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Kevin Owens: “This has to work”



I have fought tooth and nail for 14 years to get to the WWE. I battled Seth Rollins, spent time with Seth Rollins – they called him first. I was part of a tag team with Daniel Bryan, they called him first. I met Adrian Neville in 2006 in England when he was just an inexperienced kid – they called him first. I traveled for over 10 years with Sami Zayn. I consider him my best friend and they called him first. Seeing all those guys pass me by, as happy as I was for them, if anything, helped make me into who I am today. But it’s my turn now. I have no Plan B. This is why this has to work. My name’s Kevin Owens. I will fight anyone…. and everyone – ’cause that’s what I do best. 

Kevin Owens makes his NXT debut at R Evolution next Thursday night live on the WWE Network

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