamie Moyle makes her way to the Invicta cage

Invicta FC 9 kicked off with three fights that featured six fighters all with two professional fights or less. Two of them, Jamie Moyle and Andrea Lee, looked like they are poised to become the next contenders at strawweight and flyweight respectively. Here we will take a look at how they performed and what they future could hold for them. They both could become future stars and champions for Invicta FC and the UFC.

A future strawweight star Jamie Moyle

With the UFC absorbing many of Invicta FC’s best known and exciting fighters they are now focused on finding the next stars of WMMA. There were a couple of potential ones in the Jamie Moyle (0-0) and Jenny Liou Shriver (2-0) battle. Moyle took a tough UD in her debut and looked great doing it.

There was a lot of fast action in this one that started right from opening of the fight. Both fighters were firing away at each other with Moyle being the aggressor. There was no feeling out period as they both started throwing big shots. It is something you will see from aggressive fighters in their early fights of their careers. As they gain a little more experience they will often look to set up strikes. In this case they were looking to get in and land big shots.

After about three minutes of the fight Moyle really found her range and started landing combos on Shriver. Earlier they had a couple of nice exchanges in the clinch with both fighters landing. Then in the last-minute of round Moyle tied her up in another one and went to work.

Moyle #1Shriver tried to get away but Moyle just stay on her kneeing the whole time.

It was a competitive first round with Moyle showing some great aggression and strong standup skills. Shriver showed some excellent toughness and was trying to win the fight and not just survive. She even tired jumping guard in the closing seconds to get the fight to the ground. Moyle was too smart to fall into that trap though.

After Moyle came out with one two combo to start the second round and Shriver again went for the clinch. It did end well for her.

Moyle #2

Shriver quickly found out that trying to slow Moyle down with the clinch was like trying to stop a car using NOS instead of the brakes. Moyle had a much stronger clinch game than Shriver and she punished her with it throughout the fight. Moyle had Shriver on the defensive at this point and was landing multiple combinations.

This lead to Shriver going for a takedown. She was successful in getting the fight to the ground but Moyle was the fighter who ended up on top and laying on some heavy ground and pound.

Moyle #3

Moyle #4It was a dominant second round by Moyle that left Shriver bloodied up from the time they spent on the ground together and needing a finish if she wanted the win.

Instead it was more punishment from Moyle in clinch and on the ground. Shriver fought valiantly going for submission attempts until the end but Moyle was too much for her. After some more ground and pound they were back to their feet and once again Moyle secured a clinch going to work with her knees.

Moyle #5

Shriver gamely went for leg and foot submissions until the bell taking punishment from Moyle the whole time. It was a gritty performance from Shriver who showed a lot of heart and toughness. For Moyle it was an impressive debut and look for big things from her in 2015.

A future flyweight contender Andrea Lee

Andrea Lee (1-0) and Shannon Sinn (1-1) fought a very similar style of fight as Moyle and Shriver, with Lee looking dominant at times while Sinn showed insane toughness fighting until the end. This was started out a little different as they went through a more traditional feeling out phase with each fighter using feints, fakes and strikes to find openings. They punches were more range finders than the bombs that Moyle opened up with in her fight. It did not take long for Lee to connect with a big right hand.

Lee #1

Lee followed her down to the ground and Sinn worked hard to survive having her cage rattled. On the ground Lee was still aggressive working for submissions and mixing in some ground and pound. Sinn did well to get out of the round after getting rocked on her feet and abused on the ground.

Lee #2

After the first round Sinn came out much more defensive trying avoid the power of Lee and find a way to get the fight to the ground. Lee stayed patience and did not rush in wildly looking for the KO. It should a lot of poise on her part to stay patient and within herself. She just kept walking and stalking Sinn around the octagon until she got Sinn backed against the cage and went to work.

Lee #3Then a little later in the round she again gets Sinn up against the cage and unloads. A big elbow, then the knee and a nice sneaky looping left hand around Sinn’s right hand to finish the combo.

Lee #4During the rest of the second round Lee picked her shots and landed consistently. Sinn fought back, landed some shots of her own and tried to slow Lee down in the clinch but she was forced to fight defensively most of the fight up to this point. Going into the final round Sinn was in the same spot as Shriver. She needed to find a finish to get the win.

Instead of Sinn getting a finish in the final round it was Lee picking her apart. She dictated the fight with her aggression and movement that allowed her to control the distance and setup Sinn for her strikes. Then unloading on her.

Lee #5Throughout the third Lee continued to land and bloodied up Sinn’s nose but could not get the finish. Some were disappointed by Lee not getting the finish but to me it showed a high fight IQ and poise for a young fighter. She did not force the KO but stayed aggressive and took her shots when they were there. It would have been easy for Lee to rush in to try and get the big finish and possibly end up getting finished herself as Sinn did not give her many openings. When she did Lee landed some solid strikes but Sinn showed tremendous heart and toughness in going the distance.

It was an impressive Invicta FC debut for Lee who has a very bright future in front of her. Like Moyle, she is not quite ready for a title fight but with a few more wins from them each you can see them both fighting for the belt in their respective weight classes in the near future. For Lee the path might be a little quicker as there are fewer legitimate flyweight contenders out there right now.

Many of the bigger flyweights have moved up to bantamweight and the smaller ones down to strawweight to try and make the UFC. That has left the flyweight division a little thin and with a couple more impressive wins Lee could find herself fighting for the belt. Moyle’s path is a little more crowded but like Lee she showed the kind of skills and heart that can take her to the title. It will be a lot of fun to watch these two fighters as they continue to grow in the sport.

Moyle in article photo + Sin and Lee cover photo via Invicta FC

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