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John Malkovich narrates ‘There Can Only Be One King’ UFC 229 PPV open



Leave it the subject of Being John Malkovich and the star of such moving pictures like In The Line of Fire, Rounders and a billion others to give us the best promo in UFC history.

The beautiful voice of John Malkovich can be heard in the above UFC 229 promo that was just released today, the day of the event, and it will open the PPV portion of the show.

Here’s the full transcript:

The king has returned. And with him the memories of greatness. He made the passion of Ireland become the astonishment of the world. The unthinkable become fact. He carried the heart of Dublin with him, made every fight vicarious for for his countrymen — all for one and one for all — turning his punches into statements and any lingering doubts into sources of wonderment that just maybe there really was a connection with something higher.

Now, a new lightweight champion sits on the throne. Not the embodiment of the successor, but the instrument in his own destiny. A punishing force from Dagestan, who spent his whole life waiting for the moment he can truly begin his reign, by ripping apart the clover piece by piece and tearing into the UFC’s most famous body of work. Simply put, a man consumed with the idea of redirecting history. The king of kings.

Tonight, in the most anticipated fight in UFC history, the mega star, a two-division champion who personifies the heart of fighting is back to confront the greatest juggernaut that the lightweight division has ever known who has never lost a fight. Period! This is how it should be. The best against the best. Everything right there for the taking. Legacy. Greatness. Destiny. Will it be Dagestan? Or Dublin? The wrestler, or the sublime striker? A dream restored or hell unleashed? Will it be what is or will it be what has always been?

There is a simple way to find out who truly belongs on the throne. Lock the door behind them and let them fight. For there can only be one king. It’s UFC 229 Khabib versus McGregor and it starts right now.

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