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Jason Andrada talks food and his fight with Andy Singh at Lion Fight 13




Warning: This article contains graphic depictions of delicious, mouth-watering food we are not responsible for any binge eating you do after reading it.

After his win over the previously unbeaten Andy Singh at Lion Fight 13, Jason Andrada took some time out to answer some more questions.  He talks about the fight, post-fight food, and a little Top Gun.  His fight with Singh was an excitingly sick fight between two of the more talented rising stars of the sport.  While Andrada won easily on the scorecards it was a competitive fight with a lot of action. Click the link below for a complete breakdown of it.

The “Ridiculous” Evolution of Jason Andrada

Go ahead now, grab your favorite snack, sit back and enjoy some more thoughts from the “Ridiculous” Jason Andrada.

DW- I have to ask a couple of food questions, especially after all of Kevin Ross’ posting on social media about some of your meals together.  What was your after fight meal and special victory indulgence?

Jason Andrada – Directly after the fight a few friends hooked it up with chocolate cannoli, homemade baklava, and “slutty brownies” (ultra triple layered brownies, bottom layer is chocolate chip cookie, middle layer is an oreo and top layer is brownie…yeah, I know right!!!) all of which were hella bomb. When it comes to real food I went to a favorite joint of mine and had chicken carbonara and a club sandwich. When I got home I snacked on more sweets.

Just for the record “slutty brownies” had me slightly in a trance reading about them, a Liz Lemon, “I want to go there,” kind of trance/obsession.

DW – Kevin posted about Rollin Smoke Barbeque, an all-you-can-eat BBQ place.  Did I read that correctly it is an all-you-can-eat  BBQ? It sounds more like a mythical place, like Atlantis.  Can you talk a little bit about the carnage from your visit there with Kevin? What was your favorite dish?

JA – You absolutely read that right, $25 for all you can eat BBQ! I sound like I’m trying to promote them but seriously this place is amazing. Kevin I’m sure will second that. Quality bbq, the whole menu is up for grabs including sides and desserts, and its only 25 bucks you can’t get much better than that. We definitely got our money’s worth, my top choices to start off with: brisket and the spare ribs, mac and cheese and corn nuggets, fried shrimp, and the bluebell vanilla ice cream. Anything you get from this place will be quality though and they have an extensive list to choose from. I think Kevin had a hotdog topped with pulled pork, fried catfish, and banana pudding amongst other things.

You came out to Danger Zone from Top Gun and you were rocking the classic Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses from the movie.  So, I have to ask some Top Gun questions.

DW – What are your three favorite scenes from the movie?

JA –  The opening dog fight when Maverick went inverted on the MIG which landed him a spot in the top gun program.

– When Maverick outclassed Jester in training.

– The classic high-five between Maverick and Goose “OW!”

DW – You not only came out to the song but also the, “I feel the need…the need for speed!” line from the movie.  Was the need for speed a subtle message that you would be faster than people expected in the fight?

JA –  My friend Glenn Gurion (DJ Static) pieced the walkout together for me, it’s one of the more recognizable lines from the movie plus it’s just badass! I felt the line pretty much stated that it was going to be fireworks that night.

DW – What were some of your favorite moments from the fight with Singh?

JA – The whole fight was a blast, I can’t really pick out a specific moment where I was having more fun. We promised to put on an exciting fight and I feel that we delivered.

They certainly did deliver on that.  It is the kind of fight that just gets better every time you watch it because there was so much action.  Even after multiple viewings you still find something you missed before.

DW – You seemed very comfortable with him early.  Was it that you got a sense of his timing quickly?  Or just that you knew he could not hurt you? Or something else entirely?

JA –  During the second round I started to relax a bit and I started to get really comfortable with the pace. This doesn’t mean I’ll lay off the gas pedal. I was told to push the pace so that is what I wanted to do. Boxing wise I was pretty comfortable even while taking some shots. The flying knees and teeps to the face I was trying to nullify them with my movement. A few got in, they were good shots and he is very good at throwing them. I knew Andy and I would meet eventually and I knew from the start that he was going to be very quick and that I was going to get hit a lot, I already mentally prepared for that. I don’t take credit away from anyone I am fighting. I don’t step into that ring thinking that they can’t hurt me. If I thought that way, then I lose focus and next thing you know he puts his knee through my brain. I’ve learned to respect my opponent’s skill.

DW – One thing that I really noticed in this fight was your striking on the move.  You were very good and throwing strikes coming in or moving backwards.  Is something that is natural for you?  Do you specifically work on this element in general or was it something that you thought you could exploit for this fight?

JA – Striking while moving is something I always try and implement in training and fighting. Striking going both forward and backward is an awesome skill to have. If I can effectively hit you while you’re on the offence makes me that much more versatile and dangerous. Most people can strike going forward, I want more tools than that.

DW – You almost seem like you like the chaos of fight.  You seem like you are creating chaotic situations with your movement.  Then utilizing your ability to strike as you are moving.  You also were constantly throwing strikes as he was coming in or moving away.  Was this to shut down his flying techniques or is it just something that works for you?

JA – When little guys fight it’s a fast pace and therefore very chaotic. Kevin taught me early on and continues to remind me to mix up my attacks. Don’t just throw one thing over and over. Mix things up and it’ll make it way more difficult for them to time you or figure you out. This and keeping my combinations simple but busy is what I try and work on.

DW- Pat Miletich continually referenced your use of multiple weapons in this fight, and how you used them to keep Singh off-balance mentally and physically.  I know you drill techniques a lot.  Did you drill specific combinations for this fight?  If so what were some of them?  Or do you like to just be prepared, make yourself versatile and ready for whatever happens in the fight?

JA –  My kru and I like to keep it versatile and constantly train a bit of everything which helps a lot in case I have to switch up the game plan but every game plan he comes up with has worked out good for me so far. He really knows how I work, my strengths and weaknesses. We have our list of combinations and drills but we really focus on certain ones for different styles depending on who I am fighting. – Specific combinations hmmm. my favorite “the Hoost” (named after the legendary Ernesto Hoost) which is jab, cross (or right hook), liver hook, leg kick.

Jason landed that and many other combinations in his exciting win over Singh.  You can follow him on Twitter @ridiculousj702 and he would like to thank all of the following:

My girlfriend for always helping me through life, my fight camps and her constant support of my goals. My main bro Rob Williams, been my best friend since I was 14, always by my side. My family for supporting my dreams. My trainer Kru Jong for the past three years he has brought me to the top of my game and has always made sure I am ready for each fight. Coach Kirian, my coach from CSA gym has been a part of my life for many years now and has been a big part of why I am here today. Scott, Christine, and Lion Fight Promotions for having me on their show, every even is amazing and i am really excited to be a part of that. Skipper Kelp and everyone at Fight Capital for your support and motivation. The guys from Can’t Stop Crazy, constant motivation right there! Kevin Ross, you have always been there to inspire and help me. My sponsors VOIP DRAGON, SPEED FREAK, OCCINK, DOBEZDESIGNZ, MUAY THAI ADDICT, WRIGHTING DR, HOLTON TRUCKING COMPANY, and BEACH HUT DELI, thank you for all your help and support… and The constant love and support I get from my fans every text, message, tweet, post, and update is the reason I put everything I have in that ring.

image via Muay Thai Authority

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