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4th of July Video Round Up: Ambrose’s Dirtiest Deeds, 22 Attitude Adjustments, Arnold talks the ‘McGregor-nator’



What better way to close out the 4th of July holiday weekend than taking a look at Dean Ambrose’s Top 10 Dirtiest Deeds. Our personal favorite is #8. Enjoy.

We’re not done yet. Here’s 22 ‘Attitude Adjustments’ from the most polarizing figure in world of Sports & Entertainment today.

His latest entry in the Terminator series may not have done what many expected at the box office. Regardless, we will always love the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger here at Fight Booth – always. Here’s what Arnold had to say to JOE about UFC 189 headliner Conor McGregor.

We close things out with a look back at ‘Cyborg vs. Tweet’ presented to us by Bad Guy Inc. ahead of Cyborg’s 2nd title defense. That’ll take place this Thursday night against Faith Van Duin live and exclusively on UFC Fight Pass.

We hope all of you had a lovely and safe holiday weekend. Here’s to another non stop, fun-filled, jam-packed week of combat sports and pro wrestling. As always, thanks for supporting us and taking the time to visit our site. We really appreciate it.